Heroes of the Storm… boo~

Having to play 15 games of it just to get Oni-chan’s (Overwatch Genji) skin was just pure evil. 😭

I hate moba. Killing me softly with each game. 😵

lol… I rarely play Genji, but, enjoy collecting skins. 😅
</3 Icesabel


Overwatch Mercy Guide

This will be based on my experience, so, don’t shoot me down if, it isn’t good enough.

The first few bits to know:

  • 50% hp heal
  • 30% dmg boost
  • Single target healer
  • Dive towards your team-mate (quickly move around) = L-Shift
  • Hold jump = slow fall
  • 15m radius of resurrection
  • Feel free to turn 360 degrees. Your beam will stay with the same person until your cursor points to another member.
  • Beams can stack up with multiple Mercy. The heals/dmg boosts will add up to that single target.

Your job is “simple”. Keep everyone’s health as high as possible and STAY ALIVE.


Where do I stand?:

  • Safe
    • Be very aware of your surroundings.
    • There are countless back-stabs, teleported soloist and even jump-ins from above.
    • Hide and stay back (But, beware of back-stabs. As long as you have your beam on, attackers can see where you are and they will take you down first when the situation permits – because they want to eliminate the heals and resurrection asap).
    • Get close behind, but, do not get too close (attackers love to ulti a team in a very tight-knitted group or straight line). Once you’ve captured a point, disperse.
    • Try not to walk in a straight line… bunny jump right and left randomly. It might save your life when someone tries to back-stab you and they can’t “catch” your predictive movement.
    • Be on the move.
  • Where you’re able to toggle your guardian angel to heal between members in your line of sight. Not in the line of fire, if, you can avoid it.
  • If your tank is at the front with a shield, stay back nearby, but, not too near, in case his shield goes down and you get shot first.
  • Especially when someone does an ulti, get ready to run away (always listen with your headphones/speakers on, you’ll eventually learn the different sounds of who does an ulti).
    • If your team-mates somehow get wiped because of that, you can always run/jump back to ress them (if, your ulti is up). It is NOT worth the hold on the point or move the payload when you hear your attacker do an ulti. Run away and run back quickly. Your spawning point is probably way further than where you’re running away to.
  • The guardian angel IS your guardian angel.
    • When you’re in a pinch and the members in front does die and you’re left alone with more than 1 attacker, find a place to hide/run and use your guardian angel as soon as you see a member running towards you. You’ll jump to safer grounds quicker.


How often do I toggle between heals and dmg boost? Who do I heal first?

  • Be on the lookout on the health of the members. If they’re in direct line of sight and obviously being ferociously having their hp drained, use heal. If you know that they can handle the situation, dmg boost them.
  • Do not heal one person to full health, should there be a lot of injuries incurred by nearly everyone in the team.
    • Spread out the heals or whoever is nearest, first. It’s better to have 4 people to damage than just one heal on tank, unless, s/he needs it more first.
    • Remember that some chars are able to self-heal, but, you can try prioritizing damage-based chars, whenever possible, aka Bastion, Junkrat, McCree, Pharah and Soldier 76.
    • Chars with self-heal: Bastion, Lucio, Mei, Reaper (after he kills someone), RoadHog, Soldier 76, Tracer, Winston (only when in Primal Rage mode) and Zenyatta.
  • Full health to all, should they be in a “safe” situation and start dmg boosting.
  • If everyone else is fine, but, one person is under fire.
    • Go for it, only IF, s/he is not notoriously very far away from the main team. DO NOT go into suicide mode just for one person, unless, everyone else is dead. Even if everyone else is dead, unless he’s on the point, leave him be and wait for the rest of your team. You don’t need to run all the way back for a suicide player.
    • The healer’s rule stays the same in every game… we will not entertain soloist, who think better of themselves than to be part of the team (unless, your team has worked out a strategy to lure the attackers to another side, while you back-stab on another side aka a distraction… that’s still a “suicide strategy”).
  • If there’s someone at the top, move a couple of steps to the back to use guardian angel, but, be aware of attackers who might lurk behind you, as you move.
    • They can save you as well, if you’re being attacked on lower grounds!


Can I keep my beam on 24/7? (“toggle beam connection” is “on” in the settings.)

  • It’s up to your game play. As long as no attackers have hit you and their widowmaker has not put up infra-sight, you will not be detected, unless, your beam can be seen. Back off and you can ress the rest of the team after it’s safe and within the time limit — 10 seconds!
    • No, if you’re unable to quickly toggle to your pistol.
    • Yes, if you can quickly switch to your pistol when that time comes, so, the beam will be “switched off”.


When do I resurrect?

  • There isn’t really a priotising rule…. but…
  • When the tank dies
  • When more than 1 person is dead (and you know that there won’t be a gang-bang anytime soon).
  • Mercy’s ress is charged very quickly as you heal a lot, but, be strategic about it. If you feel that the attackers will gang-bang in the next wave, save it.
  • In a situation where a wipe has occurred and the whole enemy battalion is in front of you.
    • Stay safe, but, quickly L-shift on the best “middle person” in a best-case scenario radius to resurrect all. You might die, but, trust that they will do their best to hold back as a team, even without your heals as you run back (especially from a far spawning point). This is needed to defend a point, especially.
  • See the resurrect indicator of who many members you can ress at that location. If you have a few more seconds to spare, try moving right and left to ress the most number of members.
  • Depending on the team, some people say that it’s not a good idea to ress at a place where a wipe was done. I’d say, use your intuition. If most of the attackers have already made use of their ulti at one go and your members haven’t used theirs, they might be just as vulnerable.


Can I take health-packs?

  • No, your hp will regenerate 2-3 secs after you’re out of combat. Just find a temporary hideout and let yourself regen before heading out to heal others. Remember, you’re needed to ress, especially when the spawning point is far away.
  • Unless, in dire need and for some reason, your team-mates aren’t around.


When can I use my pistol?

  • When you’re, somehow, in a 1v1 situation. It is very strong. Just keep your cool and bunny jump around and shoot. This is the time to remember health-pack spots and jump backwards while shooting towards it.
  • When you’re behind Reinhardt, an irritating turrent is shooting your way and no one else seems to be helping in destroying it. Go ahead and shoot the turrent from behind, since s/he’s stationary and Reinhardt has a shield on the both of you. But, be quick to toggle between your healing to the tank.
  • If you’re skilled enough and ONLY when your members are able to hold up, you can use the pistol to join in the fight. But, boosting them is your priority, especially when someone is going on ulti mode (not all chars will benefit from dmg boost on ulti though).



Random pubbers won’t always coordinate or play well in a team, nor know how to shuffle around in certain maps. Everyone understands that.

But, when you’re supposed to defend… they’d better defend and not go too aggro and not being able to hold ground!

Keep practicing. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love Mercy and everyone loves a good Mercy. ❤

p.s. There are a few maps and mode (attack vs defend) where you shouldn’t use Mercy though and should alternate to Lucio, as the healer/defender, should the team choose not to go full aggro. No ress, but, your ulti and knock-backs are crucial at the right time!


❤ Icesabel

Return to LIFE!

Sometimes I wonder how I play… +_+
Do you know how many pro players are there in OW?
Here are snippets of my support playing.

Player of the game… a while ago!!

Mercy resurrecting 4 players.

In this game, 12 to be exact.

3 players while getting a spot.


Honestly, he heals ways more than my Mercy.
The only thing he can’t do is ress. O.o

❤ Icesabel

Overwatch Mercy


Yessssss… I was finally “lured” in to the game after so long.
The “we are short of healers” thingy.
My hubby bought it for me before the game was released, but, sold it off to someone weeks after the release because I refused to play.
So, I had to buy on my own afterwards.

Was wondering how a healer can be a Player of the Game and… boom!
2 alternate games in a row.
A resurrection of more than 3 players.
Extremely rewarding to play Mercy and Lucio (Cute golden Lucio skin).
Hate it when playing with people who does their own thing (without a sense of team play and overview of the map).
Well, that’s the life of a healer… same old… same old.


By the way… I ain’t no angel (Mercy’s devil skin).


The song below is MY JAM!


❤ Icesabel

Wow.. weee…. such excitement~

The game between Cloud9 and FNATIC kept me at the edge of my seat, in the semis!
Awesome game!
fnatic caught up to the score of Cloud9 and they went into overtime…
But, they stayed on par until the very end, with Cloud9 at 20 and fnatic at 19.
Ended with Olofmeister being the last man standing, who couldn’t contain the last 2 Cloud9 players, as Skadoodle managed to defuse the bomb to clench the win.

Unfortunately, they lost to TeamSoloMid in the finals, with a score of 16-2.

More info:
DreamHack and FACEIT together with, Razer, EIZO HyperX, Monster Energy, Intel, Alienware & Vulcun presents DreamHack Open Valencia 2015 where 8 teams fights for their share of the 150.000$ prize pool!

DreamHack Open Valencia will function as the live finals for the live finals event for the league FACEIT League Stage 2, which will mean that instead of teams earning their slot at DreamHack Valencia to compete in CS:GO through direct invitations, online qualification and BYOC qualification, the teams from the FACEIT League will serve as the 8 teams participating at DreamHack Valencia!

❤ Icesabel


Excited upon hearing the news on this FPS game by Blizzard!!!!

5 of the 12 heroes of Overwatch aka the ladies.. >_<


Role: Support

Real Name: Angela Ziegler
Age: 34
Occupation: Field Medic, First Responder
Base of Operations: Zurich, Switzerland
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)


Role: Offence

Real Name: Fareeha Amari
Age: 32
Occupation: Security Chief
Base of Operations: Giza, Egypt
Affiliation: Felix Security International


Role: Support

Real Name: Satya Vaswani
Age: 28
Occupation: Architect
Base of Operations: Utopaea, India
Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation


Role: Offence

Real Name: Lena Oxton
Age: 26
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: London, England
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)


Role: Defence

Real Name: Amelie Lacroix
Age: 33
Occupation: Assassin
Base of Operations: Annecy, France
Affiliation: Talon


❤ Icesabel