Borderlands 2 – Part 2

I didn’t expect that Lilith.. my fave girl from the first installation.. would be in the main story.
Pretty little powerful thing.
Apparently, Roland is Lilith’s bf!
And our dear Scooter has a sister named Ellie.

Plus… I obtained my first purple and pink!!!

Not gonna say much.. going back to playing…
See ya~


Borderlands 2

I meant to update this earlier, but, I was too lazy to do so.


Since I was already a little disappointed with not being able to play my COD: Black Ops 2.
That was a waste of money… /sigh
I bought Borderlands 2 to play instead, when it was on sale.

I’m only up to level 10 though.
I loved the first installment and was hoping to get a delicious taste out of the second one.
Brought back memories.
What I love about this game is its unique theme atmosphere/locations/npcs.
Oh yeah… ❤ claptrap~