FlyFF All Stars – Basics

Let’s look at Teams

From the main screen, you’ll be able to view your Team via the button at the top right.

You’ll see all the heroes that you’ve owned.

Let’s take a look at one hero.

Hero Level

*Hero Quest: Reach level 30/50

  • A hero’s first max level is 30
  • But, you’re allowed to level your hero up to 50
  • Heroes gain additional stats as they level

Heroes can be upgraded by sacrificing other heroes.

*Hero Quest: Succeed in hero upgrade
*Daily Quest: Try Hero Upgrade once

  • Higher rarity heroes give additional chance => showing up in the Success Rate %
  • The higher the rarity, the more expensive it is to upgrade


*Hero Quest: Try the Hero Fusion

2 heroes can be fused/merged to get the next tier hero.

  • For example, by fusing two 5-stars heroes, you will get one 6-stars hero
  • Only do so when you have extra heroes to spare

But, these 2 heroes have to be

  1. Both have to be level 30 AND
  2. Both have to be fully upgraded (All the stars have turned yellow)

Make sure that the hero is not in any of your “Team”.
You’re only able to select the Hero after disbanding them from all Teams

Once selected, fuse them.

  • The success rate is 100%
  • Next tier hero is random

Congrats on a new Hero!

Shows the information of the chosen hero.

  • You can view the level progression, how much damage, defence, hp and type of damage/defence the hero has.


  • It is advisable to move forward straight to 4-stars heroes, as soon as you’re able to
  • Thus, if your 1-3-stars heroes are in abundance and has reach the limit of your heroes stash, you can sell these off
  • The selling price depends on the rarity (and how far you’ve upgraded) the hero
  • The hero has to leave the main and arena teams before you can sell it

Active Skill:
Choose between 4 active skills.

  • You can upgrade each skill using Gold every time you level up
  • The active skill can be changed by paying via Diamonds
  • By default, active skills match with that of the heroes, so, you actually do not need to change them unless you’ve invested in on particular skill or based on your preference over one skill

Upgrading your Active Skills

In the main screen, click Active Skill

  • The skill levels are account wide, meaning: if your Heroic Might is level 17, all your Heroes will be using level 17 Heroic Might whether they are 2 stars or 7 stars
  • Upgrading the skill uses up Gold and the higher the level, the more expensive it is
  • Once the level hits the same as your own level, you’ll need to use Diamonds instead

Forge Gears:
You get to roll your gear using Crystals.

*Hero Quest: Forge the Equipments

  • The rarer your hero, the more Crystals are needed
  • If you like one or two of the gear items, you can lock it and re-roll, but, by doing so, you’ll be paying in gold as well. If you do not lock, all unlocked items will be re-rolled

Disband: Removes the hero from the team

Re-Order: Exchanging slot with another hero. Reshuffle your team members as you please.

Let’s look at Friends

List tab
This is where all your friends are located.

If you’ll notice, there are 3 types of heart-shapes.

  • Full heart: The friendship status is mutual.
    This means that both of you have accepted and acknowledged that you’re friends with each other.

  • Left-filled heart: You’ve added the other person.

  • Right-filled heart: The person has added you.

Summon a Comrade Hero

Click on your friend’s name and select Summon.

*Daily Quest: Summon a Comrade Hero 5 times

  • You can use your friend’s Hero to help you level while leveling in a Dungeon or while in a Time Zone.
  • Each person has a limit on the number of units s/he can deploy, thus at times, you might not be able to summon your friend’s hero

Deploy your Hero

Click on your friend’s name and select Deploy.

*Daily Quest: Deploy a Comrade Hero 5 times

  • The friendship needs to be mutual in order to deploy your hero.

PvP with a friend

Click on your friend’s name and select Arena.

  • Arena fights are scored by getting the best out of three, therefore, the winner has to win twice

Visit random players

Click on Visit.

Leave the player’s page

Click on Leave

Add tab

This is where someone adds you first.

  • Notice the “Right-filled heart”
  • Click + to add the person as your mutual friend. After clicking +, the friendship will turn into a “Full Heart”

List tab

This is where all your those who you’ve added via Mobblo

*Hero Quest: Send the social points to friends: 10 times

  • You can give your daily Social Points to these friends
  • Click on the friendship button and the person will receive 5 Social Points from you

Adding friends via Mobblo or FaceBook

In the main screen, click the gear icon

Click on the mobblo button

You can either search via the Facebook icon or the Recommended Friends via mobblo

Receiving Social Points

“Full Heart” Mutual friends can send you Social Points as well.

  • You can receive them via your Mail Box
  • The Mail Box icon is on the top right corner of the screen

What are Social Points for?

*Daily Quest: Try Hero Summon Once

  • Purchase Crystals, Wings and Hero Gacha via the Store

Let’s look at the Maps

Region 1: Flaris

*Hero Quest: Flaris 100% cleared!

Region 2: Flying Castle

*Hero Quest: Flying Castle 100% cleared!

Region 3: Bahara Desert

*Hero Quest: Bahara Desert 100% cleared!

Region 4: Saint Dock

*Hero Quest: Saint Dock 100% cleared!

Region 5: San Press

*Hero Quest: San Press 100% cleared!


From a region (whichever region you choose), click on the yellow circle (whichever level you choose).

  • As long as you’ve cleared a dungeon, you can move forward to the next
  • You can use Boost Items, each costing 500 Gold, to assist you with the dungeon
  • You can select a Comrade Hero, if there is a few in the list, for the dungeon you’re planning to do
    The Comrade Hero can help you in tackling tough stages
  • Entering a dungeon will use up one wing

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master is awarded to the person who has the shortest dungeon completion time.
Thus, other players can replace your spot as the dungeon master, if they beat your total completion time.

  • AoE
    Use characters that have multiple AoE’s that have good radius.
    Collect a few mobs and AoE them at once
  • Attack Damage Boost
    Use the “10% Power Increase” via the Boost Items before you start the dungeon. It will cost you 500 Gold for every dungeon run though
  • Familiarise with the Dungeon
    Try a dungeon a few times. Once you get used to where the mobs’ spawning points are, it’ll be easier for you to aim where to walk to or when to use your special skills (especially AoE)
  • One-shot KO
    If it takes more than a few or even one hit to kill a mob, chances are someone else will be able to
    Crits are crucial as well
  • Ranged Heroes
    They shoot from afar, thus, not needing to walk more
  • Running speed
    Forge your items to get speed-boosting gears
    Use the “10% Movement Speed Increase” via the Boost Items before you start the dungeon. It will cost you 500 Gold for every dungeon run though

There are two conditions to achieve the Dungeon Master title:

  • Clear a dungeon the fastest.
  • Satisfy the hero tier constraints.
    Flaris : Use heroes in tier 3 or less.
    Flying Castle : Use heroes in tier 4 or less.
    Bahara Desert : Use heroes in tier 5 or less.
    Saint Dock : Use heroes in tier 6 or less.
    San Press : Use heroes in tier 7 or less.

One person cannot be a dungeon master at two dungeons at once.
Your previous position as a Dungeon Master will be revoked if you’re the Dungeon Master of a newer dungeon.

Dungeon Reward

Upon completion of a dungeon, you can either select a random reward or a fixed reward

  • Unless, you get a time zone ticket or high rarity hero as the fixed reward, you can select a random reward
  • But, there is a chance of getting nothing or being worse off when choosing a random reward

Timed Zone Ticket > High Rarity Hero > Crystal > Gold > Low Rarity Hero > Nothing


*Daily Quest: Fight in Arena 5 times

  • Arena is where you fight against other players’ heroes.
  • Each match consists of three rounds where whoever wins twice first takes the match.
  • Each Arena has its own rank board and relevant rewards are given to the mighty fighters.
  • There are five Arenas in total which are allocated for each region.
  • Each Arena has the same hero tier level constraints as the Dungeon Master System.
  • The ranking data updates at every noon.

From the Main screen, select Adventure

Select the Map / Arena that you wish to enter

You can see the overall statistics of the particular arena you’re in.

  • Arena Ranking resets at 6pm, every Sunday
  • Shows the number of tickets that you have (it will regen)
  • Your rank = number of Diamonds you will win

Select the 3 Heros you’d like to join the arena

  • For Flaris Arena, only 3* or lower tiered Heros can participate
    For Flying Castle Arena, only 4* or lower tiered Heros can participate
  • You’ll be able to see which Heros you’re allowed to place in that Arena

Before the Arena starts, you’re allowed to see what Heros your opponents have chosen

  • You can change the order of your Heros depending on their order
  • Unless you’re in a lower tier Arena (use all high damage / critical Hero), in a higher level tier Arena
    Healer Opponent vs Your Healer
    Tank Opponent vs Your Critical Damage
    Near Range Opponent vs Your Long Range
    If you have a fully-upgraded high level Near Ranged Hero, go for any combo
  • If your opponent is using all long/near range damage dealers, you’re free to use your strongest damage dealers as the first two = ends faster

As you progress, you’ll get:

  • 3 Social Point
  • Arena Rating based on the level of your opponent

Time Zone

Time Zone is where you can loot Gold, Crystals and Treasure Keys.
A lot of them!

  • You do not gain levels from playing in a Time Zone
  • There are 3 different levels for each Time Zone: Easy, Normal and Hard
  • The higher the level, the better the drops
  • Use Boost Items if you’d like: would recommend the Power Increase and Movement Speed
    For faster kills
  • Although it does not allow you to choose which Comrade Hero (ones you summoned from your friend), it allows you to use all the Heros listed down
  • You can open treasure keys to obtain even more Gold and Crystals

  • The number of tickets are shown at the bottom. Make sure to use them, else, it will stay in your MailBox for 2 days if there are more than the tickets shown
  • Tickets are randomly rewarded in the regular dungeons

Let’s look at how to get resources

Hero Gacha

  • Random winning after clearing a Dungeon
  • Time Zone Key
  • Purchase via the Store using Social Points
    30 Social Points = 1 random 1 to 5 star Hero
  • Purchase via the Store using Diamonds
    30 Diamonds = 1 random 3 to 7 star Hero
    300 Diamonds = 11 random 3 to 7 star Heroes


  • Time Zone & Keys
  • Purchase via the Store using Diamonds
    5000 Gold = 5 Diamonds
    10000 Gold = 10 Diamonds
    20000 Gold = 20 Diamonds
    50000 Gold = 50 Diamonds
    120000 Gold = 100 Diamonds


  • Wait for the timer (top left of the main screen), but, once it reaches the max, it will not reload until you make use of it
  • Some Quests or Events gives you wings
  • Give away your Daily Social Points in the Friends > List
    This will give you back 5 Social Points to your Mail Box
  • Deploy your Hero for a mutual “Full-heart” friend / or if your friend summons your hero
  • Purchase via the Store using Social Points
    1 Wing = 20 Social Points
  • Purchase via the Store using Diamonds
    5 wings = 10 Diamonds
    15 wings = 20 Diamonds
    40 wings = 50 Diamonds
    100 wings = 100 Diamonds

Extensions and Exp Boosts

  • Purchase via the Store using Diamonds
    Increase the Macimum Wing capacity by one = 20 Diamonds
    Increase the Hero Slots by 4 = 30 Diamonds
    30% EXP Boost for 1 hr = 10 Diamonds
    30% EXP Boost for 3 hrs = 20 Diamonds
    30% EXP Boost for 12 hrs = 30 Diamonds
    30% EXP Boost for 1 day = 40 Diamonds
    30% EXP Boost for 3 days = 50 Diamonds


  • Complete Daily Quest
  • Complete some Hero Quests
  • Time Zone & Keys
  • Purchase via the Store using Social Points
    100 Crystals = 20 Social Points
  • Purchase via the Store using Diamonds
    700 Crystals = 10 Diamonds
    1400 Crystals = 20 Diamonds
    3500 Crystals = 50 Diamonds
    7000 Crystals = 100 Diamonds


  • Win in Arena

    For example, in Flaris:
    *Top rankers are excluded from the % rewards
    1st – 200 Diamonds
    2nd – 160 Diamonds
    3rd – 120 Diamonds
    4th to 10th – 80 Diamonds
    11th to 50th – 50 Diamonds
    0% to 5% – 20 Diamonds
    6% to 10% – 10 Diamonds
    11% to 20% – 5 Diamonds
    21% to 40% – 4 Diamonds
    41% to 60% – 3 Diamonds
    61% to 80% – 2 Diamonds
    81% to 100% – 1 Diamond
    There doesn’t seem to be a rule against being a high level and still playing in a lower level Arena.
    Thus, feel free to play in all the Arenas at the same time!
    Max level and upgrade 3 of your best combo Hero and keep it purely for pvp.
    At the end of the week, you might get a handful of diamonds depending on your ranks in all the Arenas you have participated in.
  • Purchase via the Store using IRL Cash
  • Level a hero to 30 and get 5 Diamonds

Will update as I go on.
Apologise in advance, if there are errors… still a newbie… but, hope this helps~

❤ Icesabel


FlyFF All Stars

Found this gem via the iOS app store a while ago…
Ahhh~ How nostalgic (FlyFF, that is)!
Downloaded it and had a go.

Developed by Gala Lab, FLYFF All Stars is a mobile 3D Action RPG where the players form a team of three unique heroes, travel in dungeons, become the Dungeon Master, fight monsters, upgrade and fuse heroes from FLYFF ONLINE, compete in PVP Arena and much more!

The game inherits the characters in the original work while adding something creative.
FlyFF Allstars will be launched on both iOS and Android platforms in mid-December 2014.

To download:

Customer Service / Help Centre:

FlyFF All Stars FAQ

Mobblo Account FAQ

Submit a new help request

Facebook Page:

p.s. If you want to add me: Icesabel

❤ Icesabel