From the developers of Cytus, comes another action-rhythm video game smartphone app called Deemo!

I’m a HUGE fan of O2Jam (pc), DJ Max (psp) and Tap Tap Series (ios)!!!!
So, when I was surfing through the new game selections and saw this, I bought it.

There’s a sweet story of a cute anime-ish girl who fell into a pianist’s castle…
A tree that grows on the pianist’s piano everytime he plays on it…
Cloudy memories of the girl’s past until you start playing the songs….
They start to grow close together and become besties…
Not sure what else comes after that.

The music is just… BEAUTIFULLY DONE!
Love it!!!

The game-play is simple.
The notes will drop down like bars and you’d only need to do 2 things, tapping and swiping.
Accuracy is tracked on and new songs and levels will be unlocked depending on how well you fare.
Unlike the other rhythm games that I used to play, there is no stated of “2, 4, 6, 8, 10 buttons”.
Depending on the level of the song, it will just become up to “6 buttons”.

There isn’t much going on other than the dropping bars.
Other rhythm games would have gorgeous moving backgrounds and whatnot.
You’d still get to choose the speed of how fast you’d want the bars to drop.
But, there isn’t a choice in different designs of the bars or getting special moves or bonus for doing a straight xx combo.

At US$1.99, it’s pretty affordable, but, you get a choice of buying additional song books with more songs at US$4.99 per book collection.
But, supposedly, you’re able to unlock 28 songs from the original collection itself.

This one is a keeper. ❤


❤ Icesabel