Unlike Payday 2, I didn’t breathe and dream about Final Fantasy XIV.
During the period when I just started Payday 2, I was literally dreaming about it for nights.


Slowly playing FF XIV, except, during last weekend.

By the way, I know where the extinct dodos of this world has went to!!!!

And… apparently, Diablo wants to rule that world as well.

Explains why I’m not updating this blog. >_<
Not gonna say much on this right now either.


❤ Icesabel



Okay.. I guess I’ll be playing this.
‘Coz a couple of my friends are jumping in.

Some of them took work leave just to play for the next few days.
If there was a legit reason for me to do so, I would, as well.
But, nah.. not this game.

But, I did buy the  collector’s edition.

Anyway, enjoy the game if you’re playing it!


❤ Icesabel

Final Fantasy XIV

I’ve only played for awhile.
Thanks to Ken Do for the beta key! ❤

Humm… I must’ve been pretty blur and chose an EU server.
Ekkkk >_<
I’m on Cerberus.
With a level 10 Pugilist, at the moment.

She’s a Miqo’te – Keepers of the Moon.
I guess I wanted a cute Neko.

I would always appreciate good graphics and music.
Without them, I’d give it a pass.
This one was pretty alright after I changed everything to the highest mode.
Music.. love it!


Handsome stranger?
He looks like Cloud. The first time he appeared, I was totally swooned over by his good looks.
But, as the story goes, it shows his true colours… a player at his best. BOOOOOOO~ *jeers*


What can I really see and experience at level 10 tops?
A little grindy.
Questing was fairly simple and straight forward.
But, too much of running around… it really is a waste of time running from one end to another just for a small amount of crappy exp and gold.
But, neither can I stand not finishing them all. lol~
I do love the story and the cut scenes!
Some parts heart-warming.. some weird.
They have mini events just like GW2, which can be fun, when I get bored of doing things alone.
I haven’t got to the point of partying up for a dungeon yet… so, there’s more I should try out later.


It’s only 10pm now, but, I’m going to bed.
My eyes have been red the whole day because of the haze.
I need rest.