I’m a gamer not because I don’t have a life



I made my own characters compilation image months ago.



I’ve been asked many times.
Why do I play so many of them?
Why do I game-hop?

There are no hard rules stating that you’d have to just play some games or stick to one genre.
I have a short attention span and I get bored easily.
Once I’ve reached a certain goal in a game… whatever it may be for that particular game… I move on.
Life is too short to play too little games.
(Life is too short to play any game… for some)
But, you wouldn’t know the reasons for me gaming.
When you’ve walked in my shoes, will you be able to judge.



Anyway, always remember… everything in moderation.
UNLESS… something catches my fancy and I start getting a gaming addiction all over again… lol~ =X

Happy gaming everyone!


Alice Part 2

I’ve decided to do a different thing this time.
Instead of my usual poem or drawing or photo manip and whatnot..
I’m gonna do a Second Life tribute on Alice in Wonderland!

Okiesssssss.. let’s not waste anymore precious time
And get Isabel.. ehem.. Alice.. to start her journey!
Sorry if it seems lame!

Alice finds her mirror glowing so brightly she had to cover her eyes with her hands.
Being the curious and “short-spanned attention” girl, she decided to see what it’s all about.

Walking closer, she touches the mirror and suddenly… falls through!

Into the darkness she fell.
Down.. down.. down..
She saw things floating around her as gravity pulls her faster than her eyes could catch hold of the images.

“Such a horrible dark place!” She whispered to herself as she walked silently on.

Something caught her and she screamed with all her heart.
Next thing she knew, she was in the Queen of Hearts’ court and was judged harshly for intruding the palace!

For her “crimes” she had to paint the white roses red.

Angered by their impromptus irrational behaviour,
When she found herself alone, she ran off, trying her best to avoid the card guards.

“This place IS big!” As she awed the grand countryside.

Lo and behold, she passed by the Mad Hatter as he invited her for a cup of tea
But she politely refused and went on with her way.

Wanting to get out of the mad place, she found herself in a room with a tiny cupcake that says “Eat Me” and a key.
What did she do next?

Out of the door, she found herself in a HUGE maze under the dark starlight night.

Scrambling through the bushes, frantically finding a way out.
Little tears starting to form and blur her view.
Everything grew dark.

As she slowly opened her eyes, she found herself in a beautiful garden.
Rubbing a little bump on her head, she sat there wondering where she was and what she was to do.

Growing weary from walking around, she sat sadly and watched the clouds floating in the sky.
Asking.. “why?”

With little faith left, she wandered further on.
Finding herself in a magical land filled with rainbows and butterflies.
Felt like a dream.. a sweet sweet dream.

As she walked further on, she fell on the ground flat on her face.
Feeling stupid for not looking where she was going, she found a big book.
Turning the pages, she grew mesmerized by the story it told.
A story of a girl.. *trailing off into the story..*

“Be careful! There’s a spider lurking behind you!”
She shouted as she read the story a loud.
Not wanting to read further, she closed the book and scurried off.

Just across the path, she found a “Drink Me” bottle and a key.. hmm.. what could that possibly mean?
Rubbing her eyes as she fell into a deep sleep, everything disappeared and she found herself at home on her bed!

*The images are taken from Second Life. Character: My girl, Isabel Lilienthal