Love… for the first quarter of 2016

Love love love~

  • Jabra Move Wireless
    Lost my grey headphones (the one pictured in one of my earlier posts, when I went Liverpool) 😥 So, I’ve purchased this today. LOVE IT! Light-weight, Bluetooth enabled or wired, if preferable. Awesome bass and sound!! ❤
  • Illenium – Ashes
    Just found this, by some random chance, on Youtube. In love with most of the songs! ❤
  • Original Beauty Blender
    Been using since last year, but, I never knew it was way better to use, for my skin type, instead of brushes or fingers. ❤
  • Anime
    The season that’s ending most of the episodes…
    Ajin, Akagami no Shirayukihime, Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (2016), Myriad Colors Phantom World and Schwarzesmarken. ❤
  • Uniqlo Heattech
    Have never been so impressed with clothing. Having to travel to a cold climate months back, this is my bestie (I can’t stand the cold! Living in such a hot climate, my whole life) when travelling, without having to bulk up. Just the Heattech top, bottom and socks, any dress/top & bottom and a jacket+scarf+gloves. Bam… I’m all warm outdoors and cool indoors. ❤
  • Having short hair
    Always thought that my squarish face would never be able to “carry off” the short hair look. Maybe… I’m more confident… hmmm… I don’t know, but, I love it. Had it cut shorter 2 weeks back again! ❤

Guess that’s all. Everything else that I like aren’t necessarily what I’m in love with. So… yeah.. that’s about all for my list!


❤ Icesabel


New MMORPG-themed Anime

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka

In love with the first episode!


Different levelled mobs 

Levelling system 

Looting system 

Gods/Goddesses who give their blessings to their heroes 

Guild system 

Stats and skills system 

Can’t wait for the next episode!

❤ Icesabel


Have you ever watched or heard something so touching, that, you wish you could do so, as well?

I love watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.
What I hate about it is how the sad portion drags on and on.
That, halfway through, I felt that I should just give up watching it after the episode a moment ago.

But, it proved me otherwise.
I was so touched with the ending, that, I wanted to watch the next one at that point in time when the closing music was played.

There were a couple of times in my life that I’ve always wanted to be a musician.
(Then again, I wanted to do everything I saw others could do)

I wanted to become a pianist and violinist.
After all, they were so mainstream.
I became a flutist instead and that always made me light-headed.
Apart from singing.
Both of which which influenced me to read up and learn more about classical music.
There is a particular song that would play in my head once in a blue moon.
It has been playing in my head a little more often nowadays… not sure why.

I can’t recall the title, neither do I have any way to find out what it is.
But, I love it… I love that song to bits.
It isn’t really classical, but, I played it when I was 15, during a performance in public, near a musical fountain at night on a weekend, with a couple of other students from other schools.
It was a music cohort camp and ended with a performance at the end of it after learning the new scores during those 3 days.

Life takes a different turn.

❤ Icesabel

Fox <3

Ahhh… gotta love these love-based anime.
Was watching Kamisama Hajimemashita 2.
Realised that I love this fox-love thingy.
Still such a sucker for romance… +_+

Nanami & Tomoe ❤

This reminded me of an old anime that I loved a lot.
Inu x Boku SS

The wallpaper of this couple has been on my mobile phone since I watched it in… 2012??!!
I’m sure I changed my phone in between ’cause I got the iphone 5S when it came out and that was in the last quarter of 2013.
But, yeah… if you want to know what’s my phone wallpaper all this time.
It’s this couple!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Ririchiyo and Sōshi ❤

❤ Icesabel

Anime / Manga Expedition

Read the Ao Haru Ride manga (12 vols/47chaps) in 2 days.
The manga is still not done yet and it comes out once a month!!

Kou vs Touma

My fave scene.
Kou… baka!!!


Anime watching marathon.
That pretty much sums up my weekend, since I don’t usually have time to watch anime during the weekdays.
Looking through the anime list.
Last quarter/season’s anime has all concluded.


So, here’s my list of last anime that I’ve looooooooooooooooooooooooooved last quarter.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Sora no Method

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

World Trigger

Last, but, not least… Ao Haru Ride was the season before the last and I never noticed it until Ao Haru Ride: Unwritten came out last weekend and watched it from the start.
Got frustrated over the “cliffhanger” and read the manga instead.
*Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji has the same kind of initial plot as Ao Haru Ride.

But, by the time I reached 40++ chapter, I was getting sick of the manga.
Somehow, it had the “same old same old” vibe to it.
It got frustrating.
There wasn’t much revolving the story except on the on and off feelings of one guy.

Anyway… yeah.. so.. that’s the list.

❤ Icesabel

Kenshin and a few other updates

Watched Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno with a few friends last night.
It was… AWESOME.. from the beginning to the end!

Of all the older anime and manga, I didn’t pick this up.
Neither did I watch the first movie instalment a few years back.
But, weird enough, Himura Kenshin was one of the anime/manga characters that I used to draw (using my graphite B-set pencils and drawing paper) because I found him to be elusively striking with his scar as I browsed through the long list of anime/manga online ages back… strong, fierce and good-looking.

But, still, I promise that as long as you’re a fan of manga/anime, Japanese culture/old-era backdrop and/or fighting scenes using the oldskool katana and whatnot, you’re in for a good two-hours journey.
The poster showed that the second part, meaning 2nd part of the 2nd movie will be shown on 2nd October.
Can’t wait for for it.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to say any more than that because I know nuts about the true storyline.



Ok.. back to reality.

The most popular questions I’ve been getting since I came back to “reality” are:
How was your honeymoon? (and more in-depth questions about where I travelled)
Notice any difference between being bf/gf and being a married couple? (then concluded on their own, “it’ll change… you’ll see”)

If it’s possible, I’d love to stay in Korea longer.
Unfortunately, I might eventually suffer because I’m known to have difficulties in breathing in cold dry air, once it starts to turn autumn and then winter.
Most of them cannot even speak English and with most menu and words in their language, it’s already tough enough to find Halal food, plus they usually add Pork to most food, so.. that’s a total bust.

I didn’t say things won’t change.
I know it will.
Most, if not all people know nuts about my history between him and me.
The difficult times we went through the past 10 years.
He was there.
No one else was there.
And him back to me as well… all his issues and problems revolving around him and us.
We’re still here.. and have tied the knot.

What all those breakdowns have taught us is to push the negativity of others.
Learned to ignore people who mean nothing, yet, would try to cause problems for others.
Fight for our place.
We fought all the time.
Probably one of those weird couples who make others terrified with our daily quarrels of nothingness.
Then, we forget.
We’re opposite polars that attract.
We share common goals and love the similar things.

We did change throughout those years.
And in more years to home (In Sya Allah)… I know we will change.. evolve with time and changes of environment and situation.
There will always be problems, in and out.
That’s life.

We cry.. fight.. get scared.. feel lost… but, we also laugh and smile.. hold each other up.
It won’t be perfect and we know that first hand because we’ve been through our own set of problems.
It will be different, when did I ever deny that since I was young?
I’ve always been different and to always dream that things will always get better as time goes by.

But, they don’t need to know this.
All I’d reply with is “I know”.
Even how sceptical they are to my monotonous reciprocation.

The bad and good makes us grow.. because the choices we make, will turn us to be who we eventually truly are (and should be).


There hasn’t really been a few days of “relaxation” since I came back to “reality”.
Problems have been pouring in, one after another.
Reason why I didn’t want to blog for the past few days is because I’ve been bogged down with so much.
And it’s only been… what?… 2 weeks? Wow~
Even if I thought that I wanted to blurt everything out by blogging, I don’t think it’d worth it at all.
I’ve been having a biting feeling (before I got married) that a few of these problems will come into place.
In fact, the problems don’t lie in us or our relationship as a couple.
But, everything and everyone around us seems to be causing (or even trying) to make us quarrel.
These.. what I’d call tests.. have been pushing their luck on my patience and whether I’d submit to do the right thing.

But, because of all these, I see positive changes.. small ones.. but, surely seeping through to make ends meet.

All I know is that, this is just the beginning and the past 10 years was just the stepping stones to start a new chapter.


❤ Icesabel


Title: Chobits the Movie
Year Created: 2010
Tools: Photoshop CS3
Method: Photo-manipulation
Stocks: 7 photos from deviantART – lost credits (account deleted)


Based on Clamp’s Manga & Anime back in 2001/2.
Needs no further introduction. ❤
Well, unless you don’t read manga or watch anime, that is. >_<

Gosh… I was about to say that I lost about the translation of the sentence at the bottom of the picture just because the slow-brained me forgot that I could get it translated online. lol

Direct translation:
The departure is lonely
I won’t forget this day when there is me and there is you all the time


❤ Icesabel