The Mansion

I LOVE this game!
Just downloaded it this afternoon on my ipad.

The graphics are alright.
Love the music and the storyline is pretty intriguing.

It’s about a toymaker who became famous and rich for his talent of making children happy with the toys that he makes.
Until one day, he disappears together with the mansion that he stays in.
Years later, a girl named Anne stayed nearby the empty land.
Out of nowhere, the mansion appears on a random night.
She then goes on an adventure to find out the truth about the toymaker.
To do so, she has to get to the center of the mansion.
In short, she has to go through a series of puzzles of moving rooms to get to the next room.


It reminded me of my fave game of a few years back, called Psychoban.
I love those puzzles!!



If you love solving puzzles like these, give “The Mansion” a go.
It’s free!
They do sell in-game items to make your life easier on getting to the next room, for example, getting infinite tries on one “map”.
But, come on… work that brain baby… work it!!!
Although, I’d prefer Psychoban’s mind-blowing mind exercises.
But who knows, reaching the last few stages in “The Mansion” might be worth it.


❤ Icesabel