Have you seen this picture before?

Going through the resumes and interviewing a few people to take over my Level 1 job scope, so that I can concentrate (and free from being overburdened with too much work) on the regional and global workload, I saw a lot of people trying to do a “short-cut” in their career timeline. Some… not all.

The funny thing is that all the interviewees that came in couldn’t answer my technical questions to the standard that I wanted. Not to say that I’m a pro, but, if you were to ask my past and current bosses/HR, I have a thing with problem-solving… well, they were the ones who told me what they noticed about me without me saying or in a few instances, asking.

We chose someone who is awesomely warm, quick on his toes, funny!!, honest (hey.. just tell me what you don’t know and don’t act as if you know and fail miserably at making up an answer!) and I can see him being genuine about wanting to learn. I love that in a person. I guess, it reminds me of me. I remember not knowing a thing back when I started off. But my love for learning and doing what I enjoy makes it all up… with time, dedication, lots of failures and picking myself up on my own, persistent and more. I’m more than willing to teach someone as long as they want to take the challenge up. As my career progressed, I’ve learned a lot on my own and by watching and learning from pros.

Ironically, I’m not exactly a good teacher. At least, that’s what I think. I don’t mind teaching, but, if I were to be expected to repeat numerous times even though I’ve gone through it thoroughly step by step, and the person doesn’t even bother to take notes and try to handle it on their own first (need to be spoon fed all the time), I’ll lose my cool. When I lose it… I mean it. Some people see it as me being impatient. I think I am (at times), but, doesn’t mean that I appreciate one to want to learn that the person expects everything to be in a book all nicely written for you (all on a silver platter). Take the initiative to work on the basis of what has been given and work at your own skills (strengths and weaknesses).

2 other points that I’ve noticed from the group, is when one expects to make a big jump when they couldn’t even give me a satisfactory answer (or be honest for that matter) or understand my question. Another of which prefer to segregate their skills into a silo rather than not minding to take up opportunities to learn that is outside of their main scope. By that, they are somewhat contradicting on the answer to my question of whether they prefer being innovative rather than doing a routine most of the time.

It might seem like a routine, at some angles, but, the steep learning curve for the initial 6 years or so, hasn’t been dull. Probably because I picked up so many different aspects of IT that sometimes does not directly need to have knowledge of. Just nice to have. But, proved to be useful now, because I’m trying out new skills. While a lot of people to be in a niche, because of me knowing a broader range of skills, people tend to lean on to me for pretty much everything (except that it eventually became too much because EVERYONE (from the lowest position to the highest, from all sorts of background) would rely on me, as if I knew how to handle anything.. which of course, I don’t know everything.. I’d still need to pick up knowledge, on the way. But, I’d still give it my best.

I was sort of scared that I’ve set the bar too high for anyone who would take over parts of my job. People would tell me that I handle things (one IT lead from a country office said I was faster than his broadband. lol) to a point that if I didn’t handle 4-5 requests in the same hour, they’d check up on me if I was okay. Don’t get me wrong, I do make mistakes (which I will apologise for), have ADHD (I can’t sit for a boring session or even an engaging meeting for more than 30 mins – I get agitated and stop listening) and I’m actually a very forgetful person (but have techniques to handle situations – but, some do get past that and be forgotten).

My counterparts from the other regions from Africa, America/carribean and Middle East/Eurasia have other awesome sets of skills, but, I love it when they rely on my for what they lack of (we help each other with what we’re good at – at least, used to… until 2 of the 5 of us, left). Which I love! I do love being in a room of people who are very smart… so smart that I ultimately feel redundant and stupid… actually. But, I try to pick on facts quickly afterwards.

Shucks… thinking about the 2 that has just left… made me feel down. Alright… I’d better end my blog. 😦 
❤ Icesabel



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