Diablo 1 in Diablo 3

Played PTR 2.4.3 a little. Reminiscing the old times. Now… if only I can play Necromancer.

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The Stress of a MMORPG

I’ve always told myself… “don’t join a guild, until, you’re nearing the endgame (of some sort)”.
Even if, the guild is filled with super casual players.
But, if I don’t join a guild, I won’t be able to benefit from certain things that a guild would be able to offer.
You know… extra levelling points or playing with new-found friends, etc.
I get this urge to be better than someone at something, when I’m in a team.
It’s a bad habit that can’t be shed off, even how hard I try to ignore that irritating voice in my head.
It can be anything from the character level to different degree of item rank to the technique of pvp.
Annoys me.


How many times have I shut myself out of any team and do my own thing?
These games aren’t meant for me to feel stressed out.
I play a game to fill up that bit of free time, for the fun of it, feel a little accomplished in something extra (apart from my normal daily life fulfilment) or chilling out/gaming with my other irl friends.

For years, my hubby would tell me, “go make your own world and play by yourself”.
Just because, at times, I would whine about these petty issues.
I would though.
Sometimes, I would just spend time playing with a char on my own… block everyone out… just wondering around like a lost soul.
But, I’d eventually move on, since, I would often game-hop anyway.

It’s to the point that my hubby and I have an understanding that we would not play the same type of char in any game we’re playing together.
I would pick a fight, if, he were to take anything that should have belonged to my char.
Although, it wouldn’t matter if he was way better than me (as long as it was a different type of char).

If a game were to take precedence of my rl, then, it’s time to walk away as well.
Nope… no game is worth or even close to being equal to my real life.

Plus, if I notice that a game is going to rake up a lot of $, just so I can be somewhere.
I’d leave, whether anyone were to tell me to chill out.
The irritating part of me would’ve pissed me off by then.
It’ll result in me not enjoying an ounce of the game, thus, decide to un-install it and move on.
That extra 50 bucks can buy me something more worthwhile.

It probably wouldn’t even be a problem, if, I can eradicate that attitude of mine.
But, it isn’t something I can do much about, except to walk away.
No use in making myself feel jealous or upset, when the reason for me to game should be otherwise.


Hah… well… that’s that.

❤ Icesabel

Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60 – Open Beta

Updated Notice: I’ve stopped playing EOS since 11th July 2015
Gomen’nasai… no further updates or help after this one.


The updated version. -.-”
There really isn’t anything special about this build.

Unless, there’s a much better geared team-mate or a huntress, I’m usually first or second ranked, in terms of dps.
Except… fights whereby, I have to move non-stop and the mobs/boss decide to aim me way too many times, I stand to be third (max).
*whispers* or… I’m just too lazy to “work hard” at the rotation and clicking random buttons. Huehuehue~

If you’re fourth or last, something is definitely wrong with your build/rotation/items… or you’re playing with fully- higher-end geared team-mates and you’re barely scraping by!
*Be warned!!!: Get ready to be kicked, if, your team-mates get pissed at you for not damaging enough. Which in turn, may cause the boss to rage and wipe the whole team… especially, when that happens more than once*

Looking for the rotation, right?

  1. Arcane Focus
     at all times (you need this, so, that you can always spam out your mana)
  2. Find a good spot to stand!
    For normal kills, stand far from the mobs/tank (in case, they do big AoEs), but, near enough to hit them.
    For boss fights, follow the usual guidelines for each dungeon on where to stand or run.

    Infernal Circle
  3. If it’s a single mob, the usual rotation is:

    Ritual Pyre – Fireball – IgnitionPhoenix RingIncineration (when it comes up)
  4. If, it’s a group of mobs, being pulled by a tank:

    You can either use a few Firestorm, which will create fire marks, before triggering Phoenix Ring, with Burning Blow in between.

    OR my fave rotation, Thermal RetentionPhoenix RingFirestormBurning Blow… continue the rotation.

A few extras:

  • Soul Skill – Used for boss fight – either Flame of Courage or Light of Hope
  • Teleport – Use this to speed yourself out of a pinch, especially, in boss fights
  • Purify – To clear off all side effects on yourself or a party-mate
  • Interdiction – People call this “block” in general. When the boss fight announces “block” and you are assigned to or can do so, that’s what you use.
  • Mystical Internment – Immobilize a mob for 20s
  • Mana Shield – When you really need it, but, remember that your mana will NOT regen for 8 secs (do not use this when you need to use AoE)
  • Blazing Departure – Times when you don’t want to teleport to the front. Instead, you’d want to move to the back in an instant
    (you can use Frost Nova before this, if, you’ve aggro-ed a big group of mobs, to “root” them down for 3 secs)

In a boss fight, always…

  1. Healing Potion (“pot”)
  2. Healing Scroll (“scroll”)

Especially, those bosses who hit you a ton of hp in one damage, make sure you have more than 75% hp at all times.

After every group AoE, (whilst in a dungeon) stop and use your Magic Bandage.
Don’t worry if the rest goes up ahead after each group AoE, your damage will beat them eventually… slow casting, but big damage.

Bandage up to save up on your pot or scroll, whenever possible.

Eat your Food (at this point of time, the Hearty Cheese Pizza gives the highest energy) and max out your Energy at all times!

Oh yes… always carry a couple of Ally Revival Scroll to ress (ressurect) your team-mates.

Sharing this: L60 Party Dungeon Walk-through Guide
Thought you might want to know.

Enjoy the game… ermm.. yeah… wish it wasn’t so “pay-to-win”-inclined.

❤ Icesabel

Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60 – Closed Beta

— Based on the Closed Beta version – North America server

Updated Notice: I am NOT using this build any more.
My new build is located here.


I’m not going into skills in detail or how the game works and whatnot.
There are a few lying around in the web.
But, I’ll be touching only on the one that I’ve been playing on my sorc reaching level 60 as a fire-built.

That’s pretty much all the skills that I use!

The rotation is simple.
Have 8 on.
1 – 2 – F3 – F4 – 7 – 3 or 4 – 5 – 3

Boss fights would include the rest.

Make sure to have 8 on all the time.

8 – Arcane Focus
I’d prefer this over Arcane Amplification because of the mana regen. But, if you’re into pvp, I’d recommend AA. Not sure how others’ gameplay is, but, I tend to shoot fire non-stop and before I obtained this skill, my mana would deplete quickly and was a waste of time for me to stop once in a while.

Make sure you’re at the max distance from the mob.

1 – Ritual Pyre
Attack + dot. Even way before I had the passive skills to gain more fire marks in the later stages, Ritual Pyre almost always gives me a fire mark

2 – Fireball
The one where you use at level 1! Heh~ Higher base dmg, but, lower dot dmg than RP

F3 and F4 is when I feel that the mob does a high physical hit on me, else, I’d just stand there.
Basically, it’s a combo to immobilize the mob and then jump backwards to safety. Just make sure that your back is empty from another mob’s patrol radius

I’d add in F1 to jump forward in addition to the F3/4, when kiting a boss around

F6 – Mystical Internment
I only use it on bosses, if possible, but, it basically only immobilize and disable the skills.

F7 – Interdiction
I only use it on bosses. Interrupts the mob’s skill cast (yellow bar you see on the mob’s head)

7 – Thermal Retention
Only when Ritual Pyre does not create a fire mark, I have this triggered

3 – Flame Breath
Instant base dmg + knockback + -movement speed. I’d prefer this over 4-Ignition, because it has a 50% chance of ignoring the usage of a fire mark (see my passive)

4 – Ignition
Instant base dmg + additional dmg on a mob with Ritual Pyre. Only when Flame Breath is on CD, that I use this, even if it has a higher dmg than Flame Breath.

5 – Incineration
Instant base dmg (only when the mob is at 30% hp).
The rotation is always between 3, 4 and 5.
You’ll eliminate the need for long cast time.

6 – Phoenix Ring
Ultimate high base dmg. Cool. …

Oh yes…

F5 – Burning Blow
Used as AOE dmg, although it doesn’t do much.

F2 – Infernal Circle
Unless there’s a tank in the team, I feel that it’s a waste of time to use it since it’ll cancel when you move. But, you can use it  all the time if you want.

F8 – Mana Shield
Pretty nice in a boss fight for its -50% received dmg and threat level.


They meld in nicely with the active skills that I’ve selected.
Let’s start from the top left to the right (the circles are passive skills), shall we?

Combustive Salute
Deals 50% dmg after Ritual Pyre ends. Bonus!

Blaze Mark
15% of creating a fire mark on any usage of a fire skill

Pyrotechnic Puncture
Permanent 10% piercing + increase atk equal to 30% of piercing

Fireball +20% dmg on a mob with fireball’s dot

Heat Seeking
Party receives +4% atk for 5 secs when you use a skill that uses a fire mark

Burning Barrier
When your hp is below 50%, a fire shield appears for 6s.  +60% def +80% atk on all targets within 5m radius each time you’re being attacked. + 250 mana regen. Awesome!

Scorching Memento
20% chance of applying SM (receive crit dmg on all dots for 5s) on a mob affected by Ignition or Flame Breath. Yay!

Glowing Ember
50% chance the fire mark will return upon using a fire mark

Thermal Conduction
50% chance of not using a fire mark with a Flame Breath

Smoldering Seed
+6% dmg for 5 s on a mob affected by Flame Breath or Ignition

Yup… that’s it!

❤ Icesabel

Echo of Soul

I’ve been…
Playing Echo of Soul during their Closed Beta (Imidoom server).
Was given the key earlier and decided to give it a try since I had nothing else to play.

Not sure why they set up 3 servers, with which Imidoom is the youngest, when, it’s always “empty”.
Was in a guild, added by a random person, but, other than that, it was as if I was the only one playing in the server.
I rarely see anyone else around whilst doing my quests and whatnot.

Honestly, there isn’t anything special about this game.
As generic as any MMORPG can be.
The weirdest part is that, I had NO TROUBLE in killing bosses that needed to be diced up via a “party” or “co-op” in the open world (not dungeons) by my own.
Neither did anyone of another class complained.
Quests are in abundance and even upon reaching 60, I didn’t even get to finish those from the late 50s.
It’s a beautiful game, although, not as HD gorgeous as Tera or Aion.
However, there are a few repetitive maps, but, that didn’t matter.
Overall, I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Since I was bored afterall.

If you know me… I’m one of those gamers who love going around looking at pretty places. XD
Anyway, I’ll share a bit of my expedition.

I’ll write up a short skill guide that I’ve used on my fire sorceress in another post. 

Here we go… to have lunch before we start.  Nom nom nom~

Made friends with a snowman!
lol~ Somehow, my pet anteater looked retarded. >_<

You can easily take pictures that look pretty as a desktop wallpaper.

Going to the graveyard doesn’t seem so scary… but, the ghouls do look pretty ugly.

Even the world of the dead looks pretty.

Couldn’t help it… you’ve got to see my pet cat dozing off (those bubbles above his head.. lol~)

Another one of those beautiful places… they’ve got fairy lights all over. Gorgeous!

Castles! Lots of them around.

The blue… is… mesmerising!
I’m blue.. da be di da be dai..

Oh yes… my dog.
Doesn’t he look cuddly and cute? ^_^

And of course… reaching the max level for Closed Beta, 60.

❤ Icesabel

DH Passive Skills

Seen a lot of combos of others depending on their gameplay style – patch 2.1.2.
I’d like to share mine since it doesn’t seem to see anyone using it in the forums or in-game.

This does not take in consideration of the bonus passive on your awesome Hellfire Amulet, if it’s not already part of these combos.

Note that these builds are based on Sentry – Polar Station to proc Cull the Weak, unless someone in the team can proc it and you can change it to Sentry – Spitfire Turret, whether you’re using an ice or fire build.

Anyway… cutting to the chase, here are the combos.

  • T6 Rift: Ballistics – Cull the Weak – Awareness – Blood Vengence
    Ice-build Cluster Arrow – Maelstrom. Period.
    Fire-build Multishot – Arsenal. If you don’t have a good gear for an ice-build.
  • Greater Rifts Speed Runs 35+: Ambush – Cull the Weak – Awareness – Blood Vengence
    Fire-build Cluster Arrow – Loaded for Bear (unless your team sucks and none of your team-mates can cluster the mobs together properly, thus, forcing you to use the T6 Rift combo)
    You can use the T6 Rift combo.
  • Greater Rifts Higher Runs 40+: Steady Aim – Cull the Weak – Awareness – Custom Engineering
    Fire-build Cluster Arrow – Loaded for Bear

I actually love Chakram-builds and saw other unpopular builds using Impale for T6 Rifts. But, unless your team is leisurely having a stroll in the park, when there’s a higher level (whether by pubbing or with your own friends), they’ll most probably leave you far behind with your slow kills.

Blood Vengence is underrated – for a speed run.

I used this without a choice initially, because since the patch came out and things changed, I farmed for the Pride’s Fall and got none until today (yes… how unlucky can I be?). In addition to having items without much “reduce all resources”.

Even with a Pride’s Fall/Cindercoat + Reaper Wraps, Blood Vengence is just…. YUMMY!

Blood Vengence: Maximum Hatred increased by 25 + 30 Hatred + 3 Discipline for every health globe.
When you’ve got a good zdps team mate, they’ll drop you health globes non-stop.
Nom nom nom.
Not only do you regain your hatred extremely quickly, you get to tumble non-stop!!!
That’s what a speed run is for.

So, why trade off custom engineering for this?
Custom Engineering is used for giving an extra one sentry, giving you 5 sentries whilst using the Bombardier’s Rucksack and for the sentries not to disappear after a few minutes.
Unless you get to be placed in an open concept map, you need to replant your sentry, especially in tighter alleyways.
Thus, you can skip this.

The bad point is whilst doing the last boss kill.
It’ll be slower, but, still faster overall.

Should you think that your damage is an overkill of some sort, tactical advantage is quite nice to have to move even quicker! Hue hue hue~

Fire-build – speed run.

Ambush is better than Grenadier.
Grenadier’s extra damage isn’t sufficient compared to the rest.
Like the one above, the last boss kill will suffer a little.

Steady Aim is nice too, as long as you can keep a little distance from the mobs as much as possible and with speed runs, you’ll be tumbling quickly (through the mobs). Your choice.

Some people like Archery, giving them a boost of 50% Critical Hit Damage for a crossbow. This depends on your items. If it’s worth the trade-off with the above. But, not worth it if you’re not using a crossbow.
Yeah… not going into detail about x-bow vs bow at all.

Ain’t nobody got time for slow kills. T_T

❤ Icesabel