Oh Neverwinter… you’re funny…


Hey… I wish I was making that kind of savings.

Unfortunately, on a daily basis… I neither drive nor travel around much.
I watch movies on my computer.. ehem.
My ASUS G75VX has been pretty good so far… no overheating… unlike my desktop… >_<
I neither drink nor smoke.

If I really did have the money to spend foolishly, I’d rather go travelling than play a game
(wow… that came out of me.. the one who’d rather game than spend on anything else.. hmmm.. have I changed? *ponders*)


The Last Threshold

The last book to Salvatore’s Neverwinter 4-part series is outtttt!

Unfolding the series of his other books on the awesome drow named Drizzt Do’Urden.
I’ve only 2 sets of his books, which you’ve probably seen in my “about” section.
Don’t think I’ll be buying the physical books this time.
I’m gonna get the ebook and read it on my ipad mini!



I’ve been reading stuff on mobile rather than physical book.
Actually, the first time I read an ebook was more than a year before the movie of The Hunger Games came out.
Got the trilogy and read it in a couple of days.

It’s kind of handy.
I mean.. it’s less bulky, that’s for sure.
When I’m travelling on the public transport, I can easily take out my (back then I had the) ipod touch.
Light and slim.

Then again.. I’m tempted to buy the books afterwards.. just for keepsake.
Arghhh.. help meeehhhh.. my addiction to collect stuff is too stronggggggg…


I’ve heard some people prefer audio books.. so they could kill 2 birds with one stone.
You know.. for example.. maybe.. go jogging and listen to a story at the same time.
It’s not like listening to a narration without visual aid..
Like watching the starting of a movie without anyone speaking and the narrator telling you an introduction of some sort.
It feels totally different.
Anyway.. it’s not my cup of tea.

Alrighty then… gotta do my laundry.
Nothing much to update this week.. that’s for sure.


Neverwinter Beta 2

Only started playing it 8 hours after its opening.
If only I wasn’t feeling so sickly.
Neither did I play on the last day, as it’s a Monday for me and I can’t game at work.

Initially, I created a Control Wizard, but, after hearing how cool the cleric is, I created that instead and didn’t regret one bit.
So, here’s what I think of the game… nope.. this is in no way a review.
Just my two cents worth of thoughts.




When I first went in, I was actually disappointed. (*≧m≦*)
Okay… it’s a real improvement from Dungeons and Dragons Online, which I did try playing for a few days a long time ago.
Maybe I was expecting a spectacular graphically gorgeous mouth-watering  game like Aion, GW2, Rift and Tera!!!
But, overall, it’s alright.
I actually love the animations though.

Riding my horse with my wolf pet.

You get a pet to fight alongside you and a mount, both free as you do your quests.
You can buy better ones from NPCs using gold or Zen.




I reckoned that this is the best portion of the game!
From the starting, you’ll be brought through a through tutorial and if you listen and follow on, the game actually teaches you everything from scratch…
In fact, as if you’re spoon-fed the whole way as you level.

But, the awesome part comes by as you’re of a higher level and starts to wander off to more powerful bosses and super aggro and compact locations.
It’s actually a minus point there.. ALL mobs are aggro and the aggro radius is actually quite huge compared to all other MMORPGs.
I can safely say all in the last part because in most MMORPGs…
I’m one of those who would take the time to jump around hills/cracked boulders..etc.. and find places to skip the aggros while wanting to reach my destination.
Not sure if they’d change that feature.

Anyway, my point is, you have to really control your character.
Does not allow you to hard-select people to heal.. you’ll have to move around and point to that certain someone to heal.
That’s not the fun part.
The part where it excites me is that you are the controller of your character… dodge, hit, heal, and move as if you’re in PVP the whole time.
You’ll have to be alert 24/7.
Every class has a dodge feature, you’ll use it until it becomes a second nature to you.





As a cleric, you can place full damage as your primary skills, but, overall, your skills are mainly heals, including what they call “feats”.
Something that you can place your points in to choose whether you want to go pure heals or more to defending or hybrid of everything.
Oh yes… you can’t place points in your skills.
You’ll get all skills as you level, but you can freely choose what combo you’d like to make out of your character based on your game-play.




Zen Market

This is what their cash shop or money making scheme  called.
So, why’d you play $200 for a pack earlier?
(I won’t even start bantering on you paying for your beta keys) (.=^・ェ・^=)
They’d probably give you some money back to spend on these stuff.
If this feature is up, it sure means that it’ll be f2p (free to play).

In fact, they have a gold-zen feature.




Foundry & Events

Another different thing about this game is the Foundry and daily events.
Foundry is where you can create user-content and allow other players to play “your game”.
Daily events is a change from the usual normal quest grinding.

One qualm about the events that places you into random parties.
Not really sure how they choose you and place you into one.. but there were times when there was 4 healers in a 5-man party.
Luckily.. there wasn’t any good drop. (゜-゜)





I’m not sure whether there are more puzzles as you progress.
But, as you go forth, you’ll need to find certain things or finish a puzzle to open doors/pathways.
I like that.




Not sure why, but I was attracted to enchanting.
Each rune can be “upgraded” which are called rune fuse.
4 lower level runes = 1 higher level rune.

But each rune allow you to choose one of the 3 colours (yellow, green and red), to be slotted into a certain coloured slot in an equipment.





Last but not least… nothing to do with this game.. but with another game.
I remember playing a map where you’d have to go through a cemetery with this exact outlook in L4D (part 1).
Rofl~ ┗(^0^)┓
Used to think that the tank would pick up those tombstones and throw at my face… when the fact was that he was picking up rocks out of thin air.




I would love my girls to be prettier and have more nicer hairstyles.
The hair rendering is actually horrible. (×_×;)

Overall, I enjoyed it!
I’d have to give it a very low point for the not-so-awesome graphics.
But, everything else was good.
As all betas, there were a couple of hiccups and bugs, but, if they were to tweak a handful of things, it’s actually quite polished.

I guess what made me like it was the fact that you truly get to control your character and be on your feet and get all excited like a little kid over every boss fight.
Even if you were to kill the same one again, it won’t be in the same way.

Neverwinter Beta Key Giveaway

Hey hey hey~


I have a few Neverwinter Beta Keys (second Beta Weekend event between March 8th – 10th) up for grabs.

So, if you’d like a key, give me a shoutout! XD


UPDATE – 5th March – It has all been taken up!

To those who have access to the upcoming beta, have fun!!! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
C’ya guys in-game~  ⊙ω⊙

The Elder Scrolls Online ~ Neverwinter

The fire for RO2 is sizzling.
Being a game-hopper, I’ll start eyeing on something else when I get bored.

2 MMORPGs I’d like to try out.
The Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter.
I’d probably just try out the fore.



In the early 2000s, there would be a lot of times when my internet would get cut off.
My pocket money was already barely enough for a meal a day, I was still in school and my strict mom wouldn’t allow me to work.
My elder brother paid for the internet bills, but, it was the time when internet subs were so expensive and the ISPs would just miscalculate and overcharge you on purpose.
Plus, other family issues, but, luckily I still had my computer.

One of those moments where I’d find solitude in gaming.
I then found Morrowind.
Well, those who knows me knows that I can practically “eat” a game aka skip meals… I still do so unknowingly.
It was an awesome piece of offline single player game.
That game dissolved my sad reality.
If my memory serves me right… it used up 6 CDs to install the game?
>>> CDs.. I remember when a game took a little less than 20 floppy disks to install a game. Why is people saying their past is based on that tiny floppy disk? Although I didn’t get to use the biggest one, I did use the middle-sized 5.25″ ones to play Sierra games and whatnot. T_T I feel old. <<<

Played it for a couple of months before my internet was finally on again and stabilized.
You could say that it was my much needed escape in one point in time.
Much later, I tried Oblivion for a short period.


I didn’t play NW, but, I played Neverwinter Nights 2, years later.
The only reason why I tried it was because my younger brother had bought it, yet, didn’t want to play it.
I was looking for an alternative and an offline game.
And… wow.. I was hooked to it for quite some time.
Who cares about graphics when the lore was awesome.
(Hmm… the elder scrolls were too though.)
But, I repeated the whole story 3 times, using different types of combos!
Mainly because I wanted to indulge into the storyline again and again, being a “lawfully good”, “neutral” and “chaotic evil”.
Before I finally decided to give it up.


But until I try the betas out, I won’t say any more than this.
Not that I can even judge before trying them out.
I did miss out on Neverwinter’s earlier beta.
Always check my emails a little too late. >_>
Either that or I just decide to skip one for the current goal I’m aiming for in the current game that I’m in.
So… yup… gonna check on my emails more often.


A friend once asked me why I played RPGs.
I have lots of reasons to answer that simple question.


But there was one reason that I doubt people would realize it to be one.
One word.
Any ideas yet?



Let’s start from the beginning.

Way back before I got my first computer, I was given Barbie dolls to play with.
If it weren’t my dolls, I would take my older brother’s toys, which were mainly trucks and weapons and you know what else boys play with.
My older brother would scold or hit me and tell my mum or grandma that I took his stuff.
I’ve mentioned before that because of my older bro, growing up, I had boy-hobbies.
Anyway, if I got bored, I’d hide under my grandparent’s king sized bed, which had a thick plank of wood to hold the mattress and draw on that very plank…
With coloured or just plain white chalk.
My imagination would go wild.
Although they were mostly about princesses, the typical fall in love stories.
BUT, it’s not always about princes.. sometimes, they’re ordinary guys..
All of the stories have a similarity to it.
The princess is the heroine.
None were lame weak ones.


I instantaneously fell in love with going on a killing streak in my first FPS, Wolfenstein 3D in the early 90s.
But, it wasn’t until I touched RPGs, that I was given a choice to choose girl/guy characters.
That’s when I always chose being a girl.
They were my…. Barbie dolls!

I think I’ve said before that the RPG characters had part of my real life character.
A reflection of me, although not entirely, but, unlike in real life, could do what I couldn’t.
Plus, be in such beautiful places, thus, I need not create my world.
The devs have already done that for me.



But, no.
I did not play RPGs to get any weak prince or any prince for that matter.
Like I’ve said earlier, there are numerous other reasons to why I game.

Plus, I love beautiful things.
Give me a beautiful fantasy world and I’ll go head over heels for that place.
I can explore for hours and looking at pretty things… +_+

Not all good RPGs are pretty though.
Neverwinter Nights was one of my all-time faves.
I’d play it again at an instant, even if all the powerful game engines were combined to offer a perfect gameplay (or graphics in this point).
Gotta admit that it isn’t a pretty world at all.
In fact, it’s kinda dreary.
The girls are drop dead ugly.
But, that is one whopping ass game!
The exploration process is endless.

Dungeon & Dragons are coming up with Neverwinter
Not sure when the beta will start, but, it’s been months since it first announced the start of the game development.




I’m one of those people who love dressing up their characters!
You should see my clothes collection in most of the MMORPG I play in!!!!!
If you sell them, I want them!
But only if they’re pretty enough to wear.
Weird enough, I’m too lazy to shop for clothes in real life.

Let me find one gif I made for a game I used to play, FlyFF.
I started a fashion trend back in this game. Tee hee~
People started to follow my mix and match until all started to do their own according to their own tastes and imagination.


The latest one that I had, was probably 6 sets in Dragon Nest.
Or was it more than that?

Maybe I should make a gif of that too.


So, yeah… I’ve just confessed on the unexpected.

Characters Compilation

Will keep this updated as I go along.

Steam IGN:

  • IsabéL.AntyraéL*ブースタ


  • ? – IcesabeL


  • Siel – Icesabel


  • Tiera – Icesabelle

City of Steam:

  • ? – Icesabel

Diablo 3:

  • North America Server – Icesabel (Wizard)
  • North America Server – Icesabel (Demon Hunter)

Dragon’s Prophet – Open Beta:

  • Lysaia – Icesabelle

Dragon Nest SEA:

  • Greenwood – Icesabel (Force User)
  • Greenwood – Icesabella (Elemental Lord)
  • Greenwood – Icesabell (Academic)

Eden Eternal Beta:

  • Aquamarine – Icesabel

Echo of Soul:

  • Requiem – Icesabelle


Eden Eternal Open:

  • Aquamarine – Mirajane
  • Aquamarine – Lisanna
    (Did not take any screen shots)

Elder Scrolls Online:

  • ? – Icesabel


  • Aibatt – Isabelll


  • Tanuki – isabelll
  • Tanuki – Utsukushii (Did not take any screen shots)

Final Fantasy XIV:

Guild Wars 2:

  • Henge of Denravi – Icesabel

Grand Fantasia:

  • Siropas – Adrieana

Luna Online:

  • Runup SG – Liteshadow


  • Icesabel

MU Online:

  • Isab3l

Neverwinter – Beta:

  • ? – Icesabelle

Ragnarok Online 2 – Beta:

  • Einherjar – Icesabel

Ragnarok Online 2:

  • Jormungard – Icesabel (Wizard) , Icesabellea (Soul Maker), Icesabellae (Cresentia)


      • ? – Utsukushii

Rift Beta 4:

      • Byriel – Utsukushi

Rift Beta 5:

      • Silkweb – Isabel

ROSE Online:

      • Global Server – Izabelle

Second Life:

      • Utsukushii Amaterasu

Tera Beta 4:

      • Dragonfall – Icesabel

Tera Beta 5:

      • Arachnaea – Icesabella


      • ? – Isabel


      • ? – Isabel

Warhammer Online:

      • Ironclaw – Nuquerna

World of Warcraft:

    • Dreadmaul – Isabél (Hunter)
    • Dreadmaul – Miriia (Paladin) (Did not take any screen shots)