How is it that I’ve never come across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?
Oh well.
Found out that I have an INFJ personality.
Read up in more detail in a handful of websites and all of them are uncannily accurate/on point.

The INFJ make up only 1% of the population and reading through comments of the various sources, those from my group felt happy that they finally belong somewhere.
I do feel happy that I’ve finally understood a lot of things about myself.
But, even in itself, we are mysterious and tend not to share a lot of our thoughts, because it’ll seem weird to most.
But, I never had the feeling or thought to want to belong anywhere, unlike them.
My younger and now self has come to terms that I don’t mind being different.
I knew I was different and through the years, I have been trying to figure myself out, bit by bit… the process itself is kind fun, actually.

So here goes my list of examples based on my experience.

I’ve always knew that I wanted to do something for others… help them.
Although I love computers/technology, essentially, I love helping others by making technology work, so they could move ahead.
My mother was a nurse, but, I couldn’t stand the sight of blood (not to the extreme, though).
My father was a teacher and he shared his knowledge with the young, but, as I’ve explained in some posts, I’m a bit impatient to an extent (when it comes to teaching) and know it will not work out.
But, I do hope I learn to own that right amount of patience to impart my knowledge to the young ones when I’m way older.
Now, I’ve been working in a global non-profit organisation for 5 years.
How I love the way technology can help others and the special skills and knowledge that I’ve picked up working towards humanitarian work, rather than another typical office day of an IT professional.
You don’t get to do or learn these when you’re in the corporate world.

I believe in karma.
I believe in one God.
I also have an idiotic heart that would actually believe that love and compassion will soften the hearts of even the hardiest person (which has worked a lot, so far – talking about my past experience with people I’ve met).

An introvert, I love being my own a lot.
I might seem quiet and reserved most of the time.
I love travelling alone.
I love going on long walks on my own, to clear my mind and be at peace.
But, I can go crazy when I’m with those who are close to me.
I will fight with my all when I know something is right.

Only one person has noticed this part and tend to ask me for my opinion.
Which is my weird ability to predict the future.
It won’t necessarily occur, but, of what can happen.
Most of the time, it does occur.
It’s not exactly based on a hunch, although, there is always that 6th sense feeling / intuition.
It’s based on the 5W1H  on me watching the surroundings and people and mold the patterns into one story.
I am brutally honest, but, I will take care of how people react.
If the person is willing to be open, you’ll like my honesty because I tend to see the whole picture.

Some people at work do notice how I avoid conflict.
Not that I’ll run away from a problem.
It’s more of that if I can avoid getting into a scene with someone (because of their character/attitude), I would.
So, I tend to talk lesser.
Get it done with and move on.

Contrary to most who assume that people who are in technology (compared to someone in a more social-centric job), I can be in another person’s shoes, even when I don’t want to.
Making me absorb both positive and negative energy.
In a way, I can understand you even when I’ve never been through what you’ve gone through.
But, if they trust me enough and not think of me as weird, I can help clear the path of your murky headache of a mess, but, will give you space to learn to move ahead by yourself.
That was partly why I wanted to be a psychologist at one point in time, but, then knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle it because I can feel what they feel (even though, it’s not even my life or I even have any relation to that person). and you don’t know how terrible it can be! 😦

If I come across a person who’s “acting” or someone who tries to hide their feelings.
You’ll be sure, I know it, but, I won’t say it unless someone asks for my opinion or unless they really need help to re-evaluate their path (even when they don’t notice they need it).
It depends.

Unfortunately, I do tend to fall ill when I’m bogged down with too much stress.
I get exhausted quickly because I like to go all out.
So busy with helping everything, but, myself.
But, I’ve learned to take a step down, for quite a while now.

I day dream… a lot.
I go in a daze and have visions of of what I want to do and where I want to be.
But, I’m a go-getter and re-evaluate my life every so often.
Thus, in my blog, I tend to show how much I think about it.
When I know what I want, I’ll go after it.

A perfectionist.
Wish I wasn’t one.
Been trying to deny this fact.

I’d be rich, if, I get a dollar for every time I talk about passion.
There has to be a reason to why I’m doing something.
I need to be passionate in my work, or, I’ll get disappointed and very restless!
I don’t like routines.

Alright… I’m done… for now.
Just taken my medication from being sick for 2 weeks now.
Need to rest.


❤ Icesabel


Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror.

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.


I’m not sure whether the question is pertaining to physical appearance or just a figure of speech.
I’ll take it as the latter first.

I have many selves.
Everyone does.
It’s more about integrating each and everyone of them and working well with one another.

What I mean is….
There are many different kinds of “me”.
Each will reveal herself based on the situation.
But, whether the right one comes out at the right time, is another story.

I react and act differently towards different people.
Does it reflect my true self?
Well, most of the time, it does.

If I could, I would prefer to let my nonconformity side rule me out.
But, like I’ve said before.
Before I know it, “what comes around” knocks on my head a few moments later.
I can’t get away with being bad for long.
That’s just my fate.

So, I tend to just be “good” as much as possible.
Don’t get me wrong.
I’m not miss-goody-two-shoes and don’t intend to ever act or be one.
Whether I do something good or bad, it’s based out of my own feelings, reactions of the moment or even after deliberate contemplation.

Yet, I still believe strongly in what is eventually good for all instead of just blindly following the rules or laws.
Thus, I’m pretty chaotic on the inside.

I don’t really wonder how people see me.
But, I can roughly gauge how much and far they judge me from how they talk or react in front and behind me.
I have no idea why, but, I tend to find out the truth about a lot of things eventually, so very often.
Even when I’d prefer the bliss of ignorance.
Yes, a lot of times, I’d rather not know too much.

Don’t think I work hard at showing people what they want to see or hear or expect from me, like from anyone else around them.
I pretty much do what I like as long as I think it doesn’t scratch any relationship or cause problems to others as much as possible.
That comes into the regime of me stating the blunt truth about whatever I have in mind.

It’s not with a purpose to hurt.
But, for the fact that I don’t see why anyone should waste their short lifetime in spinning around in circles about certain things.


But, if you were to ask me about physical appearance, then…
I don’t think I look the way that I really am.

By first.. second.. umpteenth glance, you would never have guessed what I do for a living or how I am on a daily basis.
Which is fine.
I don’t like to talk about doing IT when I’m off-work.
Well, unless I’m whining in my blog.
I actually hate it when people ask me to fix something during my off days.

I don’t look like someone who love reading, learning, carry heavy hardware, work with technology, gamer, geek, speak out, speaks my mind freely, get into trouble, try new things. do whatever she puts her mind into, catches cockroaches and lizards or anything in between.
Maybe I look like a quiet and meek person who keeps to herself and stays in the background O.o… who loves dresses.. lol. XD

I pretty much wear what I want.
Even when the workplace states office wear, I’d still wear my tees or casual dresses. =D


Actually, it shouldn’t be about mirroring yourself.
But, whether you’d ever wear a mask when you don’t even need to.

❤ Icesabel