Positive Vibes

I need that. Positive vibes, that is. I’d have to take back my angst words upon a few things.

I had a talk with my boss and made it clear that I’d want to shift to the other field 100%. There’s no guarantee, but, he’d ask to give him a grace to January to see if they can form up on a concrete plan. Plus, will be proposing to hire a junior to help whoever who’s taking over my place. The new-joiner will need that. Yes, even as I want to leave… again… I’d like it to be proper.

The interview on Saturday was positive. He was nice enough to tell me directly to stay until the end of the year to get my deserved year-end bonus and finish up my second certification. We had a good casual conversation and with new projects coming up in January, he’s open to my call should I prefer to still join, as he advised to look around as well. The kind of boss I need, who believes in passion and learning on the go.

I got a call just now on another offer. This one is quite different. It’d be a year bond with lots of courses set out, whilst learning on the job. For those who’d like to make the shift. I have a feeling that the pay will suck horribly though.

I haven’t been sending out my resume, actually. Just did twice last month and nothing more. Maybe I’ll give another look this week, when I’m free. It’d be a good bonus for me should I get my second cert. That one is globally recognised.

Talking about studying… my computer kind of broke down and I’m too broke to buy a new one. I only use it to game, though… which is sad… I really want to play Overwatch. /sigh

I remember that my computer (during any point in time) would break down everytime a big exam comes by and I haven’t been studying. Ermmm… yes.. I haven’t start studying yet and my exam is in 2 months time. Self-studying sucks. Telling me to stop gaming and start studying. Noooo… my game… noooo… *cries in the corner*

I’m broke because of the house renovation. We didn’t take anything from HDB, like doors or flooring. So, it’s bare empty and needs everything. Will be broke for the next few years.
❤ Icesabel



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