Hey hey hey~
First and foremost…
WELCOME to my humble abode in the cyber world!
THANK YOU for dropping by!
❤ ❤ ❤

You can call me… ermmm..


IKR.. it’s a mouthful!

So, now you’re asking what in the world does my name means?

Antyrael is a rare stone named after the Archangel Tyrael (his wings are so magnificent), from Diablo.
<More on this name>
<About Tyrael and Malthael>

And ブースター, you ask?
It’s Flareon, in Japanese.

A fire-type Pokémon, evolved from Eevee via a Fire Stone.


*Picture below: Young me and my younger bro*
How random can I be?? O.o

I was born and am living in Singapore.
If you don’t know where Singapore is, it is that tiny dot between Malaysia and Indonesia.

deep thinker who thinks way too much for my own good.

My me-time
Watching Soccer (finally traveled to Anfield stadium in 2016!)
My Cats
My loved ones


I’ve been a pc gamer since the MS-DOS days (whereby, you’d need to type in a cmd to start a program).

Right out die-hard fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Wolf3D, Doom, Age of Empires, Diablo and many more.
Pretty much play most genre like RPG, RTS, FPS, TPS, etc (except MOBA).
Kinda have ADHD: I get bored easily, so, I’m a game-hopper; I tend to jump from one game to another.

My in-game name is usually Icesabel or the likes (should I have more than 1 char).

Weird fact:
Gaming is… my on and off love-hate obsession.

Probably was an elf, ninja or geisha in another life. j/k XD


I enjoy watching Anime and reading Manga.
Love collecting Otaku collectibles.

Do tend to daydream a lot but when I do know what I really want/need, I’ll morph into a go-getter.

Weird fact:
I have a preference tendencies towards Gothic or olden-era stories…
Whether they’re in books, movies, anime, games, etc.

Am a workaholic by nature.
Has always been and will always be.

90% Geek.
I love technology.. actually more to just computers.
Be it technical/hardware or software, anything relating to IT, bla bla.. shall not bore you, but, this is where my real passion lies.

Currently, a L1 System Administrator & L2 Asia Regional IT Tech Operations
Past jobs of a Programmer, Web Developer, Network Engineer and Database Designer.

The girl who carries a x-U servers/NAS by herself wearing 4-inch heels.

Humanitarian. Be deployed for emergency response. (I gave up on this dream in 2015).
p.s. I do not work for them. I was trained by them to provide assistance in network and telecommunication emergency response for the victims of natural disasters/conflicts/etc.
aka.. trained on VSATs, BGANs, SAT phones and dishes, fixed and mobile satellite communications, mobile technologies (3G, mobile data collection, etc), computer hardware and maintenance, networking (LAN, WAN, WIFI), GPS, mapping and tracking… bla bla bla..

I still want to travel to more countries, though. That stays the same.
But, a new dream plopped out of the blue.

Weird fact:
Took up a Diploma in IT and then, by some twisted fate, obtained a Honors Degree in Banking & Finance (from the University of London).
Career-wise, started from the bottom… when no one wanted to take the chance to hire me because they thought I was an uber n00b with a useless paper degree.
I wasn’t a n00b (who aren’t fit to join the others because s/he will never learn).. I was a newbie (who will learn and might even surpass the old pros eventually).

p.s. Although… throughout the years, I have been taking Microsoft, Cisco, humanitarian-based certifications and currently, 2 new certifications under *cough*. Maybe I’m paranoid and that’s probably a big clue.

I used to self-assemble my personal desktop.
But, I’ve decided to swap my old sweetheart for a smexy ASUS gaming laptop.

I read a lot.
Mostly non-fiction.
I’m always curious about something and wanting to know more about it.
i.e. one who wants to know why a formulae came to be that way when all you’d only need to do was to use it.
I love and am addicted to learning new things.
Always doing research on random topics that comes to mind.
Maybe, that’s how I learn things quickly (and forget just as fast.. lol~).
But, I’m a fan of gaming lore, just as well.

Little known fact:
I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8; in fact, huge geeky ones…
Before I was converted to wearing contacts (full-time) at 16.
Was bullied for years for being too quiet, nerdy and ugly… meanies 😥

Married to my gamer (competitive in CounterStrike), partner-in-crime, best friend, lover… etc… on the 3rd of August, 2014.
He “found” me in mIRC in 2003, joined MuOnline only because, I was playing it back then and courted me in-game.
We’ve been gaming together since.

Got us a pair of naughty totally-opposite-charactered Scottish Fold kittens.

Random: presents for my birthday (25th December) in 2014.

Last but not least, this is my personal blog…
Where I pour out all my feelings and thoughts honestly and all in raw form.
Well, you’ve been informed. 😉


❤ Icesabel

146 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. Glad I found this blog. You have built a very impressive site! I blog on everything from politics to film review. Would be lovely if you can follow back. Thank you!

    • >_< Sorry… I'm not selling my softtoy. So sorry!!!!
      Don't they hold any events lately that gives away their soft toy? I've not been in touch with the community or the game for a long time.
      Hmmm… maybe you can try asking them for a giveaway in the forum?

  2. Hey!
    I’ve added you on steam with the name Lyzera, was hoping to be able to go mmorpg along with you since i myself love mmorpgs pretty much! xD

  3. I love how your blog is so differently set out, stands out from many that i have come across, You have a beautiful blog, i look forward to reading more of your contents and OMG, Liverpool fan?
    YNWA all the way buddy! Im glad to have found your site and first of who supports the same team as i in this beautiful world of blogging! Cheers 🙂


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