Bucket List

This list will be updated, as and when, needed. ^_^ For example, I have no idea what other countries I’d like to visit… so, that’ll probably be added when it’s time to add.
These aren’t in any particular order, though.

  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteAll the other fun stuff I’ve done during my youth like learn knitting from my mum and knitted a dress for my Barbie doll (when I was young!), martial arts (Silat) performances, competitive running (lots of medals! 1st and 2nd, ftw!), performing dikir barat (a couple of times), performance dancing, singing in the choir (1st Soprano) and being in the military band (flutist) and joining competitions and performing, self-taught to play the keyboard at the age of 8 or so, took up fashion designing as my project for O-Levels Art, bla bla bla…
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akctePursue my passion
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteWatch a Liverpool FC match in Asia
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteTravel overseas alone
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteRegional position at work (wasn’t part of my career plan – never thought of it… but, why not)
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteGetting married (wasn’t part of my life plan – was initially scared of getting married… but, why not)
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteVisit Seoul (honeymoon <3)
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteBasic certification in deploying VSATs (in order for the latter option to occur)
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteVisit London
  • checkbox_yes_zpsaf7akcteVisit Anfield Stadium / Liverpool F.C.
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Watch a Liverpool FC match in UK
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Visit Japan
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Play in the snow
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Own place
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Deployed for emergency response
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Shift area of expertise (still within Info Tech)
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Be a mentor – payback for all those who I’ve looked up to or learned from, career-wise
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac My own kids… or…  adopt?
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Umrah
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Hajj
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac More pets!
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Start a small business, for the fun of it
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Make a positive difference in people’s lives
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Always stay grounded, to forgive and remember God, my family and people I care about
  •  checkbox_no_zpsloq7feac Memorize the Quran (knowing the fact that I have such a lousy memory -.-“)

In Sya Allah.


❤ Icesabel