Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Currently playing this game on my iphone and it has been keeping me busy, especially, before falling asleep… hehe~
No no… not in a bad way… >_<
Just one of those stuff that I would do without being at my computer.

Pewdiepie introduced this game in his vlog on his trip to Japan, sponsored by Square Enix and DeNA.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a “free to play” social smartphone game where players participate in memorable battles from the Final Fantasy series, with a cash shop “play to win” scheme.

If you’re a casual mobile-gamer like me, there’s no necessity to spend anything on it, unless, you have some cash to spare.

The English version came out last month, March, but, the game itself has been around in the Japanese version since September 2014.

Available for

The game is pretty straight forward.
With a party of 5 members of your choice (all of the chars are based on the Final Fantasy series)

  • you go through dungeons – classic and elite
  • daily events – monday: elemental orbs (ice, wind, non-ele, holy), tuesday: weapon upgrade materials, wednesday: orbs (black, white, power) and gil (currency), thursday: elemental orbs (fire, dark, earth, light), friday: armor upgrade materials, saturday: gil (currency), sunday: experience
  • other events – obtaining “special characters” like Tifa and Sephiroth
  • upgrade equipment and skills
  • level chars
  • quests
  • collect all the chars from all the series!

❤ Icesabel