Broken, indeed


An apt timing of such a subject.

It was a public holiday, yesterday and I had a relaxing day and nice evening with my hubby, parents, siblings and their families. I did not bother to read any of my emails, but, I can see more than 60 unread emails (showing at the icon) by the end of the day.

My emails are always at zero, before I end my working day and they are kept nicely in their intended folders, instead of being kept in one inbox.

I’m a workaholic and a perfectionist, but, when it comes to a break, I mean it. So, not a peek at any. I had also told my boss the day before, that I have plans for the evening, because we needed to change up some dates for some meetings. (My meetings tend to be after 8pm).

Today, as I ironed out the work, one of my team members sent a message that he wish I was around, because of the chaos that occurred, yesterday. He had tried to cover for me and on a big issue, at it. I had taught him and another of our team mate on how to handle these stuff, when I’m away.

Later that day, when I had a call with my boss, we had a long discussion on what had happened, yesterday. Apparently, it truly was chaotic and full of heated debates between different groups of people. The funny thing is, this has happened a few times before, but, I was always around to clean things up, without anyone having to throw fits around.

Just one day. One day without me, with a big problem, and chaos ensues??!!!!

Just imagine me leaving the organisation. >_> I wasn’t even expecting that. The documentations are there, process is there, I’ve trained 2 people and everyone else is making a big deal over one thing. Phew.

Broken, indeed. The system and the people surrounding it.

❤ Icesabel



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