Currently free: Guess Who? (Premium Edition)

Have you ever played this before?
‘Cause it was one of my fave board game.

You’d need to play with one other person to guess who your opponent’s card is.
They have many versions and kinds of it.


So, when I saw that the premium version is free on my mobile, I downloaded it.
Yes, they do have a free version as well, but, I’ve never tried it before though.

Here’s the download link for iOS.

It has a few options and choices.
Whether you’d prefer to guess what the game/bot has chosen.
Or you choose a person and the game/bot asks you a series of random questions.
Or a time attack if you’re into stress.. lol.. well, just to see how awesome you are.
Then, start training with another player or even join tournaments.

You start off as a beginner in tutorial and work your way through to unlock the myriad of difficulties.
So, you get a gist of how the game goes if you’re a first timer or if you’re refreshing your mind on how it’s played out.

True to its original version, you get to ask a lists of questions, one by one, turning down the ones that do not suit the answer.

I’m not sure how long it’d be free, so, well, get it while it is. 😛


❤ Icesabel