Human Organ Transplant Act.

I think I did receive the forms to opt-out years back, but, I can’t remember what I selected. 😐 It had been made an auto opt-in unless you decide to opt-out of donating your organs after you passed on.

It caused some people to be upset after finding out that their next of kin’s organs were to be donated, even though the family refuted. It felt more like their posession is being taken away without consent, due to lack of awareness, that it’s being set as auto opt-in for everyone. Most of whom, my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam, who’d prefer to opt-out. As there seems to be 2 school of thoughts, on whether it is permissible.

It is not wrong for one to choose whether you’d wish or do not wish to donate. It’s your choice. 👍🏼

Just an informed choice to eradicate the feeling of violation of rights.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind, if it’d help someone (In fact, indirectly helping their family. Who knows, they’re the only breadwinner?). Well, since I can’t even donate blood due to being underweight (all my life), in addition to being hypoglycaemia. 😖

Lots of love, all. Please do not condemn on either choice and only be biased to one end. There’s a thing called choice, what we believe in and respect to others’. 💕

❤ Icesabel



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