I’m a gamer not because I don’t have a life



I made my own characters compilation image months ago.



I’ve been asked many times.
Why do I play so many of them?
Why do I game-hop?

There are no hard rules stating that you’d have to just play some games or stick to one genre.
I have a short attention span and I get bored easily.
Once I’ve reached a certain goal in a game… whatever it may be for that particular game… I move on.
Life is too short to play too little games.
(Life is too short to play any game… for some)
But, you wouldn’t know the reasons for me gaming.
When you’ve walked in my shoes, will you be able to judge.



Anyway, always remember… everything in moderation.
UNLESS… something catches my fancy and I start getting a gaming addiction all over again… lol~ =X

Happy gaming everyone!


Action-rhythm video game

Was bored playing CS:S yesterday but had a little craving for some action-rhythm.
Googled for a new one but nothing nice came up.

So I decided to play O2Jam on my iphone.
I downloaded it a long time ago but stopped playing because it only had 10 songs in it.. the app just came out after all.
Wow.. there were a handful of songs to try from!



(Picture does not belong to me)
Used to be a huge fan of DJ Max on the PSP.
Got a pink PSP for my birthday in the mid 2000 and that’s where it stemmed my addiction for DJMax.
I have all that’s in the picture.. except for Hot Tunes.. sorry.. I’m too lazy to take a picture of my own collection.
Even have the DJ Max Trilogy as shown above.. which is played on the pc.
I played Tap Sonic on the android last year, before I changed my beloved HTC for an iphone (early this year).
Which wasn’t as nice actually.



But during the same time as playing DJ Max, I was also into O2Jam on the pc.
It was way more fun as you could VS with 7 other players online.
And of course.. co-op modes.
Argh… I miss it soooooo much!



Not sure how others learn to play this game genre but mine was more of consistency.
The more I play, the better I get…. kinda thing.
The very first few months of training consisted of playing tough and faster higher level songs.
Sure, it’ll “game over” more often but once you step down a notch, it’ll be pretty easy to play.
What I love about this game?
It stimulates your right and left brain.. ok.. only when you play the very high level songs! Tee hee~
The one on the iphone has a max of 5 buttons.. not sure if there’s a 6th button setting but I know I can’t find that.
DJ Max had a max of 8 buttons! Awesome stuff~ Very challenging. Loved it!
Plus, I love the songs they put in there!



Talking about songs, I played Bach’s Toccata on the ios DJ Max.
Was so touched by the music.
Must’ve forgotten how great classical music is.
Youtube-d the song and found this.



Yes, I was a flutist during my teens.
So.. this vid attracted me to it.
But, hands down.. he has just pwned me and probably a lot of flutist I’ve heard or known upside down.
His playing is just too awesome.
I was speechless~
Made me want to play the flute again.

Self-taught myself to play the keyboard when I was 9 or so (no.. NOT your mouse and keyboard on the pc ;…; )
I found it in the store room at my grandparent’s house (I was staying with them during my youth).
Asked them about it but they would only say I could play it, not sure who owned it before that.
Spent years composing my own songs as back then, I couldn’t get my hands on music scores and whatnot.
Can’t remember if I ever mentioned in this blog that I did have a tough youth life.
In short.. not enough money.
Anyway.. so, yup.. I can only play 2 instruments.
Ok.. not including my voice.. I was in the choir for a couple of years after all.

It does seem kinda geeky to be in the choir and military band but it was really great.
Joined so many competitions.
Flew to places and lots and lots of performances!



Time to start phase 2 of cleaning my room!