Diablo 1 in Diablo 3

Played PTR 2.4.3 a little. Reminiscing the old times. Now… if only I can play Necromancer.

❤ Icesabel


DH Passive Skills

Seen a lot of combos of others depending on their gameplay style – patch 2.1.2.
I’d like to share mine since it doesn’t seem to see anyone using it in the forums or in-game.

This does not take in consideration of the bonus passive on your awesome Hellfire Amulet, if it’s not already part of these combos.

Note that these builds are based on Sentry – Polar Station to proc Cull the Weak, unless someone in the team can proc it and you can change it to Sentry – Spitfire Turret, whether you’re using an ice or fire build.

Anyway… cutting to the chase, here are the combos.

  • T6 Rift: Ballistics – Cull the Weak – Awareness – Blood Vengence
    Ice-build Cluster Arrow – Maelstrom. Period.
    Fire-build Multishot – Arsenal. If you don’t have a good gear for an ice-build.
  • Greater Rifts Speed Runs 35+: Ambush – Cull the Weak – Awareness – Blood Vengence
    Fire-build Cluster Arrow – Loaded for Bear (unless your team sucks and none of your team-mates can cluster the mobs together properly, thus, forcing you to use the T6 Rift combo)
    You can use the T6 Rift combo.
  • Greater Rifts Higher Runs 40+: Steady Aim – Cull the Weak – Awareness – Custom Engineering
    Fire-build Cluster Arrow – Loaded for Bear

I actually love Chakram-builds and saw other unpopular builds using Impale for T6 Rifts. But, unless your team is leisurely having a stroll in the park, when there’s a higher level (whether by pubbing or with your own friends), they’ll most probably leave you far behind with your slow kills.

Blood Vengence is underrated – for a speed run.

I used this without a choice initially, because since the patch came out and things changed, I farmed for the Pride’s Fall and got none until today (yes… how unlucky can I be?). In addition to having items without much “reduce all resources”.

Even with a Pride’s Fall/Cindercoat + Reaper Wraps, Blood Vengence is just…. YUMMY!

Blood Vengence: Maximum Hatred increased by 25 + 30 Hatred + 3 Discipline for every health globe.
When you’ve got a good zdps team mate, they’ll drop you health globes non-stop.
Nom nom nom.
Not only do you regain your hatred extremely quickly, you get to tumble non-stop!!!
That’s what a speed run is for.

So, why trade off custom engineering for this?
Custom Engineering is used for giving an extra one sentry, giving you 5 sentries whilst using the Bombardier’s Rucksack and for the sentries not to disappear after a few minutes.
Unless you get to be placed in an open concept map, you need to replant your sentry, especially in tighter alleyways.
Thus, you can skip this.

The bad point is whilst doing the last boss kill.
It’ll be slower, but, still faster overall.

Should you think that your damage is an overkill of some sort, tactical advantage is quite nice to have to move even quicker! Hue hue hue~

Fire-build – speed run.

Ambush is better than Grenadier.
Grenadier’s extra damage isn’t sufficient compared to the rest.
Like the one above, the last boss kill will suffer a little.

Steady Aim is nice too, as long as you can keep a little distance from the mobs as much as possible and with speed runs, you’ll be tumbling quickly (through the mobs). Your choice.

Some people like Archery, giving them a boost of 50% Critical Hit Damage for a crossbow. This depends on your items. If it’s worth the trade-off with the above. But, not worth it if you’re not using a crossbow.
Yeah… not going into detail about x-bow vs bow at all.

Ain’t nobody got time for slow kills. T_T

❤ Icesabel

Gold Farming!!! $_$ <3 <3

Been bored with no aim in D3 lately.
D3 has been a “filler” in my life (reference to “anime filler”).

My hubby has been gold farming for some time already and asking if I wanted to make one.
I digress from the idea.
Until I realised that I couldn’t find another imperfection that my beloved Wiz possess.
I started making maxed-out gems for 3 other chars… making me poor.. I had 5 mil left.
“Sadly”, I gave up and in… he took a look at my naked WD, the items in my bank ans tweaked accordingly.
I got addicted to gold farming now.

It’s somewhat similar to the on in this video.

Ohhh baby.. I feel rich!
Well, in-game… at least.. rofl~

Took me a couple of hours to find the treasure goblin portal (lost it on the first one because I didn’t know it’d close after a few minutes! I nearly cried when it disappear.
But, found another in an hour’s time.
Killed the Greed boss swiftly and obtained my Boon of the Hoarder.
Even without upgrading this, it’s already a real gem.. literally.

I only ran through the Core of Arreat and reset once I reach the Azmodan WP.
The quickest and since it’s a one-way map.
But, others tend to find some other locations just as good, such as tower of damned lvl 1-2, tower of the cursed lvl 1-2 and festering woods.

Toughness love… just wear a Goldwrap and stand there like a boss.. whilst your cute wakawaka minions cut open the mobs.
Wear some inc dmg against elites items, so, you can move on quickly.
Of course your +gold items needs to be there.
Add in Custerian Wristguards for added xp or Avarice Band/Profane Pauldrons for expanded pickup radius.

A lot of nice places to farm, but, Ruins of Corvus onwards is definitely the best right now.
Because of the mob called “Scarab”.
They pretty much spawn on nearly every corner of the walls and they come in abundance.

Loving this~ ❤

❤ Icesabel

Pew pew – Fire Build Part 2


I’ve finally found the 5th piece to my Firebird’s Finery set!
With just wearing the Ring of Royal Grandeur, I’ve got the 6-piece proc.
If you want that ring, just try your luck in spamming the box which you can obtained from finishing a bounty map.

Changed my build a little.. and… walla~
It’s a Torment 4 or 5 build now (depending on the party members or when solo)!

Old Build can be found here.

The rotation is the same as the old one… well, sort of.
I’m a real sucker of being a front-end dps… even as a long-range class. XD

Mirror Image > Wave of Force > Spectral Blade for arcane power regen + fire spell % increase
Just like the old build, I use Illusionist (passive skill) to spam the stun.
Since, my 2 mirror images would spam Black Hole, I keep mine until their’s have been exhausted or when an elite with its minions come crashing the party.

This gives more damage compared to the old one because

  • Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction 320% fire x 3
    (unless you have Wand of Woh – 3 additional Explosive Blasts are triggered after casting Explosive Blast)
  • Black Hole – Blazar 360% fire in 2 s + 464% fire afterwards
    + BONUS: Crowd control aka pulling all the mobs in a radius of 15 years
    Working together with Mirror Image, there would actually be more than one Black Hole at a time (most of the time)!
  • Teleport – Calamity 252% arcane + 1.5s stun + teleport out from any situation once
  • Mirror Image – Mocking Demise 309% arcane + 2s stun + break free from being frozen or trapped in “a cage” every time there is no cooldown or it procs because of Illusionist
    + BONUS: I need them to spam extra Black Holes and Wave of Force whenever possible ❤
    (unless you have Archmage’s Vicalyke – Your Mirror Images have a chance to multiply when killed by enemies)

I was thinking of other alternatives.

To do this, looking into how much arcane power I have.
-> How many hits I can make at one go.
For example, I only have 90 arcane power and wave of force uses up 20 arcane power, then I can only use it 4 times instantaneously at one go before my arcane power depletes.
That is how I obtained my number of hits below.
All the % below are of fire damage.

  • Wave of Force – Heat Wave: 427% x 4 hits
  • Meteor – No Rune: [501% + (167% x 3s)] x 2 hits
  • Meteor – Meteor Shower: (228% x 7) x 2 hits
  • Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction: (320% x 3) + 6s CD … the cooldown depends on whether you have a higher cooldown reduction rate
  • Explosive Blast – Short Fuse: 909% x 6s CD … the cooldown depends on whether you have a higher cooldown reduction rate
  • Arcane Orb – Scorch: [221% + (734% x 5)] x 3 hits

Wave of Force actually procs my crit damage the most often and the highest though.



DPS: 1,220,217

+Fire Skills Damage: 114% = helmet 20% + necklace 19% + gloves 20% + bracer 19% + off-hand weapon 18% + main-hand weapon 18%

Crit Hit Chance: 44%
Crit Hit Damage: 462%

Toughness: 6,369,312
HP: 315,476

When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 5mins cooldown.
Enemies killed by Fire damage explode and set nearby enemies on Fire, dealing 300% weapon damage over 5 seconds.

Physical, Cold, Lightning Resistance: 1600+
Fire, Poison, Arcane/Holy Resistance: 2000+

Other info via diabloprogress.com

❤ Icesabel

Pew pew – Fire Build

Was so frustrated with not obtaining the weapon that everyone else in the guild is getting after playing for so long.
;…; Grrrr~


So, I had to make do with the stuff that I had and converted into a fire build instead of wanting to go lightning/arcane.
But… I actually enjoyed and love it way better than the usual builds!!!

Skills.. skills.. what shall I choose? ^_^

The rotation pretty much is a super fast “kill before you get killed” mode… lol.. no idea if anyone were to ever understand what I’ve just said.
I love the adrenaline rush it brings.
Oh yeah.. it’s a Torment 3 and 4 build.

It goes with teleport into a big group of mobs > explosive blast > wave of force > spectral blade for arcane power regen + fire spell % increase
If your attacks per second aka speed is high, the fire spell % can increase a lot, mine can only go up to 20+ in a usual fighting scenario, although, the highest I got to was about 40+.
With bosses, keep teleporting to spam stun (great for the safety of your own and team mates) – that is why you need illusionist as one of your passive skills.
Go ahead and stand in the way of mortar, poison pools, etc to activate illusionist, of course, be wary of your own health.
You don’t necessarily need to teleport within the boss mobs, stay outside the radius if your health is dropping like water in an open tap, but, make sure you spam teleport to continuously stun.

The rest of the passive skill slots are up to you.
If your defence/resistance/hp is high and don’t need any buffing up, then, take in more damage skills like Audacity, Conflagration, Glass Cannon and Unwavering Will (if you think you won’t move in 1.5s every time).
If it’s the opposite, then, take Blur, Dominance, Unstable Anomaly and Unwavering Will (if you think you won’t move in 1.5s every time).
Any combo that suits your stats.

I took up Prodigy because I neither equip my char with any resource cost reduction items nor have it in my Paragon points.
Wave of Force takes up a lot of Arcane Power, thus, why I did so.

The only reason I did this build is because of the items that I had in-hand.

All the stats below are pre-buffed.

DPS: 622,340
Elemental DPS: 1,092,616
Elemental Elite DPS: 1,420,401

+Arcane Skills Damage: 24% = necklace 24%
+Fire Skills Damage: 114% = helmet 20% + gloves 19% + wrists 19% + off-hand weapon 18% + ring 20% + main-hand weapon 18%
+Damage Against Elites: 30%

Crit Hit Chance: 33%
Crit Hit Damage: 317%

Toughness: 4,460,458
HP: 3354,307

+Spectral Blade: 28% = belt 15% + pants 13%
+Wave of Force: 28% = boots 14% + off-hand weapon 14%


❤ Icesabel