After a girl reaches her final breaking point (and survives)…
Things turn three hundred and sixty degrees, when she finally realizes what it means to live it out.

One of which, she knows when to walk away.
From problems that are not worth her time and effort.
From people who are toxic and we know well that they will never even try to change.
She will not be mistreated and she will not wait until she even reaches another hurting point.
She fixes a chip off the block before it breaks further to become a tiny hole.

To some, she might seem a little cold towards them.
In fact, she’s willing to forgive (although, forgetting something is questionable).
But, she will not bother to both, remember on purpose or have anything to do with their existence.

When she smiles, it’s not a facade.
Not a mask like everyone else’s.
It’s genuine.

She is quiet, most of the time.
When she talks, you’d better be ready if you are bold enough to step on her toes.
She is honest… brutally honest.
It doesn’t weigh only the good, but, the bad, as well.
So, if you want a real answer, ask her.
But, do not be disappointed not to hear what you want to.
Instead, you’ll get what you’re supposed to hear.

If someone does not see her worth, she snips it off.
She does not live to get acknowledgement from others.
She does not owe anything to them and they will never be around to fulfill her daily chores, anyway.
They do not pay her bills, wipe her tears, stay with her…
So, why would they matter?

But, she will help those who need help.
She still loves and will receive love.

Maybe, you won’t understand.
Maybe, in time, you will.

❤ Icesabel



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