Chill Out 2

Office was closed today, since, 29th October (Saturday) was Deepavali.
What a better day than to go to the beach, just a short bus ride away… on a sunny afternoon.

It was pretty crowded for a Monday.
A LOT of kids.
Been wanting to see the new Marine Cove at East Coast Park.
Had a few nice choices of food there.
Decided to have my brunch at The Coffee Bean.
Kids whizzing by.
Wished I had that kind of awesome playground back when I was a kid.
It’s big.

Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the beach.
Somewhere where it was less crowded, further ahead.
Listening to the waves.
Loving the breeze.. slightly windy and cool temperature.

Ermm.. kay…
The wind loving my hair.. XD
Not sure why I feel awkward to smile in public, taking a selfie.

Back to reality tomorrow.
Hell will break lose as a lot of things might change.
Not my changes, though.
Not yet.



❤ Icesabel



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