Love… for the first quarter of 2016

Love love love~

  • Jabra Move Wireless
    Lost my grey headphones (the one pictured in one of my earlier posts, when I went Liverpool) ūüė• So, I’ve purchased this today. LOVE IT! Light-weight, Bluetooth enabled or wired, if preferable. Awesome bass and sound!! ‚̧
  • Illenium – Ashes
    Just found this, by some random chance, on Youtube. In love with most of the songs! ‚̧
  • Original Beauty Blender
    Been using since last year, but, I never knew it was way better¬†to use, for my skin type, instead of brushes or fingers. ‚̧
  • Anime
    The season that’s ending most of the episodes…
    Ajin, Akagami no Shirayukihime,¬†Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (2016),¬†Myriad Colors Phantom World and¬†Schwarzesmarken. ‚̧
  • Uniqlo Heattech
    Have never been so impressed with clothing. Having to travel to a cold climate months back, this is my bestie (I can’t stand the cold! Living in such a hot climate, my whole life) when travelling, without having to bulk up. Just the Heattech top, bottom and socks, any dress/top & bottom and a jacket+scarf+gloves. Bam… I’m all warm outdoors and cool indoors. ‚̧
  • Having short hair
    Always thought that my squarish face would never be able to “carry off” the short hair look. Maybe… I’m more confident… hmmm… I don’t know, but, I love it. Had it cut shorter 2 weeks back again! ‚̧

Guess that’s all. Everything else that I like aren’t necessarily what I’m in love with. So… yeah.. that’s about all for my list!


‚̧ Icesabel


July Fave Products

W000t Wooot!!!
Love love love these products!

Let’s start with toiletries.

Innisfree’s Super Volanic Clay Mousse Mask (right).

Honestly, the only other 5-mins mask that I’d use is my fave Vichy¬†Tri-Activ 3-in-1¬†cleanser.
*Which I use daily, before I start my shower and do a good scrub with water and wash it off after it has dried (I won’t allow water to splash my face while I shower, as I wait for it to dry in under 5 mins).*

But, this Innisfree’s mask is used once or twice a week.
It has a super creamy and thick consistency, similar to a luxurious expensive mask.
Except that, it comes out of a mousse bottle (instead of the messy tub version)!
A little goes a long way, so, press lightly!!!!!
It does draws out all the impurities and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean.
No dry or tight feeling… just, feels as though I’ve vacuumed my pores… lol~
Well, I have no other idea on how to describe that feeling.

Been using this for 2 months now.

Lush’s Veganese, Hair Conditioner.

Have I mentioned before that I don’t use hair conditioners?
I’ve tried so many brands, but, ALL would cause¬†acne to erupt on my body skin.
Since, I have baby fine hair, most brands would weigh it too much anyway (I only use it at the ends though).

I was afraid to try another hair conditioner, but, I wanted to try a new shampoo (will talk about it in a moment) and was afraid that it would dry out the ends, so, I gave the smallest bottle a try.
Oh yes, baby… I’m buying a bigger bottle,¬†after¬†it’s down to nothing.

All the hair conditioners and masks I’ve tried, my whole lifetime (what a waste of my money :'(), will leave residue on my shoulders, chest, back… and… my butt.. lol~, no matter how long and as properly as I can to wash it off and dry.
These acne feels painful sometimes and they take months to heal or disappear.
But so far, this hair conditioner is doing well on not doing so.

The difference in this one is that it doesn’t have that silicone-y feeling, like those conditioners have.
It feels more like slapping on yoghurt into my hair ends!
Super light and hmmmmm…. gotta love the scent!

Lush’s Seanik

I’ve been a solid shampoo convert for about 4 months now.
My first and only solid shampoo was the Jumping Juniper (Not exactly a nice scent in my opinion. It isn’t bad, but, just not my type of scent).
But, my hair got quite used to it, that my hair was going back to being limp and my scalp back to being super oily.

So, I decided to give Seanik a try.
It has sea salt for volumizing oily hair, but, since I was afraid that that property would dry out my hair ends, I got the conditioner above.
I love this scent though.


Let’s move¬†on¬†to make-up.

Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle (O-03)

It’s not easy to find a compatible foundation for my skin.
All because of my sensitive skin, that would just refuse anything that it decides to hate.
Was a devout to Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation for 2 years.
No matter what brands and types I’ve tried, I always run back to this one.
A perfect blend for my weird skin combination, hands down.
Might not be a fave for others, but, it sure is my skin’s fave.

But last month, the product¬†was used up¬†and the Sephora that I went to didn’t have stock for this, so, I decided to try something new.
I wanted to try YSL’s, but, I wasn’t in the mood to try a totally new foundation.
Saw that Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle had my shade (O-03) in stock, so, I grabbed it without a second thought.

Oh my my my…
I’m converting to this one now.
It literally corrects a dull-looking skin and gives it a glow.
I wasn’t looking for a matte foundation (contrary to how quickly my face becomes a frying pan).
But, it neither cause my skin to breakout nor make my skin any oilier than it should look.
It makes my skin look more to dewy, rather than an oily pan.

Here’s a tip on blotting oily skin (from my experience) — you’ve probably never heard it from anyone before:
I don’t use blotting papers (It’ll cause my skin to be oilier than it was earlier!).
Neither do I use powder for touch-ups (Yucks! Hate the cakey feeling and look).
My face is so oily after an hour or two, that I can just rub the powder/foundation around my face with my fingertip and make it perfect again.
Ok ok… back to the point.
I would moist tissue paper (clean toilet paper would do, if you’re in the wash room) and lightly (extremely light, because we’re not supposed to be picking up the powder/foundation, but, just blotting the oil) blot the oily regions.
The feeling is just heavenly!
It’s cooling and it¬†absorbs enough oil to look a little matte.
But, just enough to not cause the oil glands to work overtime afterwards!

I didn’t learn this from anyone.
It was a random stupid thought that came across my mind one day (years back), because, I was pissed off and tired of trying so many things that didn’t work for my skin combi.
Plus, the weather was hot and needed to cool down my skin.

Tarte’s¬†Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer (light)

I was afraid of trying a stick concealer (for a long time), because they usually dry up my skin, especially, the sensitive skin under the eyes.
I’ve been using Tarte’s¬†maracuja creaseless concealer for a very long time, but, decided… “heck… let’s try this for a change!”

But with this stick, I’d only need to dot a little on any face demons and actually, don’t even need foundation on my skin!
Doesn’t cause breakouts and won’t budge on my oily skin.
It’s a dream to use!
Swish swish… like a magic wand~


‚̧ Icesabel

You Look Disgusting

Then… I saw this… “Tears were produced using a tear stick – No Youtubers were hurt in the making of this video.”

Other¬†people’s ignorance, low self-esteem,¬†insecurity, lack of experience/knowledge should never be your reason to feel negative.

You are never going to make everyone happy/pleased.
Society is like so.
There are some good apples and there are bad ones.
You’re just wasting your time and energy if you concentrate on those negative vibes.
When you’re happy, you’re better off in life.

As selfish as it may sound, “If you’re being negative and you don’t benefit me in any way, get the heck out of the way“.
This benefit does not exactly translate to something tangible, like getting something physical or countable in return.
It can broadly mean happiness.

If you don’t like it, then, all the better.
I don’t lose anything by losing you.

Anyway, that girl is actually pretty even without make-up.
Look at her.
Gosh… her features are very strong and is of a¬†perfect symmetry!

No… not all skin problems go away with age or is due to the diet, health, lack of cleanliness, etc.
I’m already in my early 30s and I still get acne on my body (back, front, shoulders… legs and arms sometimes).
My face is sensitive to A LOT of products.
Every time the time of the month comes.. BOOM! There goes my so-called clear skin that has been healing for the past 3 weeks.
Here comes the skin scars.
Seen my dermatologist since I was 15 and keep to my regime.
Stress correlates with it too and I’m one heck of a worry-wart, since I’m quite the perfectionist (even if I try to deny that).

Sure, when I was younger, I was worried that I won’t be pretty enough for someone.
Also, for being bullied A LOT, by exs and strangers.

When I got older, I felt stupid.
Sure, you do want to be presentable and look (and smell) as good as you can.
But, you don’t need to be over the top with the make-up or¬†wishing to change your features.
At the end of the day, you’re still going to lose it all.
Cleanse your face and take off all those fancy clothes/accessories.
Who are you impressing?
And with what? With only your beauty?
Once you’re old, that’s it, baby…
You’re either going to spend thousands of dollars on being plastic or grow old gracefully.

Then, there are those who crave for attention.
They want the wow.. *whistles*… “like”, etc.
The people who press that “like” button… yes you… you’re feeding their ego.

If a partner is going only for your looks.
I foresee… a bleak future.

If a “friend” judges your skin-deep beauty.
You’re better off finding/sticking to a sincere close friend.

Trust me…
That person isn’t the only person in the entire world to earn your time, effort and affection.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Well… the non-psychopaths (not sure why that came to my mind… hah).

Wait a minute… why am I even talking about this topic again???!!!

There are more pressing issues than this.
This problem is nothing compared to other problems.

If you can understand and relate to that last part, good.

If you can’t, you will… some day.

If not, let me help light that spark for you.

It’s how big you want to see the problem to be.
Focus on other things you want or need in your life, that will benefit you in the long run.
What you want or need?
Travel the world?
Become a faithful servant to God?
Become an awesome Mom or Dad?
An entrepreneur? Artist? Professional Gamer? Clown?
The pathway to go reach those goals is tougher than your beauty problems.

But, they’re worth it.

Life isn’t going to be smooth-sailing all the time.
Accidents, bankruptcy, broken hearts, trust issues, family problems, lost of loved ones, sickness, other imperfections can plague anyone.
Don’t really want to sound so morbid, so, I’d stop here.

Move along, sweetheart~
You’re better than you think.

‚̧ Icesabel

Beauty Favourites

Random random… Maybe I should start my own faves as well..
How original!

I don’t always buy new make-up stuff… no… not even on a monthly basis.
It’s more of trying something new when a product¬†is down to nothing in a package.
Whether I fall in love with it or not, is another matter.
This month, I found a couple of new stuff that’s just too awesome.. not to share.
But, I’m going to include my usual faves as well.

By the end of this post, anyone would’ve guessed¬†that I’m the neutral-coloured make-up kind of person. XP

Always remember that one that might suit my skin combination might not always work on another person’s. Some people are even allergic or get a skin reaction to some ingredients to a¬†product. It’s also a matter of what different people¬†love. For example, one might love sheer over full coverage.


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
My shade: Light 6, Ceylan

I’ve been stuck to¬†Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation (Shade: O-03)¬†since it came out.
Apart from Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Nude Look BB Cream on a day I want a super sheer look.
But, decided to give this a go.
It.. feels… heavenly.
It goes on semi-matt and feels like there isn’t any foundation at all.
Yet, it covers a lot of flaws better than my fave Lancome MM, thus, I’d only need to put a teeeeeeeeeeeny tiny bit of concealer at spots that need a little more coverage.
Only a small dollop to cover the whole face compared to my beloved Lancome (half of the amount used)! @_@


Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
My shade: Light

Love love love love <33333333333333333
I have super oily skin.. yet, very dry under my eyes.
A little goes a long way.
Thus, one small tube can last for months.
It looks so natural and it truly doesn’t crease for 12 hours (the usual time I’d be wearing make-up for the day).
Not cakey when powder is puffed on it under the eyes.

Face Powder

Lancome Prisme Libre Powder
My shade: 5, Satin Blanc

It doesn’t crease off throughout the day.
Makes my skin look dewy and bright (even on a day of having dull skin in the morning!).

Eye Primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Option: Original

There are 4 kinds of it.
The original one is a fab item.
My lids are very oily.
It actually feels icky (after an hour outside) and/or eyeshadow and liner would slide off if I don’t use this primer.
I’ve tried lots of eye primer, but, this is… hands down.. my ultimate fave.

Eyebrow Pencil

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil
My shade: Rich Brown

Nearly every beauty youtube gurus swear over the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.
But, I can’t find one here, but, I found this gem instead.
Already on my second stick.
Doesn’t budge because I have very oily skin on my eyebrows and most eyebrow pencil shading actually slides off before the end of the day.
Plus, pencils are my fave, since they give the most natural look.
Love love love ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Eye Pencils

Urban Decay NAKED 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil
My staple: Naked Basics (Venus + Crave)

I love neutral shades and this is one item that needs to be in the makeup bag if I were to travel or for an everyday look.
The beige is for the waterline (lower inner half) and the black is for tightlining (upper outer half) – I do this, as, I have a naturally close-eye-set hooded cat-eye.
They don’t budge… most eye pencils disappear on my waterline or after tightlining after an hour or so.
Not sure whether it’s because my eyes are pretty well-moisturised by my tear ducts –¬†a bonus, since, I can wear contacts for long hours without issues.

Innisfree Shadow Pencil
My staple: 05


Tarte smolderEYES‚ĄĘ Amazonian clay waterproof liner
My staple: Golden Beige

A little bit on the tear duct portion and all the way 1/3 outwards.
Pretty pretty pretty…
It opens up your eyes.
Makes a huge difference, even though, the way I smudge it, it’s so sheer, it’s more to being shiny and reflects the light, rather than seeing the colour.
It’s beige, instead of what a lot of people who prefer white, to form a more au-natural look.

Eye Shadows

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette


Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

The small one is awesome when travelling.
Love these palettes!!


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I’m like a little kid all over again.
I’ve been using¬†Tarte lights, camera, lashes‚ĄĘ 4-in-1 mascara for some time¬†because nothing has beat that…
Until this came along!
It thickens, lengthens, curls (REALLY CURLS!) and stays put!
No clumps and looks gorgeous!
I hate fake lashes… I do… so, I only depend on good mascaras.
This one takes the cake.

Cheeks Blusher

Givenchy Beauty Le Prisme Blush
My shade: 21, Inspiration Rose

Pretty and light!

Lancome Blush Subtil
My shade: 30 Rose Melba

When I need extra oomph instead of the super sheer look of the fore.


Fresh Sugar Tulip Tinted Lip Treatment
My staple: Tulip

I hate lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip-pencils, lip balms… everything on the lips.
Luckily, my lips rarely chaps or gives me a problem.
Unfortunately, I have really thin lips and a small mouth that doesn’t balance out my face symmetry.
But, I love this.
Love the smell and the way it’s not sticky, yet, makes it feel sooooo moisturised.
On days when I have the mood to use something on my lips.

Revlon ColorBurst‚ĄĘ Matte Balm
My staple: 230 Complex

On days when I need colour on my lips, if, I do decide to go dramatic on my eyes.
It smells like mint!
Well, it’s matt and pinkish-beige… since, I don’t like icky stuff on my lips.

Brushes, etc.

Sephora Professional Mineral Powder Brush #45
РUse this to put on my foundation, blend out the concealer and patting on the powder.

Sephora Crease Brush #230
РUse this to powder under my eyes and around the nose, in addition to crease shading

Sephora Concealer Brush #100
– To put on concealer, but, would use #45 for blending afterwards

Sephora Double-Ended Smoky Eye Brush
– To put on my¬†eye-shadow¬†as an eyeliner and the “smudge” part to put on¬†eye-shadow, although, I rarely use that portion.

Original Beauty Blender
– Pretty handy, if, I don’t feel like using a brush

I have quite a few brushes, but, I keep to a bare minimum.
I will definitely breakout more even if I wash my hands and fingers before putting on makeup, plus, it comes up more smoother when using brushes.

‚̧ Icesabel

Dress Shopping

Went shopping yesterday!

Actually, I eventually only bought one playsuit and a white ribbed belt.
Although there were a lot of gorgeous dresses to buy, I was thinking of my finances the whole time.

Just started my next job, so, I’d better tread a bit slower for now.
Can’t wait to go travelling, for work, again!

‚̧ Icesabel

The beauties

The moment when you realise that you’re watching it just to pass the time.
(Not because you wanted to try any of it… tee hee~)

Oh… come on… admit it already!!!!

Unless you have a face that has at least a near-to-perfect symmetry, you’re never going to look as gorgeous as these “beauty gurus”.
Nope.. not talking about the legit make-up artists who does it on already-gorgeous models.

They pretty much can get away with certain techniques that others can’t.
Everyone has different features combination.

An example?

I’ve got upturned close-eyed eyes.
Most generic cat-eye flicks will not fit me at all.
It’ll just make me look like my eyes are pointing all the way up.
Just because most women have either the perfectly-horizontal or down-turned eyes.
Of course, there are other ways of doing it.

It’s still nice to watch anyway.

Just enjoy watching others making themselves look good.
Oh yes.. especially the ones whereby they do a celebrity lookalike make-up look, which makes them look like one due to the face shading/highlight.
Awesome stuff.

There are some nice techniques for different kinds of face features by legit make-up artists, if I did want to look into my own.
But, you get the gist.


‚̧ Icesabel

Love of my… face skin?

Been using this for a couple of months.
In fact, this product has been around for some time, but, didn’t know about it until a lady working in Sephora introduced to me the love of my life face skin.

I’m not a fan of BB or CC Creams.
No matter how many brands and types I’ve tried, they’ve either:

  • (most of the time) have a¬†greyish or pinkish undertone
  • makes my face shinier¬†than it already is (feels icky too)
  • causes a breakout (I have more sensitive skin than most) or
  • slides off my face after an hour or two because of my oily skin

Tried the ones recommended by others (online – blogs or youtube) especially those with similar skin type as me, but, they always end up like the list above.

But, this one is revolutionary on my skin.
Unfortunately, it’s on the expensive side.
Costs about SG$60+ (can’t remember the exact price) or ¬£29 (online).
Why does my skin always favour the higher-end brands?
What exactly do they have that drug-store products don’t?

It’s actually lightly perfumed.
But, doesn’t cause any breakout or blemishes (unless of course.. whenever my period comes).
Doesn’t “mask” the face and feels very light.
Covers light blemishes, so, only a light concealer will be needed to cover for any blemishes and dark circles.

Love.. love.. love.

‚̧ Icesabel

Makeup Remover Recommendation

If you’re like me, a fan of waterproof mascara, you might dreading wiping it off at the end of the day.
The skin around the eye area is very delicate.
Unfortunately, I tend to mistreat it at times, as well… hur hur hur.

Just as many other brands and products that I’ve tried, it took a long time before I found my fave and stuck to it.
There definitely are a lot of them out there, whatever your preference.
Cleansing milks, oil-based, alcohol-based, soap-based..
From the higher-end to the lower-end brands.

Hands down to the Biore makeup remover.

I have very oily and sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts.

For tough waterproof mascara, press it down a little on your lashes for a few seconds before wiping.
It’d get “soaked” up with the product, thus, being removed easier and faster afterwards.
Most non-wipes are a real mess and really annoys me for the black mess on my eyes, face and hands.
In addition to that, oil-based products that eases out tough mascaras would most likely cause a breakout on my skin.
But, not this one.
Plus, for the 44-sheets costs about SG$15, I think.
I’d prefer buying the 10-sheets (a loss of 4 sheets, but, about the same price if you add it up to 40 sheets)… only because somehow, the sheets dry up fast whenever I’d¬†accidentally¬†not¬†close the lid tightly.

That doesn’t mean you don’t wash your face with your usual face cleanser after using a cleansing wipe though!
It might look clean and feel great (my face actually does feel clean after the wipe), but, the normal grime will still linger.
So, the normal routine of face washing should never be skipped.

I’ve been using this for more than a year now.
Loving it!!!

‚̧ Icesabel