Hur dur

Ok, let’s get this out of my chest. I’ve just failed the exam for this specialised certification. Self-studied for hours a day during my leave, for the past few weeks. Apparently, getting 60+% for each section isn’t enough.

Plan was to get accepted to a job offer should I get this cert, but, fate has it that it could either be the wrong time slot or there’s a better place for me to go to. I’m not going to be an arse for not telling him my results and straight up thanking him for keeping me in mind for his upcoming projects. I had a gut feeling that I won’t make it and I said to myself that if I couldn’t, then, going over there isn’t meant to be. 

I was about to cry when I left the exam room. Got to admit, being a perfectionist does suck, at times like these. But realised that the only loss was that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the rut (current place) and that one of my bosses was the one who paid for the exam. I mean, it could’ve been worse (others have it tougher than me) and I still have a hell hole to stick to for a little longer.

Got to get gud and grasp the concepts of that other 40%. Paying for the fees isn’t the biggest issue, it’s about $400, I think. Though I’d prefer to save more for my trip to Mecca with my parents, as much as possible, for Umrah.

Oh well… dwindling over it won’t solve my problems. I’d like to think that the “Assasins Creed” movie is waiting for me. (Already caught Rogue One last week, which was AWESOME!).
❤ Icesabel



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