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I’m a gamer not because I don’t have a life



I made my own characters compilation image months ago.



I’ve been asked many times.
Why do I play so many of them?
Why do I game-hop?

There are no hard rules stating that you’d have to just play some games or stick to one genre.
I have a short attention span and I get bored easily.
Once I’ve reached a certain goal in a game… whatever it may be for that particular game… I move on.
Life is too short to play too little games.
(Life is too short to play any game… for some)
But, you wouldn’t know the reasons for me gaming.
When you’ve walked in my shoes, will you be able to judge.



Anyway, always remember… everything in moderation.
UNLESS… something catches my fancy and I start getting a gaming addiction all over again… lol~ =X

Happy gaming everyone!

Characters Compilation

Will keep this updated as I go along.

Steam IGN:

  • IsabéL.AntyraéL*ブースタ


  • ? – IcesabeL


  • Siel – Icesabel


  • Tiera – Icesabelle

City of Steam:

  • ? – Icesabel

Diablo 3:

  • North America Server – Icesabel (Wizard)
  • North America Server – Icesabel (Demon Hunter)

Dragon’s Prophet – Open Beta:

  • Lysaia – Icesabelle

Dragon Nest SEA:

  • Greenwood – Icesabel (Force User)
  • Greenwood – Icesabella (Elemental Lord)
  • Greenwood – Icesabell (Academic)

Eden Eternal Beta:

  • Aquamarine – Icesabel

Echo of Soul:

  • Requiem – Icesabelle


Eden Eternal Open:

  • Aquamarine – Mirajane
  • Aquamarine – Lisanna
    (Did not take any screen shots)

Elder Scrolls Online:

  • ? – Icesabel


  • Aibatt – Isabelll


  • Tanuki – isabelll
  • Tanuki – Utsukushii (Did not take any screen shots)

Final Fantasy XIV:

Guild Wars 2:

  • Henge of Denravi – Icesabel

Grand Fantasia:

  • Siropas – Adrieana

Luna Online:

  • Runup SG – Liteshadow


  • Icesabel

MU Online:

  • Isab3l

Neverwinter – Beta:

  • ? – Icesabelle

Ragnarok Online 2 – Beta:

  • Einherjar – Icesabel

Ragnarok Online 2:

  • Jormungard – Icesabel (Wizard) , Icesabellea (Soul Maker), Icesabellae (Cresentia)


      • ? – Utsukushii

Rift Beta 4:

      • Byriel – Utsukushi

Rift Beta 5:

      • Silkweb – Isabel

ROSE Online:

      • Global Server – Izabelle

Second Life:

      • Utsukushii Amaterasu

Tera Beta 4:

      • Dragonfall – Icesabel

Tera Beta 5:

      • Arachnaea – Icesabella


      • ? – Isabel


      • ? – Isabel

Warhammer Online:

      • Ironclaw – Nuquerna

World of Warcraft:

    • Dreadmaul – Isabél (Hunter)
    • Dreadmaul – Miriia (Paladin) (Did not take any screen shots)

Rift Beta


Beta 5: Battle of the Ascended
Jan 25th, 18:00 GMT – Jan 28th, 18:00 GMT (extended to 29th)
Levels 1-30

Game: Rift [link]
Shard: Silkweb (new shard!!! yay!)
Faction: Defiant
Race: Ethian
Class: Sentinel / Purifier
IG Name: Isabel
Max Level: 30

4th Round~ 7-10 Jan 2011

Game: Rift [link]
Shard: Byriel
Faction: Defiant
Race: Ethian
Class: Sentinel / Warden
IG Name: Utsukushi
Max Level: 24










I’ve been getting really bored with mmorpgs lately.
Since every one of them seems to be stale in one way or another.
Guildies keep asking where I’ve been. =X *hides*
Still tried a few new games here and there.
Then gave rift another try.

A few reasons why this game is the epitome of awesomeness. =D

>> Like most others, they do pick ideals of other games and integrate them wonderfully with their own set of new ideas.

>> But, unlike most mmorpgs, rift isn’t a grindfest when leveling.
But, who knows how it goes after level 30 (level cap for beta 5).
So far, I did not even notice I was doing much except going through their storyline quests and… enjoying their totally awesome rift invasions which imparts experience and cool stuff.. too many to mention on what cool stuff they are!!!

>> Quests are well looked into.
Gives really good items and $$ that helps a whole lot, compared to others.
Not too linked up, so you can take anything at any time based on level without finishing certain quests, but why wouldn’t you want to do them? They offer what they should as real quests.

>> Got to admit… the storyline was pretty lame initially.
But as you delve deeper, it does have a pretty cool tinge to it.
I was a little skeptical about alien-like thingys of the future, probably due to dumb FAIL movies about them trying to take over the world and whatnot.

>> There isn’t much of a “you have to be a high level to do certain things” garbage excuse, you can join in anything at any point in time.

>> PVP battlegrounds similar to WOW, Warhammer, Guild Wars.
Like it that you have to come out with counter-builds to what people deem popular/most used combo, so please stop whining one type is OP, it always happens everywhere.
Love it that healing is considered as “a damage deal”, rendering necessary points as it should.

>> Graphics aren’t as pretty as Aion but reminds me more of Warhammer and Neverwinter Nights.
Matured design.. not the cartoonish kind… nothing against that though.
Should have more hairstyles. Quite limited.
The girls aren’t pretty enough too although the armor of some classes are ludicrously sexy. Sexy does not mean pretty.

>> Downside would be about the dungeon.
Only one dungeon per level group, ie. 16-24 then 25-probably 30+. There is currently only 2 dungeons.

>> Another downside is that they don’t have more races. I miss those tiny gnomes. XD

>> The classes are in a whole new level.
You get to create your own hybrid combo mixes, 3 at a time, they have 7 types of each class.

>> Stats are automatically given based on your class. (Some mmorpgs allow you to make your own stat combo).

>> I’d have to say the cleric in rift reminds me of the cleric in rappelz and warhammer.
Super high defense + mid damage + 1337 heals that will save your butts = Awesome! (Some mmorpgs are pretty lax with their clerics. You can’t do nuts except be at the back and heal, therefore, never be able to solo most of the time unless you don’t mind killing at a painful snail pace. Yeah… I like to go solo at times. I actually hate it when some forces clerics to wear cloth-like armor… sigh.. poor things…)

>> Getting around isn’t totally awful.
Higher level faster mounts that you can purchase and a teleportation thingy (ahh… the name slipped my mind) from one main town to another.

>> For a beta game, there aren’t any huge bugs/glitches, then again, the beta testers and devs are working pretty hard.
But there is a need for a number of tweaks here and there, although in my own opinion, didn’t really piss me off as I can make do with alternatives, but for another, it surely might.

>> There are numerous complaints about lags and constant boot-outs.
Not sure why is that so but I’m in SG and their servers are in the US and there was no lag at all.
I did get one boot-out due to a glitch but logged in and played on just fine with no further complications.
There are several kinds of lags and would’ve noticed which one if there was one (experienced as an mmofps(first person shooter)-er, whereby even the slightest fps (frames per second) lag/ghosting makes a difference).

>> Since the current level cap is only 30, I’m not sure whether they’ll have raids like some mmorpgs in later stages. Those are as fun as rifting in Rift. ^_^

Actually, the best part of it all is the rifts.
It’s called Rift after all. Duh! +_+
Join random groups or solo minor/major rifts and invasion events every few hours, free for all in all maps.
Of course, the higher the mob level, the better the rewards.

Since I exhausted all the quests at level 28, although the quests were meant for 29s, I went rifting instead of the boring grinding to reach the cap level. Minor rifts and invasions can be done solo, so it doesn’t seem like you’re grinding at all.

There are different types of rifts, depending on their elements.
I can recall earth, death, water, air, fire and life.
They come up randomly… whether it’s the appearance timing or the elements or the invasions.
So, you won’t get bored going from one rift to another in a map, unless it’s a huge invasion of the map, that gives a bonus quest if you’re in that particular map.

Thus, if you hate grinding, go rifting instead.
Like some mmorpgs that already offer, pvp battlegrounds and dungeons offer the same kind of leveling.
Your choice.

Not sure whether I’d subscribe yet though.
Just because the timing of my new job is a little weird and I want to get used to it first, don’t want my sleeping time to be off.

But, to recommend a game, I’d say, this is one that is worth a go.
Pretty rare for me to recommend a game.
I didn’t even bother to say anything about those games that I’ve played for years.

It’s only because it took me out of my dull monotonous gaming misery of “I’d rather go on a longer hiatus from gaming” phase.
I enjoyed it, so I’d like to share my tiny experience out of it.