Payday 2

If you’re one of them who used to (or still do ^_^) dream or love playing robbers and cops, welcome to the club.
Payday 2 is the closest to making that fantasy into reality.
Except that, we aren’t the good guys.
Oooohhh yeah~

Jumping straight in to (matchmaking system) and you’ll find an abundance of jobs for like-minded people to group up with.
The interactive digital map will update with newly created maps or empty-slotted jobs every few seconds.

It’ll show the name of the creator of a mission and the number of players who has joined his/her game.
Anyone is able to join that game whether you’re level 50 or level 5 and it’s pretty easy and seamless to join/drop out of a mission whenever you wish to.
Unless, you set a “reputation limit” which comes in 10s, based on your level.
For example, you can set a reputation limit of 0 or 10 or 20 if you’re level 26.
When you decide to put “10” as the limit, only those who have a reputation of 10 and above is able to join the game.

You’ll be able to view the job name, risk, difficulty, rewards and objectives after selecting a particular contract (mission).

You can create your own mission and have the freedom to place it out in “public”, or lock it down to “friends only” or “private” if you and your friends wish to play in your own team without worrying of any random pub joining in.
But, be wary that the AI that fills in the empty slots will not be able to fulfil objectives.
Although, they will help you up when you’re down (well, not always), but, they will not fix a drill, carry bags, pick locks, etc.

Thus, this was made as a co-op game with no excuse for you for not playing with your friends or random pub.

Most of the time, those who think that they’d want to be the hero of the team, running far off from the team usually gets into custody and given a 2mins time out for them to rethink of their selfish actions.
You’d better not be one of those annoying people!
None of us will save your ass for doing something as dumb as running out in the open with a mob of swat team ready to KO you in seconds without any good reason to do so.

Feel free to use a variety of weapons and masks which can be modified/upgraded and equipments based on your skills before starting the mission.
These can be obtained from rewards and random loot after each successful mission.

The level of difficulty of a mission varies from Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Overkill.
Plus, an even higher reward for a Pro Job (should your team fail, you will be unable to re-do the mission)
Of course, the higher the difficulty, the more your experience and cash will be.
The objectives might change as you go through a mission as you get into tougher jobs that are more complex.

More players = better rewards


You don’t necessarily need all the different 4 types to form your team, but, the right combination will save time and energy of each mission.
Getting in “quietly”, not tripping the alarm or even finishing the quest before the police even arrives.
Each player is able to choose any of the 4 customizable skill trees and you are able to re-spec at any point in time for fee.

Mastermind: recruiting more random AI and acts as a medic
Enforcer: carry bags easily and supplies extra ammo
Technician: either into sentry guns or mines and specializes in drilling
Ghost: lock-picking and stealths around

Mix around with the combo of Ammo Bag, Doctor Bag, ECM Jammer, Sentry Gun and Trip Mine.

I didn’t try Payday (1st version), so, I’m not able to compare between the two.
I was lost in the dark when I first tried this and initially thought it was difficult.
But, with good team-play, co-ordination, either be stealthy or go on a shooting rampage and the fun of screaming at each other to quickly meet up at a location or getting in the van, it hits the spot.

Anyone else up for a Payday 2 co-op mission?




❤ Icesabel