Recycled Glass


Drinking glass…. humans.
When something strong (problems) comes along and you’ve taken too much or hits you very hard, you can break.
You can only hold so much and then, everything overflows.
When the load placed on top of you becomes too heavy, you may break.
But, when you’re stacked correctly with other glasses (the love of others around you), everyone can become stronger, hold more.. push on further.. farther than the usual limit.
You can fill anything within you; Good stuff… bad stuff… (choices that you make, paths that you take, what you say and do).
Change yourself… Get influenced by others around.. When all the glasses around you have gorgeous motifs and you’re the only plain glass.
Do you start wishing to be like the rest?
Or when other glasses are filled with poison and you’re only filled with plain water.
Everyone else thinks that they’re fine, but, you’re weird and different.
How’d you or they to know who’s right, when the view has been skewed?
The rest are kept in a nice glass cupboard for viewing, as, they’re too beautiful and expensive to be used and you… this poor cheap glass is always being used.
Always washed and reused, whilst, they sit there looking pretty and get cleaned once every 6 months.
How’s one to say which has more worth?
By the cost? By the usage? Which is more useful to society and/or yourself? To be sold afterwards, as an investment? Just to look pretty… a background wallpaper?

When you do break down and in time to come, decide to start again (pull yourself together and stand up again), the glass has just been recycled into a new drinking glass. ❤

(Select speed 1.25)… posting this song, because, it was the inspiration for the write-up. XD

❤ Icesabel


In your shoes


Introverted as I was, since I was young, I would watch and listen to others.
Whether a stranger or someone I knew.
Unknowingly, I would see the world through someone else’s eyes.
The reality of someone else’s story.
It’s not always simple though.
A hidden backstory may be kept at the back, making it harder to see the whole picture.
But, mainly grasping the situation of others, even without meaning to do so.
That was partly how I learned about quite a bit about the reality of life.
Without needing to go through what they went through.

Understanding someone, who has an entirely different perspective than yours takes an open mind.
The very fact that a lot of things in life can’t even be defined or is subjective makes it pretty imperative… well, for some.

It does not equate to when they understand a situation or someone, that they will be one to be compassionate or rather, would prefer not to deal with it.
Some would just turn away, even when they’ve been there themselves.
All they give out is an aura of pity and turn the other cheek.

What about jumping to conclusions?
When you think that you’ve understood, your deduction is quite the opposite.

Understanding someone is an understatement.
It holds a lot more than one might think it to be.


❤ Icesabel

Judge me from the outside

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Contrast

There is a stark contrast between how I look and who I am.
Being a petite, under-weight, quiet (most of the time), girlish and bimbo-ish-looking girl…
It’s easy for one to jump to conclusions, on matters, such as…
Being physically weak, easy to bully, not so knowledgeable, etc.
Unlike most people who find it insulting (Well, I actually used to find that depressing, when I was way younger)…
The more I become excited over that fact.
Because, people would then bring their guard down… a lot.
At times, I do feel guilty, when I make fun of people in return.

I don’t look the part.

It’s… fun.
Because people who don’t know what I do as a living, won’t ask me to fix stuff during my free-time (I need my relax and me-time). They ask my hubby instead.
Because when they piss me off and think of me as a downgraded noob, I’ll ask questions or talk in a higher-level IT techie language (only when I feel sarcastic, though) that they become dumbfounded and decide to forward it on to the next level.
Because I get to laugh (on the inside) when I hear funny noobish or techie stuff or jokes from people… even when my hubby is the one who’s the nubcake. The times when I don’t say anything in return and make you feel like a “king”, but, chuckle non-stop silently.
Well, just to watch the world burnnnnnnnn~
Since, they don’t see me as an equal.
Wouldn’t blame them, anyway.
If I saw myself, I would’ve judge the same way, if I didn’t get to know me.

If only I could talk to my younger self and tell her to always laugh it all off.


❤ icesabel

Silent Voice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Voice

Although, I do talk about it in my blog and mention bits and pieces of it to some people…
Doubt that I really voice out externally.

I have never thought of being or wanting to be someone who would advocate or be a spokesperson, of any sort, to stand on my beliefs.
But, it doesn’t mean that, I wouldn’t stand firmly by it.
Just did it in a silent voice.

All I ever really wanted, as I grew older, was to do what I wanted to.
It helped that there were a lot of barriers that stopped me, caused me to fall, cry, hurt myself, stand up, find another way, to think for myself… essentially, because, I wanted to… I choose to.
Sometimes, I hate it when I open up too much, but, if someone does need that advice, based on an experience (I don’t know a lot, since my life path is different to others), I wouldn’t mind sharing… everything that comes after that belongs to the other individual’s choice.
That, in itself, is my silent voice.

My conscience… a silent voice.
One with a handful of choices.
Asking me what I would, eventually, prefer to select.

It wasn’t like so, back in my younger years of teens and 20s.
The war in my head…
There were different voices trying to drown one another.
Trying to make sense, all at once and having to start from the beginning again and again.
Foolish youth, who didn’t realise that, I’d only need God’s words.
That silent Voice.

The angst all around (from right in the neighborhood to around the world), trying to bring others down with them.
People filled with jealousy, anger, confusion…
Bluntly blaming a group, sect, etc and suddenly, it becomes my fault, somehow, because I stand for something.
Everyone does, even if you think you’re not part of any “group” in society.
For those confused people, I mean by rich/poor, religious/atheist, vegan/omnivores, pc/console, white/black/yellow/brown/whatever purple/pink/green skin colour you want to be, male/female, etc.
Hold it there people… we’re all going to fight for our own causes, in a fair manner in an unjust reality mode, but, we’re not going to stupidly fight amongst each other, when the real wolf is laughing at the back, smart enough to not being mentioned in any clause.
The victims are fighting with other victims.
The people who don’t use violence.
Those silent voices.

What is this silent voice?
Anything you deem it to be.
More so, brought to life by actions.


❤ Icesabel


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

Hey… I zone out pretty much over a lot of things.
Although, I actually do have a fave time to do so.

I love walking.
Whilst the people I know/around me are taking a transport or tires easily.
I walk… and walk… and walk.
The mini “exercise” gives me time to think and feel freely.
I’m that person who’s oblivious to her surroundings when she walks.
A friend can walk past right in front of my eyes, but, I can’t see them.
Of course, not literally.
I see people around me, obviously.
But, I don’t exactly see individuals.
Rather, I see everything around me as a whole.
Sure, I’m aware enough for my own safety, but, not enough to care about every single detail that doesn’t concern me.

Thus, I notice finer details like the sounds of the birds or the wind.
The musky or humid air… the perfume that passed by me..
They bring me into another dimension.
They remind me of people and places based on memories.
Sometimes, I ask questions on why this and that afterwards.
But, nothing serious.
Just plain serenity, even when I’m walking in the crowd (in the open).

It clears my mind.
The exact same way when I play my MMORPGs.
As the years go by, I realised that I’ve shifted to being someone who enjoys the beauty of another dimension in a game.
While the players are going around brandishing monsters, I’m enjoying the beautiful sceneries.
Just… relaxing.
The cheaper alternative to having to travel/go somewhere and I’m not exactly a fan of watching videos and whatnot of places.

So, I walk.
Plus, it pumps my heart to the right rhythm, in my own pace.
Doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long distance.
I can spend hours walking non-stop with no certain location in mind.
Until, I get bored or mentally and physically drained before heading home.

I love it.

❤ Icesabel

Love is…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Love is…

The night you wished you were being kept warm through the cold twilight air.
Wondering the seconds away, not knowing if it was ever fair.
When you screamed your lungs out by the empty shoreline and the wind stole your voice.
Tears of joy well up in your red-teary eyes as you rejoice.
It warms the heart, it tears the soul.
It’s beautiful inside, yet, your patience has taken on a toll.
When you wake up drunk when you never had a drop of drink last night.
But, it’s fine because it feels right.
To feel empty and full at the same time.

The love is real.

Love is life…
Pizza is life…
Life = Love pizza.

❤ Icesabel

Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo

Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo.

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?


I was taken care by my grandparents until I was 15, by the way.
So, whenever I went over to my parent’s house during the weekends, my dad and I would belt out songs from the 70s, well through to the 80s on our karaoke system and a little bit of the 40s – 60s.

Oh gawd…. I love music by Eric Clapton, Donna Summers, Carpenters, Rod Steward, Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Vanilla Ice, Beastie Boys, David Bowie, A-ha… oooh… ❤

Yet, when my great-grandma visited us from Indonesia, my grandma would take out her kulintang (gong-like instrument), taught me to play and they would belt out songs in their language.
I have no idea what language and neither do my mum and aunts/uncles (my grandma has 6 kids).
But when they’d sing Indonesian and Malaysian songs of that decade, I would definitely join in the singing.

At 6 or 7, I rummaged through my grandparents’ store room of antiques and “rubbish” and found an electronic keyboard at the back.
Weird…. I didn’t know anyone else in the extended family were into music.
So, I self-taught myself to play it.
It was all based on hearing.
It wasn’t until I was in my late primary school years that I learned the proper music notes and whatnot.

But, I loved… adored the voices of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion the most.
The 3 most powerful vocal chords back then.
Thus, I learned to mimic their vocal range and, of course, love their music a lot.
Obviously I wasn’t blessed or meant to be in music, but, it wasn’t until we were forced to go through “testing” our voices during music class (who was also in charge of choir) when I was in my early teens that my vocal range came up second top in school.
The first was a pretty lady, my senior who was graduating soon, reminded me a lot like Whitney Houston’s vocal chords, high, strong and soulful.
Love her.. she was like an elder sister to me who taught me quite a lot in singing.
Mine was hollow and based on my non-puberty stage voice with no life of its own… hehehe.
But anyway, I got trapped and joined the team.
(Well, you know… my mum thingy.. I eventually had to quit).

Soon, it was the era of teen-pop of the late 80s to the late 90s.
Boy bands and girl groups.
Like a lot of them my age, we loved most of these.
From the tummy-baring Britney Spears to the dancing troupe of N’Sync to the romantic Westlife.

It wasn’t until I joined the military band after quitting choir that I learned to love instrumentals and classical.
But, that was also the era when techno and trance was huge.
Haha.. I was crazy about techno music while gaming.
One of my aunts used to love listening to reggae and since I would I sleep over at her place at times, I was pretty influenced with that genre.
I didn’t know much about country music until Shania Twain was played on the air (on tv) and I completely went head over heals for that genre.
I enjoy raps, R&B and hip hop a lot too.
Soft and hard rock was fine, but, it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I started to relate to metal.

By now, I pretty much listen to any genre.
All except Jazz and Blues (okay there are a teeny tiny few exceptions).
Sorry.. I’ll just get agitated and bored to death listening to that genre.

Other than that, it’ll just depend on my mood to listen to a certain kind of music at that very moment.


❤ Icesabel

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me.

A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PAST.


There are tons of songs that remind me of different sections of my past.
But, I’m not really in the mood to be so emotional based on memories.

Most of my artwork are based on music and this is one of them.
So.. yeah.. today’s post will be a daily prompt + artwork one.

Just the Way You Are

The song from Bruno Mars called “Just the way you are”.
Whenever I hear this song, I remember my other half (keep) telling me that I should stay the way that I am.
He fell in love with me… the one who look like me… the original me (not one who wants to look “perfect” based on media’s or “society”‘s standards).
Telling me not to be insecure (although, I’d probably always be because of my negative past).
I love this song.

All women/men should dedicate this song to their partner.
Cheers to being beautiful inside out!

❤ Icesabel