Woof woof

I’ve not played Dragon Nest for ages.
Uh… heh…

But.. I got the DN hound a while back.

I wanted to roll around just now but decided to take pictures with my hound instead.
Ummm.. yeah.. I love rolling on my bed.
Not to sleep… just love the feeling of rolling about.
lol XD




Such a lazy relaxing Sunday!!!

Called McDonalds to have breakfast in bed.
Surfing the tv and watched some boring shows.. until The Romantic & Idol Season 2 was aired.
Should’ve just watched it online.

I have a habit of changing channels all the time… until a good show is up then I’ll start surfing non-stop until I find another good one again.
That is.. if I ever do watch tv.

Went out in the evening to have dinner and bought a simple Cisco switch.. I’ve just upgraded my internet connection to 300mbps.

What in the world am I going to do with that speed… if it even reach 200mbps?
It’s just that, I’ve been paying 90 bucks for my internet subscription for the last 2 years for 200mbps.
They’re offering 90 bucks for 300mbps now… so.. might as well re-sub to 300mbps for the same amount.
Old router is going to “cut” the speed further if I decide to keep using it.




My night classes is going to start tomorrow onwards!
The 2nd part to my course.
If anyone is in Singapore and would like to take Cisco certifications, leave me a message and I’ll recommend to you a teacher who’s sure to make you excel.

Yes.. I was whining in a post a few days back, but, by the end of the 5th day, I was really surprised with myself!
One… my lousy memory could memorize a lot of things and put into practice (practical hands-on) without needing to see any reference.
Two…  My concentration level has never hit that mark before… to the point where I actually understand 90% of everything and remember them.
He truly is a dedicated and passionate teacher who just wants the best out of his students.
Apparently, most of his students who came by to take the exam during those days and came by to talk to him seemed to have scored really high.
Unfortunately for me, he doesn’t teach night classes.
Only daytime 9-5 mon-sun.
I wanted to change the time slot to Sunday classes last Friday but was a little too late.

He’s been in the technical world for a long time before deciding to teach networking… can’t tell everything he has done so far, but.. it really wow-ed me and my classmates.
I’m thinking of taking ITIL after this cert, but, I think it would also be awesome if I took up the Wireless and Security certs too.
Shucksss… I can’t afford those for this year.
I’m already spending a lot this year.
Will be travelling overseas 5 times this year… probably six.. if I can slot in another trip.
I need to save up for something huge next year.




Been thinking again today.

So much have happened in just.. well.. going into 5 months now.
I met a lot of new people and lost a few people I care about.
A huge roller-coaster ride of emotions… way more volatile than last year.
I have the heart to do something big and even wanting to work hard, but, what if it’s all done in vain?
Not really worth it to think too much about this right now though.
It’s not as if I can do anything right now.


I’m a gamer not because I don’t have a life



I made my own characters compilation image months ago.



I’ve been asked many times.
Why do I play so many of them?
Why do I game-hop?

There are no hard rules stating that you’d have to just play some games or stick to one genre.
I have a short attention span and I get bored easily.
Once I’ve reached a certain goal in a game… whatever it may be for that particular game… I move on.
Life is too short to play too little games.
(Life is too short to play any game… for some)
But, you wouldn’t know the reasons for me gaming.
When you’ve walked in my shoes, will you be able to judge.



Anyway, always remember… everything in moderation.
UNLESS… something catches my fancy and I start getting a gaming addiction all over again… lol~ =X

Happy gaming everyone!

Rockmelt.. graduation.. disband of build

Should’ve given Rockmelt a try so much earlier and not give a glance again today.
I saw an ad on Rockmelt last year.
But didn’t give a second thought to it.
Not until someone brought it up today.
So.. I tried it and I hated it.
A few minutes of testing and there goes my uninstall button.

It probably would be a fav for those who love…
FB.. FB.. FB.. FB.. RSS feeds.. FB.. FB.. CLUTTER!

Simplicity and lots of “quiet mode” for me.
I’m not a fan of FB.
I’d probably log in there once or twice a week or whenever something pops up that requires me to login.
If I wanted to update on my status.. it’ll be blogging on here.
No twitter or fb or anything along the line.
Don’t think everyone needs to know every single detail about what I think or feel or am doing the slightest thing every single second.
There is a difference.

RSS feeds are fine but it became an eyesore for me after a while.
I could easily click on my fav toolbar and get to where I want to be anyway.
(I’ve placed everything nicely and they’re all tidied up in a nice “formation”)
No difference between pressing once to the side of RM or pressing once to my toolbar.
It’s annoying to see numbers popping up at the side!

The revolution of social networking has evolved so much that it has made people seem so…. fake.
No further comments… I’ve got other things to talk about.


The third wave of people have left the guild… or was it second.
Sure, I was sad to hear the guild is dying.
But that lasted for a few minutes before realizing that I didn’t really have memories of it.

Most of them seem to be following at least one other person to some other guilds for some reason.
I could probably quit and not bother.
Don’t think I belong to anywhere except belonging to myself.
Hah.. how self-centered I am!
Seriously, unless I did have great awesome close friends in a game who didn’t backstab each other, I would consider joining them.
But, in a world of “you don’t really know who you’re dealing with and won’t show their true colours until the moment where relationships are destroyed”..
You know what you should do.

I can’t say that I’m all perfect or good.
But I’m one who hates disputes and if certain issues an be avoided.. I’d rather do so.
Guildmates from any game would call me the quiet one (that I can disappear into thin air and no one would notice).
I’d talk only when I want to.
“Noises” from guilds are mostly when people are having fun as trolls… talking about random stuff.
It isn’t bad but maybe I’m just not into that.

Anyway… I’m hungry and my tummy rumbling really loudly…
I’m done with saying what I wanted to say.

July 2012 CS

July 2012 Cash Shop Set

July 2012 CS

July 2012 CS

Wow.. I’ve checked that the last time I logged into DN was 28 days ago!

Saw this set and was tempted to buy.
Last set I bought was the February set.
The ones after that were downright U.G.L.Y!!

I seriously have no reason whatsoever to buy a CS set right now since I won’t be logging in much.
But this one is so pretty… I couldn’t resist it!
Reminds me of one of the archer’s set.
They always get nice sets!! Grrr~

Quiiiiiiit Gaming

It’s been 2 weeks since I logged in but.. hmmm..
I just heard about the guild in DN issues.
Not that I really know what happened but there were some quarrels and AikawaKazu and his followers left.
Guild leader is quitting DN.
I actually don’t really care about DN anymore.
7 months in that guild.
(If I’m not wrong) Started to play the game 3 months before that.


Games should be as they are…. just games.
Sure, there are times when it does control my life, but, sooner or later.. I’ll start to be in a phase where it’ll become a past time.
Literally left in the past.

The longest run of MMORPGs would be MU Online and FlyFF, 3 years each, on and off.
Even WOW and Diablo 2 lost out at 2 years before I gave up.
Aion at 1 year.
The rest lasted for months.. weeks or even merely days.

If it’s about other genres, Warcraft’s sequels lasted me years.
I love them!
I never got sick of Command and Conquer’s and Quake’s running sequels.
Age of Empires’ sequels were among my favs too.

People ask whether when I quit a game, that I’d regret something.
A time loss or a waste of money or anything of that sort.
I’ve always given some thought to that topic.
The answer has always been “no regrets”.

Gaming is not just gaming.
If you even understand what I’m trying to say.
Gaming can be a part of your life but you shouldn’t let it control your life.
Not in the position to say that though.
It has controlled my life a lot of times.
But after a while, I’ll press the time off button.

It can be an addiction.
To escape from reality.
To be someone else or do something you can’t in real life.

I’ve been through phases where I forget to eat.. forget to sleep.. forget the real world.
Immersed in another dimension for way too long.
Gaming was one of the cause of my past relationship problems.. depression.. loss of RL friends.

Although it didn’t directly cause failure in studies.
I was a perfectionist in studying and the only time I ever failed in my life was whilst taking my final year in my banking and finance degree.
Sure, part of it was the consequence of depression during the last year, which, was partly caused by gaming, the rest was family/money/relationship issues.
But, I hated studying finance in the first place and it has always been a hell hole for me.
WAS a perfectionist.
I’ve lost quite a big chunk of my perfectionism since I graduated.

I can never really blame gaming because it was my haven since I was young.
Not close to my family.. don’t get me wrong.. I love them to bits.. but we’re just the kind who’ll do our own thing.
How can I regret when I’ve grown so fond of it all throughout my living years?
Used to have EXs or even friends who have tried to stop me from gaming.
But, at the end of it all, I grew frustrated at how people wanted me to change.. all for their own reasons.. none of mine.
If they didn’t like a girl gamer then there’s an extremely huge population of non-gamer girls out there!

But gaming…
No matter how many times I try to quit, I keep going back.


One of my fav old time songs… Right Here from Staind

Dark Aura of Velskud… and Icesabel

I loved Geraint.
But Vleskud has this dark aura that attracts me.

Did the quest to get a free ticket to SDN.
Thus, got to take pictures with him as I progressed through the quest.
He’s pretty cool.





Everyone does have a dark side.

I used to think of it as a split personality that I had when I was younger.
When I took up Psychology when I was an undergrad and probed in further on my own accord…
I realized that everyone wears masks during different times and situations.
Just to “fit in” the moment.
That mask does not necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong though.
It’s a complicated topic by its own.

In turn, as I grew older, I tend to stop at points in time in my life when I feel fake.
Something that a lot of people would call “I’ve lost myself”.

It’s a Sunday.
Don’t want to waste my time on pondering on that too much.

Oh.. before I forget…
Talking about pondering…
One of the most frequent subject of my dreams throughout my life would be on War and world destruction.
Don’t ask me why… I haven’t figured out why yet.
But in the most recent dream, a whole lot of people I knew passed away while I managed to live.
(Else, the dream would’ve ended, right? Okay maybe not.. sometimes I become a ghost and view people as a third party)
The world was so dark even though it was meant to be in the day time.
Everything was destroyed, of course.
But the people who survived moved on and built from scratch on what they had.
All I felt was, a little lost, yet, amazed at how strong people can be, mentally and emotionally.


SDN and Death of Belial


3 of us were SDN virgins (inc of me)!
I’ve watched the videos and read about the raid before we started
Though I’ve always believed that first hand experience is so much better than seeing or reading anything.
Although better than not knowing a thing at all.

Oh… before that, I had lost touch on playing my FU when I went back yesterday
‘Cause we had to do Manti/Apo Hell to get the tickets.
It was horrible!
I kept pressing the wrong skills!!!

So.. yeah.. we were wiped off there.
Apparently, the main 2 dps got killed first before I got killed and then the next support dps and then the supports.
I wasn’t expecting much.
2 of them couldn’t get in vent ’cause it was a 15-man vent and the “main” group from our guild needed to use it and one random person was in.
I bought a 10-man vent.. hopefully that’ll help and I hope it won’t be laggy and whatnot.

I upgraded my main weapon aka my Manti Ball to +11.
Just need another 4k+ to get the +11 code for sec weapon.
Which… I think I’m too lazy to farm.

Seriously, my gaming mana has been depleting lately.
All I think about is work, sleep and….
That brings me to the next part.


Spent half my day today watching an anime I found called Toradora and the usual weekly dosage.


Lazy me decided to play D3 today and to finish Act 2.
So.. Belial is done with.
My younger bro has already played double the amount of time I spent in D3.
Oh well… there’s nothing really competitive about D3 at this moment.

The AH is always acting up.
It went down again yesterday when I had the mood to AH, although not farming or anything.
Was trying to find a good weapon to use.
Finally got one when the AH went up again.

To end this post…
I’ll place this sweet lil image.

They seem like a perfect couple, yet, they are infatuated with other people.
That happens a lot IRL.
You always fall with the wrong one and can never realize or notice the right one has always been there for you in the first place.

Hmmm… that reminds me of this song~

Such a perfect guy does not exist~~
But a perfect song with such a fantasy like that does!