PSLE Results?

My news feed was filled with stories of about 12-year-olds obtaining their PSLE results.
Some who were giving out reminders to parents not to be so hard on their kids.
Was it just a few weeks/months back where some kid committed suicide due to the pressure of needing to get good results?

Now, the news on a mum who didn’t like it that her kid didn’t get the score of 250 even though he obtained 4As!

Based on my personal experience, I was a mediocre student who had lousy results for PSLE and got into a neighbourhood school which was notorious for being filled with “lazy”, “not so intelligent” and “those who would beat up other school kids” kids.
Appeals for other schools were declined due to my blah results.
So blah, that, I could’ve been dropped to Normal Academic instead of Express, but, was given a choice, though. They said that I’ll probably be able to cope if I go for the Normal stream. Hah!

Ok… my score was just 197. XD

Before taking my “O”Levels, my accounting teacher told me to drop that subject because I was getting “F”s most of the time and it would be “better” for me to have a list of results without an F in it.
Thanks, teachhhh.
Because of you, within 3 months of self-study, I got a B on that subject for my finals, ’cause I felt insulted. >_> I think it’s more of that she doesn’t want her name to be smudged with a failed student in her list.
All self-study and still do so, whilst working… always a learning experience.
I’m in IT, afterall.
You don’t want to fall 10 steps back with some old technology, do you?

Once, I was forced to go for a generic tuition weekend class for maths for a year.
Even though I was always getting A or B for maths, without that.
In fact, I didn’t even like their curriculum for maths, because, it was targetted for the elite schools and I didn’t even need that to score an A in my mediocre maths exams.
Can’t recall why I had to take that class. +_+
But, I enjoyed the time spent with my classmates!

Not that my parents ever scolded me on my studies.. not even my strict mum.
She was more strict on the other aspects of life (being street smart and religious).
Although, she never stood by me for doing any CCAs, which, being rebellious me, I was doing whatever I wanted.
She forbade me from joining some events and never attended 99% of my competitions or performances for everything I ever did.
Hey… I got an A for juggling between 3 CCAs (competitions, camps, performances, etc) which helped me with my grades to get to my first choice course!

Most of those subjects back in the first 16 years of my life wasn’t that useful for the next years to come or for my working life, anyway.
Anyway, there are those who bloom later in life.
They take more time to grasp what they learn.
Slow learners will still reach their destination, eventually!
Let them find out what they want and is truly good at.
Even those who are already at my age don’t even know what they want to do, career-wise.

Based on my last course, I got 3As and 1B, for my 1-year part-time night class.
Because I LOVE IT!
I enjoy it and I know that this is what I want to pursue in next.
Don’t even need history or accounting to do my course and job (now and the future).
So, chill on pressurising your kid at such a young age.

I wouldn’t trade away my awesome childhood memories to just slough my life away studying and doing some extra classes on things that I don’t even enjoy doing. You should see the time-tables that are being set for these kids!!! It’s jam packed with too little time for the short time of youth.

Remembering all the fun camps and CCAs with different groups of friends, staying out late and getting scolded (lol), playing in the rain/mud/catching snails and worms, doing silly stuff,  I learned to play 2 musical instruments on my own, sang in the choir, competitions, martial arts with my bestie, library geek and a bookworm, dancing performances! omg.. haha.., (I didn’t start dating until I was 15 though) but yeah, I remember stupid puppy love, I got a lot of medals/mentions for Arts and English language. My art teacher bringing me to Art schools because I took up fashion designing for my final project. My English teacher said that I plagiarised my compositions… haha.. but, found out it couldn’t possibly, in the end. Computers were huge and bulky.. search engine was a horrible thing. Dial-up internet. Gaming!!! Sports.. I loved running to bits.. cycling.. swimming.. I was so tanned back then. Always the top 2, within the girls arena, in school.
(Didn’t even need to spend money on these… just time, because I had money shortage back when I was young… wait a minute… I’m still shortage of money, because of my new house renovation.. lol… life… still alright, though XD)

I did what I wanted.
Like my hubby would always say, all these years, “You never know what you want to do. You always want to do something that someone is doing during that moment”.
I know.
But, I get inspired often.
I don’t regret it.
I’ll only regret when I didn’t try to do something that I yearn to (obviously, nothing dumb).
That’s why I love travelling alone.
I get to choose what I want to do and live life as I want it to be.

Here I am, worked my way up from the bottom, because, I took up the wrong bachelor degree, 8 years ago. Now, a regional IT specialist for 14 Asia countries (technically, more than the official 14, because I don’t mind helping everyone), assisting my beloved counterparts from other regions from Africa, Middle East, America and helping our global team with the systems. (Although, time for a change soon).

Not every child is meant to be a doctor or lawyer when they grow up.
Not everything is dependent on one or even a few “failure/s”.
But if it does… we learn from them.


❤ Icesabel




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