Free Steam Games?

I was thinking of doing a giveaway again.
But, actually felt kinda down because there are a lot of companies/online websites which are giving away free steam games.
Some of which are a scam or messes up your personal space, but, if you look in the right places, there are legit ones.

I pull out of my own cash stash to give away the games…
Whilst these people/companies get something in return (profit in some ways).
Not that I want any.
It just makes me feel that I might as well don’t do any because there are already a number of them out there.

Oh well…

</3 Icesabel


GIVEAWAY: A few Steam games

*face palm*

Seriously.. I’ve forgotten all about this for MONTHS!
Since end of last year to be exact.
I haven’t been to my Steam account and *poof* goes my memory on this.

How to join and win the game that you want?
Same as the other giveaways that I’ve done.

  1. All you’ll need to do is write something about why you would love to own that game.
  2. One game per person.
  3. It’s pretty obvious that a one liner like “’cause I like it” won’t do justice. >_<
  4. Do not display your email address, but, fill it in the comment form.
  5. I’ll leave this open until 25th May. But if it gets too overwhelming, I’ll let it go earlier.
  6. Of course, make sure that you have a Steam account so that I can transfer the game.
  7. Adding one more!!!: If I do not get a reply within a week, I’m giving it to the next person in line.


Since a few of the games are already “outdated”, I’ve added in a few new ones.
Here’s the list:

  1. Bioshock Triple Pack – Already received by David Goody
    (BioShock Infinite, BioShock® 2, BioShock™)
  2. Blade Symphony – Already received by gatser
  3. CounterStrike Complete – Already received by Ggemmett
    (Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source)
  4. Deponia – Still open for an entry
  5. Far Cry 3 – Already received by Shiroyasha
  6. Outlast: Whistleblower DLC – Already received by Zephyraine
    (This is a DLC. Requires the base game Outlast on Steam in order to play!!! So make sure you have that beforehand)
  7. Payday 2 – Already received by PayDay 2
  8. The Stanley Parable – Already received by fugo


❤ Icesabel

GIVEAWAY: Any game(s) that you choose

How are ALL the gamers doing?
It’s been so long since I did a giveaway, so, *drum rolls*… here’s comes one!

Alright, here are the rules.

  1. You are FREE to choose one or even more games from Steam OR Blizzard OR SQUARE ENIX OR any other games, as long as they TOTAL up to USD50.00.
  2. Please make sure that wherever you choose your prize to come from, it should be easy for me to gift it to you. Do check it out before choosing, thanks!
  3. To be fair, the price will only be based on the dates that I’ve chosen (this will only apply to Steam games). If there’s a sale at the time you left the comment, but, it went back to its original price on the day I chose your comment, then, I’ll ask you again on which ones you’d rather prefer from the list that you’ve given. If the price drops on those dates, you’re allowed to choose a couple more until you’ve reached the price mark.
  4. BUT, I’ll make an exception on the chance to win a USD59.99 game such as Arma 3, Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™,  BioShock Infinite, Call of Duty®: Ghosts, Wasteland 2 and many more (this price will only apply to one Steam game).
  5. All you’ll need to do is write something about why you would love to own that/those game(s).
  6. Remember that comments that has nothing to do with gaming will not be accepted. Feel free to geek/gamer talk.
  7. The best answer would be based on which seems to be the most interesting, intriguing or even something that seems so genuine that I know you’ve been eyeing it for a looooooooong time…. blah… in short, anything that’s really awesome! ❤
  8. Upon saying that, it’s pretty obvious that a one liner like “’cause I like it” won’t do justice. >_<
  9. One entry per person. Do leave your email (one that you will, at the very least, check during the results week, because, based on previous giveaways, some people take more than a week before replying me!) when you create the comment so that I am able to contact you (It’s advisable not to display it in the comment itself).
  10. You can start dropping a comment from today onwards.
  11. I will choose one winner on the 23rd, 25th and 27th.
  12. I’ll be giving a consolation game to one person on the 22nd25th and 28th of December each and two people on the 24th and 28th of December
  13. Please take note that I’ll be following my time zone, which is GMT+8. Meaning that, if you’re living at the other side of the world, the email might reach you on the 22nd.. etc.
  14. Which also means that the last entry that will still be accepted would be on the night of the 26th (my time zone), since I’ll be choosing the last one on the 27th.
  15. If you do not reply to me in 2 days (for example, if I’ve sent you an email for the 23rd Dec’s, you would have to reply to me by the 25th), your prize will be forfeited and I’ll choose another winner to replace you, so, that I’m able to give away the last one before the end of the year!

All the best!!!

WINNERS Results Link


❤ Icesabel

Giveaway: Strife Closed Beta Keys – ENDED 19 OCT!

Please do take note that this has already been CLOSED since 19th October!!!!!!!
I’m in no way afflicted with them and it’s not as though I can freely get keys at any point in time, so, I’d appreciate if you can understand this.
Please do not spam with comments and your emails as this isn’t an advert site for you to do so (I do not see why I should approve those).
I’m sure S2 Games will be more than happy to have you as their customer and a Strife-player in the future, so, please be patient.

Strife’s Official Website

Strife’s Official Forum Thread

Strife is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by S2 Games.
This is S2 Games’ second MOBA game aimed for more casual player base than Heroes of Newerth.
Most notably incorporating various gameplay elements that focus on heavily reducing player toxicity and introducing persistent mechanics outside of the arena, including Pets and Crafting.

Review from Joystiq’s Massively

Review from Polygon

Sorry… can’t talk much about it ’cause I don’t like playing MOBA games. ♪(┌・。・)┌
But, that doesn’t mean that I’ll shut myself off from sharing something with you. ❤


If you’re a MOBA fan or just wants to try your hands on it, all you’ll need to do is tell me…

Why do you love MOBA games?
Which aspect about it do you enjoy?
Feel free to elaborate!!!

Any MOBA game that you’ve tried!
DOTA (2), League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Bloodline Champions, Primeworld, etc, take your pick.
Or talk about them in general.

Hehe.. no one liners kind of comments.. it’ll just reflect on how much you “love” it.


If you’ve never played a MOBA game, then, tell me…

What makes you want to try out Strife?
Why did you not ever tried playing (at the very least) a free-to-play MOBA game available out there? *just curious :P*
Feel free to rant on!!

Keeping in mind that Strife is also aimed for those who are just starting to thread into the MOBA genre.
I won’t discriminate.

The top best comments will receive a key.
At this point, I’m giving away 5 keys, as I would like to share the rest of the keys to my irl gaming friends.
But, should I be able to get more, I’ll update on this.

I do not know when the CBT will start though.
So, I’ll keep this open for 2 weeks.
Thus, the closing date will be 19th October 2013!


Update: 10th October 2013
Hi gamers ❤
I’ll be changing this from 4 weeks down to 2 weeks, as it seemed too long a time frame.
Also, I’ll be adding 4 more keys, so, there will now be 9 keys to be given away.

Good luck!

Also, if you don’t already know, the team is still going on their tour in giving away free beta keys in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia!


Update: 19th October 2013
Hi gamers ❤
Here are the winners!
Денис Мастеров
Andre Paul
John Sosmeña

It was tough to bring it down to this as there were a lot of good comments!!!
Truly… thank you ALL for joining!


❤ Icesabel

Giveaway: Doorways

I don’t know about you, but, I’m finding this horror game trend is picking up.

Doorways is a survival horror game in which nothing is what it seems.
With diverse enigmas, changing gameplay and the scariest environments, you will have to overcome your fears if you want to get to the end and discover the truth.
You’ll visit terrifying places, but… How did you get there?
Everything is diffuse.
What’s real?
What kind of nightmare is this that can hurt you or even kill you?
Why do you remember things you never lived?
Will you unveil the different mysteries while your deepest fears lurk upon you?
Will you step through the gates without knowing where they lead to?
In Doorways, every threshold will get you to a different world.
Doorways will scare you with the shocks and deep psychological fears that you would expect from these types of games, while testing your tolerance to horror and your capacity to solve problems under pressure.
Do you think you have what it takes to survive?

– General Info –

Release Date: September 21, 2013
Developer: Saibot Studios
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Survival-Horror
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Doorways has just came out and… guess what????
I’ll be giving away… not one… but, two of these!
Hmmm… if there’s even anyone who wants it in the first place… bwahahahaha~  “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

This time, I’ll be choosing the winners in only ONE week’s time.
Therefore, the last entry has to be in before 30th September.

All you’ll have to do is answer one simple question.

“What are you scared of?”
Go ahead and explain why, what, how and whatnot.

Those who have joined in the first giveaway is free to join again.

Please fill in your email address so that I can message you.
If you do not wish to place your email address, then, do make sure to check on the update on the stipulated date, else, your winning will be forfeited and passed to someone else the next day.
AND do make sure that you’ve already owned a steam account to transfer it to you later!

All the best!


❤ Icesabel

Giveaway: Outlast


Outlast tells the story of a reporter who gets a tip from an anonymous informant that something fishy is going on at a mountain asylum.
The reporter goes there to investigate, but when he arrives he realizes that all hell has broken loose already.

“He figures it’s probably a good idea to just leave, but it’s already too late and he’s trapped inside,” Philippe Morin (Game & Level Design of Red Barrel) said.
“So he’s got to find a way out and at the same time investigate and see what’s behind those experiments, who’s behind those experiments, what’s been going on with the patients.”

The backstory is drawn from the real MKUltra experiments conducted by the CIA in the 50s, 60s and 70s in the U.S. and Canada.
Those experiments, which are still shrouded in secrecy and that some think, to this day, dealt with drug use, torture and some form of mind control.

“He’s trying to get out, that’s always the main goal,” Morin said.
“We leave it up to the players to decide how much investigation they want to do. They can pick up papers and it will be added to the journal as backstory.”

Looks like the old Buffalo Psych Center.

— General Info —

Release Date: September 4, 2013
Developer: Red Barrels
Genre: Survival-Horror
Platform: PC

Warning: (as stated by Red Barrel)
Outlast contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong language. Please enjoy.

It’s a first person game, but, without the ability to combat!
A stealth horror where you’d have to do a lot of creeping around.

Alright peeps…
I’ve given away beta keys, but, not a paid full game before, so, this is the first!!!

Wish to own a free Outlast game?

If you’re a fan of the horror genre and wish to enjoy this insane trip through the Asylum, leave a comment below and depict the scariest game you’ve played.
For example.. how and why it scared you.. bla bla bla.. XD

I’ll be choosing one winner on Sept 6th (in two weeks time).
Oh yes… please fill in your email address so that I can message you AND do make sure that you’ve already owned a steam account to transfer it to you later!

All the best!


UPDATE 6th Sept 2013!!!!

Oh my gosh… I didn’t know that it would be this tough to select only one winner.
I wish I could give away to everyone, but, alas… >_<
Although, I did give away a game to each participant midway!!!

Anyway, I had to read and re-read the comments. O.o
I had it cut down to 3, but, still couldn’t make up my mind.
But, finally… I choose CRISTOPHERHSOUTH!

I’ll be getting in touch with you in a while.


Thank you all for joining in!! ❤
There’ll always be a new game coming up.
So, I’ll be having these kind of giveaways again.

How, often?
I’m not sure yet… we’ll see how it goes.. ya? ^_^


❤ Icesabel