Tough times

Dear Diary,

It has been rough for me lately. A handful of problems rose and I’m trusting that things will improve eventually.

I remember the saying. When you ask God for a certain plan. Either you get what you want now, maybe you will get it but later or you won’t get it because there is a better plan for you. A tough one, indeed.

Countless times, it’s the latter. That feeling, as though you’ve lost it all, unable to grasp anything or have any control over the situation. Things are spiralling down and you wish you could just curl up for days and leave it be.

But surprisingly, I haven’t been feeling that negative. No idea where the feeling of trust emerged from, but, it’s a good start. I have to re-evaluate my plans because my scholarship was declined and the other problems are still in view.

Wish I’m more knowledgeable and skillful than what I have now. Maybe it’d improve my situation. /sigh

My bucket list is still waiting for me to strike off a few more. I need to buck up. Fast.
</3 Icesabel



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