Released over a week ago, Lili is built on Unreal Engine and is one of those beautifully designed graphical games that deserves attention.
Maybe I’m a little biased as I’m a huge fan of awesome pretty graphics.
Tee hee~

Created by (indie games) developers from BitMonster.

It’s an adventure game where you play as the protagonist named Lili on a mysterious island of Geos.
Her main mission is to collect exotic flora, working on her vegi-magical degree, but soon helps the citizens (constructs) who have been bullied by their creators, the Spirits.
The story line isn’t too deep, but it’s just as entertaining, with a pinch of humour.

Making friends.

See the white flower on the left?
These flowers can be exchanged with the NPC to purchase items like a pair of boots with a boost for running speed, potions, etc.
Or even exchange for keys that you can open locked doors with, sometimes, as part of a quest, while others as a bonus for you.

For example, for this quest, after finding the house, it’s locked and you need a key to enter.
You’ll need to exchange a couple of flowers for a key!

Map showing…
Red = spirits
Blue = constructs / NPC

There are also treasures waiting for to be found.

A simple maneuvering game.
Swipes to turn.. tap once to walk.. tap again to stop.. double tap to run.
Your mission would comprise of mainly catching the spirits, mount them and then pick flowers off their backs!
Especially that last (red) exotic flower.

You can then view all the Spirits that you have gone head to head with.

It gets tougher to obtain the flowers as you go along.
Spirits that throw bombs at you, wear armor, runs faster, etc.
That’s when you visit the trainer and upgrade your skills.

Game too easy?
Romp it up from Normal mode to Hardcore mode.

I’d rate this as 3.5/5
Sure, I love the graphics and music.
Mechanically without flaw.
But, it gets boring after a while.
It gets a little… repetitive for an adventure game.
It actually sucks up a lot of my battery after playing for an hour straight too!