I’m a gamer not because I don’t have a life



I made my own characters compilation image months ago.



I’ve been asked many times.
Why do I play so many of them?
Why do I game-hop?

There are no hard rules stating that you’d have to just play some games or stick to one genre.
I have a short attention span and I get bored easily.
Once I’ve reached a certain goal in a game… whatever it may be for that particular game… I move on.
Life is too short to play too little games.
(Life is too short to play any game… for some)
But, you wouldn’t know the reasons for me gaming.
When you’ve walked in my shoes, will you be able to judge.



Anyway, always remember… everything in moderation.
UNLESS… something catches my fancy and I start getting a gaming addiction all over again… lol~ =X

Happy gaming everyone!


Slender and more

I was waiting for Dungeon Defenders to be downloaded from my Steam a/c..
So, I browsed through some youtube game vids.
That’s where I found “Slender”.



It’s a free indie game and can be downloaded at slendergame.com.
The very reason I downloaded it was because I saw a vid where they compiled so many people screaming their heads off by playing this game.
I was laughing away while starting the game (after watching that vid).
My bf was asleep behind me as I plugged in my Beats earphone and hit the volume as high as my ears can take.
Happily.. I found 3 clues.. constantly running (causing the flashlight to be shining on the ground).
I’m like.. hey.. this is boring…
And suddenly.. the sound blared out and the screen of the Alienware lappie turned white.. more like a tv noise thingy.
It surprised the heck out of me that I shouted so loud.
I wasn’t expecting anything probably cause I was starting to get bored and being caught off guard!

My bf woke up with a start and scolded me for a good 5 minutes.
Saying I had gone crazy.
The mouse was moved and had made the screen look upwards towards the night sky.
I had grabbed a pillow to cover my face.. and saying I’m not gonna play anymore again and again.
All while being scolded at.
He got so pissed that he took the mouse and looked horizontal to the ground.
That’s when the slender man appeared right in my face.
But this time.. he didn’t surprise me so.. I just stared at his face.
Unfortunately, my bf decided to walk towards it and stood there.
I was like.. “turn and run!!”.. else the game will end.
Ignoring me.. the game ended.





The game does not incorporate gore unlike most horror games that I’ve played.
It’s simple to say the least.
But it makes use of darkness, sound and the feeling of being watched and followed.
Yet the effect was pretty big the first time round.

Took a picture of my room the other night.
Was trying out this 360 degree picture app I downloaded.
Pretty neat.



Talking about rooms…
I found this in 9gag.

Would you want a room filled with games?



Continuation on talking about rooms…
Took a picture of my cat on my bed.

There are 6 cats in the house.
This one used to be my big bro’s fave.
Not until he moved out to live with his wife and son.

Did some photoshop stuff today too.
Awesome stuff but I left it on that laptop.

Before going to bed.. I’ll just post this vid.
The song is sooooooo nice.
Beautiful voice from a pretty girl.