Nose Dive Black Mirror

I rarely watch much of anything and only found this series by chance via a comment in FB.

I’ve always thought about this topic. Sure… I like or comment stuff on FB or maybe here (not as of lately). Watching random Pinterest or Youtube stuff. But, that’s about it. Posting some pics in FB, maybe.. sometimes, but, even this blog has dried up from any updates of my life.

But, I see and hear a lot about people’s lives being dictated by social media. Most posts are “happy” moments. Things that expect others to acknowledge and obtain tens and hundreds of thumbs up. But secretly, (some admit online) that it’s taking a toll on their lives. Inside, they feel fake.. depressed.. alone.. etc.

They’re addicted to that. They don’t know how to cut ties from it. Some make a living out of it and it then spirals out of control.

Anything can go bad, if, it’s done/consumed excessively. It would be scary if the world were to move towards that direction(of that  show), but, I’d probably be on the same scale as her brother. Low rating and trying to live my life as real and quiet as possible.

You do you, but, it would be a waste if one were to live a lie just to feed your own ego/status. Maybe some find happiness in it, sure. There’s always something called technology detox that you can do. A few days/weeks without technology and/or away from the hustle and bustle of abusy city life. But, that should teach you to do things in moderate amounts, at least.

Stay safe.
❤ Icesabel


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