It’s not the end of the world. Maybe the market has crashed and people had gone as chaotic as during brexit. But, life goes on.

I read a handful of articles on why people voted for one over the other. Those who did not fit into the “stupid ones” category, are the ones who are tired of the country’s system of how the rich becomes richer or the wars or the lies that that woman has been hiding, etc.

I don’t like his character, attitude and what’s left of his intelligence, but, she’s not any better, either. Either way, some things will “burn”.

One point made me wonder, though. Why the gender issue? Just because she lost, that girls who look up to her will think that we can’t make it far or reach our dreams? Erm… what?

Why would any girl want to look up to her? There are many other respectable ladies out there, who has made it far without even being as sly as her. Oh dear God. If there are girls who really look up to her, they must’ve only been watching certain types of media or have been fed with what certain parties want them to believe in. 

Oh well… each to his/her own. I’m tired of hearing only about this single topic at work and in my fb feed. Good that I’m on leave tomorrow to recharge.
❤ Icesabel



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