*excited* My mum asked me, if, the plan to go Umrah is still on for next year. She was a bit skeptical about me going last year. She kept telling me to go with my hubby, instead of with them (my parents). But, he didn’t wish to, so… yeah! I’m going with my MUM! In Sya Allah. YES!!! 

Don’t ask me why I’m super excited when it’s not confirmed yet. Have not booked anything. But, I have this huge yearning to go with her, for some time now. If not Hajj, then Umrah would be nice. Don’t think I’m wholly ready for the full fledged Hajj, though. My mum’s done Hajj once and Umrah a few times.

The dream of all Muslims. To go Hajj, or at least Umrah first. 💕 If you don’t already know, Hajj (pilgrimage) is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, although, this one isn’t compulsory as not everyone can afford to travel there.

Things are looking up… even with all the negative things that has been happening lately, especially today. 😔 
❤ Icesabel



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