Failed x2

It’s been 2 weeks since I logged into RO2.
Saw a nice picture of costumes so I decided to just patch the game up and login.

I actually forgot the password to login. >_>
Had to reset it!!!

As usual, empty servers and channels, except ch 1.



Apparently, it’s all about cash shop costumes for the past 2 weeks.
Nice.. sure.
The price?
If you’re too rich and don’t know what to do with your gold or real money.
Unless you’ve already upgraded your gear to +++ to infinity..
Buy some Chanel, Gucci and Guess costumes in-game for yourself, alright?

The inflation is up.. that’s really quick.
Considering the population is already small as it is.

I may be a fan of collecting cash shop costumes in all the games that I play.
But, even if the game was well and alive with a huge population capacity and with great game updates.
The price is painfully bad for my bank account.
I can probably buy a few costumes in other games with the same amount I spend on one costume in this game.
Are you insane?
I’d rather buy an IRL dress which cost the same amount and be more appreciative and happier than owning that.



Picture below describes how the current situation is right now.
You even named one of your NPCs “Failed”..
Poor guy.
If anyone IRL had that name, he’d be meme’d to death and probably want to hide himself from the face of this earth.


Some of my images has this image (which ironically shows up right now) instead.
Not all the images are gone though.

Thing is.. it’s not the size of the space that I have that’s the problem.
It’s the amount of traffic.
;…; <– that’s my angry emoticon

I’ve already re-subscribed my account but apparently, the co is experiencing technical issues on one of their servers since yesterday.
Apologies to all if my images are not appearing at this moment!!!



But, I do sincerely would like to thank everyone who took the time to come by to read, whether it helped or entertained you in any way.
Especially those who would randomly message me to thank me.
I’d like to thank you instead!!!

I’m not exactly good with handling compliments (because of my past).
So sorry!!! T_T
And you wouldn’t know how I’m reacting in front of my screen if you tell others about my blog in front of me.
I’m squirming around like a worm.. feeling weird and all.. plus.. most probably, I won’t be speaking at all.
I’m so sorry!! >_< I don’t mean to seem so cold.
I just don’t know how to react or talk in that situation.
+_+ GG~
And.. ermmm.. I’m not a pro.
I’m not lying or joking about that.
I’d love to be one, but, I don’t think I can be as awesome as some of the true pros I’ve met in-game.
Their level is far higher than I can reach with my own set of skills.

Maybe I love reading up and doing research.
Maybe I love learning from others and share whatever I can with others in return.
Maybe I’m just randomly blogging about my daily events while in-game.



Well, unfortunately, as you can see, RO2 under Asiasoft is currently a “fail”.
So, there is a possibility that I might stop playing this game, whether temporarily or permanently.
I would love to “keep up” with the info for you guys, but, the circumstances might not be to my favour.

My friends list which used to be filled with hyper always-online awesome raiding friends are left to a maximum of less than 10 since last week.
It’s like a dead place and the “newer” people are finding it tough to keep up with the joneses.
Moving to COA and then AOD.
(I didn’t say it’s impossible).

Also, if you did message while I afk in-game.. sorry about not replying.
It’s a norm for me to usually afk my characters in a lot of games.

Last , but, not least, I can’t promise you anything but as long as I can do some updates on the game, I would.


Raid/Items Progression

RHM/RHD -> Arena/Baphomet (N) -> Arena/Baphomet (H) -> COA (N) > COA (H) -> AOD (N) -> AOD (H)


N = Normal Mode
H = Hard Mode

  1. RHM/RHD – Random Hard Mode Dungeon (not a Raid!) ~ Level 50 Blue Set
  2. Arena – PvE or Garden of Baphomet
  3. Culvert of Abyss
  4. Abanddon of Despair

Highest Title Stats – Abanddon of Despair

Type Name Str Int Agi Agi Vit Comments
Final Legendary Card Master 34 34 34 16 49


What you will need:

All the following cards

Set Name Cards Required Set Number Needed Stat Set Effect
Allurement Sonata
Fraud Thiefbug Card 3 set + INT 23
Mesmerizing Ramos Card + AGI 23
Fatal Mesmerizing Ramos Card + VIT 33
Shellob Card 3 set + STR 23
Ungoliant of Despair Card + AGI 23
Ungoliant of Endless Despair Card + VIT 33
Hell’s Tequla
Earthworm Card 4 set + STR 24
Ancientworm Card + INT 24
Giantworm Card + VIT 35
Hell’s Giantworm Card
Venom Secrete Bug
Hell’s Venombug Card 3 set + STR 23
Feral Barbaro Card + AGI 23
Wild Feral Barbaro Card + VIT 33

Abaddon of Despair

It’s out and well.. /sigh
Honestly, the game is falling to its death.




So, to enter, you’d have to finish this quest first.

The Ultimate Weapon quest is obtained from Heinz Stobere at Verta Delta.


To get the Sealed Ultimate Weapon, you’d have to do the To Follow His Will daily quest which is obtained from Dedrick Bakley at Verta Delta.
You’d need to kill Ratmaster Kremp Hard-Mode to finish one daily quest.
Dedrick Bakley will then reward you with a Sealed Ultimate Weapon.
Unseal it by double-clicking it.
There should be a popup to ask if you’d really want to unseal it.



You’d need 11 of these Unsealed Ultimate Weapon.
If you’re lucky, 1 Sealed can give you 2 Unsealed.
Not sure if you can get more than that.


Abaddon of Despair entrance is in Divided Plain, Alberta Zone.

Good luck!

PvE Arena

PvE Arena

Minimum HP: 6.2K
Damage deal: 6k without crit


  • Summons gears
    • Off-tank and range dps to kill these
  • Randomly targets a player
    • AoE damage
    • 2.5k~3k damage
  • Large AoE (half the map)
    • 5.5k damage
  • Large AoE (whole map)
    • Unavoidable


  • Summons medic
    • Off-tank and range dps to kill these
  • Randomly targets a player
    • AoE damage
    • 2.5k~3k damage
  • Large AoE (half the map)
    • 5.5k damage
  • Large AoE (whole map)
    • Unavoidable
  • Poison
    • AoE
    • 2.5k damage

Vadon X & Vadon Z

  • Summons adds
    • Off-tank and range dps to kill these
  • Large AoE (25% of map)
    • May occur concurrently by the 2 Vadons
  • Red hot or Blue frozen ice
    • AoE
    • damage

Xeno Spider

  • Summons repair bot and self-destruct bots
    • Range has to kill the self-destruct bots asap
  • Slam AoE
    • Random hit (affects melee and range)
    • 4k damage without enrage
  • Randomly targets a player
    • Stuns
    • Mana will be absorbed to hit zero
    • 4-6k damage if crit
  • Large AoE (half the map)
  • Large AoE (whole map)

Giant Drill

  • Summons clusters of adds
  • Summons Afanc repair mobs
    • Range to kill them asap
  • Summons Giant driller
    • Can 2 hit KO and silence debuff to any random player who is around it’s radius
  • Slam AoE
    • Random hit (affects melee and range)
    • 4k damage without enrage
  • Randomly targets a player
    • 5-6.5k damage
  • Large AoE (25% of the map)
  • Large AoE (whole map)
    • 7+k damage


  • Summons adds
  • Randomly targets a player
    • AoE damage
    • 6k damage, if crit
  • Large AoE (whole map)
    • Occurs often (probably, 3-4 times in 2 mins)

Einherjar of Twilight

  • Pull one enemy at a time
    • To kill all as swiftly as possible, one at a time
  • Knight
    • Tanked at one side and killed last
  • Wizard
    • Meteor storm @ 4k+ damage
  • Priest
    • Curse @ 2.5k damage per 2 sec (per person)
  • Assassin & Ranger
    • High damage

Abaddon of Despair – Preview

Guess you can find this online..
>> Divided Plain, Alberta Zone




Hell Venombug
Hellbug Berserker
Wild Barbaro
Hell Scorpion
Ancient Worm
Swindle Thiefbug
Giant Worm
Maya Purple
Hard Khepri
Ungoliant of Despair
Cave Flora
Cave Francoou
Cave Flip
Shellob of Despair
Charming Ramort
Polluted Maya Purple Egg
Lyric Heartman

Garden of Baphomet, PvE Arena & Culvert of Abyss Drops

Garden of Baphomet 

Blue Minotaur

  • Earrings
  • Ornament
  • Minotaurs Chung-I Card

Red Minotaur

  • Shoes Token
  • Ornament
  • Minotaurs Hong-I Card


  • Bottom Token
  • Ornament
  • Humbaba Card


  • Weapon
  • Valkyrie Design
  • Epic mats
  • Bahphomet Card




PvE Arena


  • Necklace
  • Ring (low % chance)
  • Gearbaz Card


  • Necklace
  • Ring (low % chance)
  • Entraion Card

Vadon X & Vadon Z

  • Shield/Quiver
  • Gloves Token
  • Ring (low % chance)
  • Vadon X Card
  • Vadon Z Card

Xeno Spider

  • Gloves Token
  • Ring (low % chance)
  • Xeno Spider Card

Giant Drill

  • Headgear Token
  • Ring (low % chance)
  • Giant Driller Card


  • Headgear Token
  • Ring (low % chance)
  • Pertus Card

Einherjar of Twilight

  • Top Token
  • Valkyrie Design
  • Ring (low % chance)




Culvert of Abyss

Normal Mobs

  • Accessories

Culvert Band (Vocali, Piani, Guitari)

  • Gloves Token
  • Earrings
  • Culvert Band Card

Golden Robberbug

  • Bottom Token
  • Necklace
  • Gold Robberbug Card

Mini & Mongi

  • Headgear Token
  • Ornament
  • Mini & Mongi Card

Non-Boss – Kobuki

  • Kobuki Card

Non-Boss – Guri

  • Guri Card

Non-Boss – Keobi

  • Keobi Card


  • Top Token
  • Aromine Card

Non-Boss – Turtle Assassins

  • Turtle Assassins Card

Ratmaster Kremp

  • Weapon
  • Shoes Token
  • Ratmaster Cramp Card

Culvert of Abyss

1 > Piani

  • Cloud
    • Player who is standing at the furthest will get hit
    • Place one player at the back to “tank” the cloud
  • Stun shot
    • A random player will get hit
    • Healers have to quickly heal this “unlucky” player
  • Piani Beam (Red AOE)
    • The beam will hit in the direction of where Piani is facing
    • Tank has to face if away from ranged position
  • Piani Blast (Blue Circle AOE)
    • This is an unavoidable skill
    • Have your healers Deluge or Sanctuary ready
  • @ 30% hp
    • Hit rate increases by 50%

2 > Vocali

  • Red lightning
    • AOE damage
    • A random player will get hit (tanks will get affected by this as well)
    • Look out for the lightning mark and request all your raid members to move along with him
  • Vocali Beam
    • The beam will hit in the direction of where Vocali is facing
    • Tank has to face if away from ranged position
  • Vocali Blast
    • This is an unavoidable skill
    • Have your healers Deluge or Sanctuary ready
  • @ 30% hp
    • Defence increases by 30%
    • Invincible at times

3 > Guitari

  • Bleeding
    • AOE Damage
    • Bleeding Effect
    • Have each Sorcerers Land of Recovery on melee and range simultaneously
  • Guitari Beam (Red Aoe)
    • The beam will hit in the direction of where Guitari is facing
    • Tank has to face if away from ranged position
  • Guitari Blast (Blue circle Aoe)
    • This is an unavoidable skill
    • Have your healers Deluge or Sanctuary ready
  • @ 30% hp
    • Attack power increases by 30%


  • In between boss spawning location and ranged players
  • Face boss away from Ranged and avoid bosses skills


  • Adds > Boss

Ranged Players

  • Standing near the drain “river”
  • Adds > Boss

Melee Players

  • In between boss spawning location and ranged players
  • Stay, and move as and when, with the tanks


  • Deluge / Sanctuary whenever the boss uses its Blast
  • Land of Recovery during bleeding and whenever needed

Destroy Gold Robberbug Eggs before going after Gold Robberbug

Poison Puddle

  • Spawns 5 puddles of poison (at the same spots/locations)
  • Therefore, tank should position himself in the center of the room


  • Moves slowly buy deadly damage
  • Summoned on a random player
  • Therefore, mark a player with a strategy mark before the fight and he has to look out for the tornado
  • Raid members have to follow and stick to the marked player


  • Boss will target a random target and hit everything in it’s facing
  • Range should stand no further than 3m behind the tank
  • Avoid by moving out of the AOE beam


  • This is an unavoidable skill
  • Jump or fly and slam into the ground
  • Have your healers Deluge or Sanctuary ready

Thief wing ally

  • Summons Theif wings every once in awhile
  • Kited by off-tank

All DPS, including Sorcs should always focus their damage on Golden Robberbug

Gold Aura

  • Waited out

Kite boss around the room until all the speakers are down

Guitar Toss

  • A random player will get hit and get stunned

Mic Throw

  • Deals a huge AOE damage
  • Plus, a 400-500 DoT

Mini Mongi Beam

  • Hits everything in front of it

Purple Circle

  • Silences players inside of the circle

Eardrum Damage Debuff

  • Tank and off-tank take turns to tank the boss after obtaining 2 debuffs

Poison Breath

  • Deals 400-500 DoT

Poison Whip (Red Aoe)

  • Deals huge damage & DoT

White Circle

  • Increases Aromine’s damage by 40%

Poison Puddle

  • Deals DoT

Breath of Death

  • Reduces a targets defence by 50%

Random Whip

  • A random player gets whipped and stunned


  • Cursed Frog
  • Mucous Frog
    • Slows player’s movement speed by 50%
  • Lord Kubogi
    • Attacks a random player

Union System

Unions give you items in return for the tokens that you get from doing Union quests!

You have to be level 50 to join a Union.
Just press ; to open the window.

You have to stay in a Union for 2 weeks before you can quit to join another Union.
But, feel free to join any Union of your choice.
For example, you don’t need to be an assassin to join the Darkness Shadow.
Join whichever Union you want based on what items you really need the most that is offered by the Union NPC.

Quests can be done on a daily basis.

You have 6 choices!



Prontera Knightage Union

NPC: Knight Schubert
Location: Prontera 

Secrets to Provocation (Provoke lvl 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Prontera Knightage Will (Berserk lvl 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Box of Trace of Earth Bundle (20 Traces of Earth) = 6 points
Refining Whetstone V = 8 points
Traces of Freyja (Blue mat) = 14 points
Twilight Shadow Piece (Purple mat) = 76 points
Heroic Echo (Purple mat) = 76 points
Iron Cain (HP +1000) (Head Acc) = 200 points
Zeras Hyperion Style (Top) = 480 points


Odin Orthodoxy Union

NPC: Saint Ramort
Location: Prontera 

Blessing of the Saintess (Blessing lvl 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Prime Grace (Assumptio lvl 1) = 4 points
Judgement Lightning (Jupitul Thunder lvl 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Box of Life Source Bundle = 20 Life Sources = 6 points
Dragon Embroidery V = 8 points
Fragment of the Unknown (Blue Mat) = 14 points
Inherited Free Will (Blue Mat) = 76 points
Guardian Angel (SP +1000) (Head Acc) = 200 points
Aione Oaklay Style (Top) = 480 points


Darkness Shadow Union

NPC: Dark Grandol
Location: Prontera

Assassin’s Creed (Poison Weapon level 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Assassin’s Creed (Shadow Claw level 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Assassin’s Creed (Increase Agility level 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Box of Spirit of Ruin Bundle = 20 Spirits of Ruin = 6 points
Tiger Embroidery V = 8 points
Dimension Fragment Piece (Green mat) = 14 points
Cursed Mark of Immortality (Blue mat) = 76 points
Studded Headband (Critical +300) (Head Acc) = 200 points
Eremes Guile Style (Top) = 480 points


Hunter Union

NPC: Hunter Teodor
Location: Divided Plain

Spirit Guard (Endure level 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Wind’s Elixir = 5 points
Box of Monster Fragments Bundle = 20 Evil fragments = 6 points
Bear Embroidery V = 8 points
Sealed Root of Strength (Blue mat) = 14 points
Dark Scythe Piece (Purple mat) = 76 points
Ancient Demon’s Horn (Purple Mat) = 76 points
Eyeshade (Hit +200) (Head Acc) = 200 points
Reidin Kerse Style (Top) = 480 points


Magic Academy Union

NPC: Magic Scholar Trowa 
Location: Prontera 

Book of Armageddon Annihilation (Meteor Storm lvl 1) (Potion)  = 4 points
Book of Armageddon Despair (Meteor Storm lvl 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Niflheim Seed (Frost Nova lvl 1) (Potion) = 4 points
Box of Firmament Essense Bundle (20 Firament Essence) = 6 points
Magic Oil V = 8 points
Broken Barrier Fragment Crystal (Blue Mat) = 14 points
Wailing Griever Mask Piece (Blue Mat) = 76 points
Crystal Circlet (Str+5 Int+5 Agi+5 Wis+5 Vit+5) (Head Acc) = 200 points
Dr Jacob Style (Top) = 480 points


Alberta Merchant Alliance Union

NPC: Great Merchant Muria
Location: Alberta

Wind Elixir = 5 points
Zeny bag = 24 Zeny when sold = 10 points
Cracked Emperium Piece (Green mat) = 14 points
Magical Red Feather Piece (Green mat) = 14 points
Colossal Bradium Piece (Green Mat) = 14 points
Mind of the Money Loser (Dodge +100) (Head Acc) = 200 points
Onasis Defendhill Style (Top) = 480 points

Cards – Part 2

Now that Culvert of Abyss is out, we’ll go in search of the next set of cards!!! XD

Card Sets
Highest Stats Cards
External Link to all Cards




Type Card Name Int Agi Vit Comments
Green Poisona 60 60 50 All 5 are Poisona
Green + Scratch Thief [Normal+] 40 40 105 All 5 are Scratch Thief [Normal+]
Blue Kiel MK-III 70 55 100 All 5 are Kiel MK-III
Blue Mini and Mongi of Abyss 90 80 85 All 5 are Mini and Mongi of Abyss
Card Set Band of Brothers 94 92 95 1 Culvert Band, 1 Mini & Mongi, 1 Culvert Band of Abyss, 2 Mini and Mongi of Abyss


Type Card Name Int Agi Vit Comments
Green Culvert Band 11 13 9
Green Mini & Mongi 13 11 10
Green Culvert Band of Abyss 16 18 16
Green Mini and Mongi of Abyss 18 16 17
Effect 18 18 26


Type Card Name Str Agi Vit Comments
Green + Scratch Thief [Normal+] 40 40 105 All 5 are Scratch Thief [Normal+]
Blue Solomian La Christ 55 70 100 All 5 are Solomian La Christ
Blue Juliana Russil 70 70 80 All 5 are Juliana Russil
Blue Aromine of Abyss 70 85 120 All 5 are Aromine of Abyss
Blue Ratmaster of Abyss 90 80 85 All 5 are Ratmaster of Abyss
Card Set Skin Trouble Maker 63 84 120 1 Kobuki, 1 Guri, 1 Keobi, 1 Aromine, 1 Aromine of Abyss
Card Set Cowabunga 94 92 95 1 Turtle Assassins, 1 Ratmaster Cramp, 1 Turtle Assassins of Abyss, 2 Ratmaster of Abyss


Type Card Name Str Agi Vit Comments
Green Kobuki 8 13 16
Green Guri 6 12 17
Green Keobi 7 11 18
Green Aromine 9 12 17
Green Aromine of Abyss 14 17 24
Effect 19 19 28


Type Card Name Str Agi Vit Comments
Green Turtle Assassins 11 13 9
Green Ratmaster Cramp 13 11 10
Green Turtle Assassins of Abyss 16 18 16
Green Ratmaster of Abyss 18 16 17
Effect 18 18 26


You could go for another 5th card after collecting the 4-cards Card Set, if you’d like to change the stat combo.

If however, you have Normal + instead of just the usual card, then all the better.

COA Set vs Colosseum Set

Wondering which set to get?

Culvert of Abyss (H) VS Colosseum PvP!!!



You will receive Blood Points from every round that you pvp in the Colosseum, whether you win and move on to the next round or lose and get kicked out.

With these Blood Points, you can exchange them for the weapon/armor.

You can collect your PvP set in Prontera.



The difference between Culvert of Abyss (H) set and Colosseum PvP set is shown below.

  • Please do note that we are talking about the Hard Mode set.

Therefore, although you do get extra individual stats from your pvp set, you will get the set effect from your COA (H) set.

Alright, here comes the small maths section.
I will only mention the Armor 5 piece set.
Because this 5 pieces will give you the set effect.


COA (H) – ONLY Armor Set (the extra set effect that PvP set lacks in) ==> Wizard Set

Hit 3%
Vigor 10%
Haste 10%
Critical 5%


PvP – ONLY Armor Set (the extra stats that COA (H) set lacks in) ==> Wizard Set

Int 25
Agi 7
Wis 5
Vit 22

Defense 23
Hit 7
Vigor 27
Haste 27

Damage Reduction while only in PvP 14.4%


If you think that it’s going to take you ages to get to COA (H), the PvP set will be better, whichever comes first.
Because you can start pvping even before you’re level 50.
But, as you can see, the Blood Points needed for each item is quite a lot, so, be prepared to win as much as possible.

Else, just get the PvP weapon.
There is NO set effect on the weapon, therefore, you can actually use the COA (H) armor set and the PvP weapon.
The stats on the PvP weapon is way better than the COA (H) weapon!

Culvert of Abyss – HM Set

Finally got my full HardMode set.
Was thinking of getting the PvP weapon which has an awesomely delicious damage, but, since I got the HM weapon, I’ll make do with it…
Whilst buying all the PvP accessories.
Thank you to all who partied with me!!!!
Been pugging non-stop (heh.. guildless for 2 weeks).

By the way, there’s suddenly an overwhelming need for Wizards for raids… where have all the other Wizs gone to?
Re-roll to Sorc?



Just want to put a shortcut here…

The colour tokens for Culvert of Abyss gear are as follows:
Red: Beast Master, Warrior, Wizard
Yellow: Knight, Sorcerer, Rogue, Ranger
Blue: Monk, Priest, Assassin

Gonna help the others get their stuff~
See ya in-game!!!