Decided to go to Yunomori Onsen & Spa earlier today. Can one get addicted to it? ‘Cause I wish I can go again next week or so. 😂

Not a fan of hot places, but, I was definitely relaxed and… not sure why, but, I was happier the whole day, afterwards. Couldn’t handle the hottest one, though.

My skin… omg… I have dry skin on my legs and it’s super smooth now! Not sure how long it’d last. 😆

Thought I’d be sleepy after, as I was nearly in dreamland while waiting for my food at the spa’s cafe, but surprisingly, I had more energy and went shopping instead. I’ve been wanting to go to a particular store since 2 weeks back.

Ooohhhh… I would totally recommend trying out that Onsen. Lovely experience. Best to avoid peak hours though. I was there in the early after noon on a Friday, so, it was only about 5-6 ladies around at one time. But by late afternoon, there were more ladies. Not sure what’s the max number of people could fit in all the baths. But, it’d be nicer to have more space to yourself, of course.

Another nice day! 👍🏼 
❤ Icesabel


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