Chill Out

Took an off day today.
A very chilled out day for me.
Didn’t think about anything except.. hmm… ermm… wow.. I actually “switched off” from reality.

Walked around town.
Shopped for some clothes and shoes.
Cafe hopping.
People watching.

2016-10-28 17.00.40.jpg

I tried the Gingerbread latte.
Surprisingly nice, as I’m not a fan of “gingerbread cookies”, but, I doubt I’d buy it again though. XD



Trying out some tops.
Bought quite a few.

2016-10-28 18.39.24.jpg

Ice cream waffles with bananas and my Strawberry Snapple.
Sorry it was taken halfway through… lol… nom nom nom…

Pretty much walked for most of the 7 hours, except when I was at the cafes having something to munch, else, I was walking non-stop.
Ouuhhh… just love walking a lot… it releases the stress.
Whilst listening to some good music.

It did rain a little during the late afternoon, but, I had my umbrella with me.
Gotta love the weather today.
Neither hot nor cold.

2016-10-25 00.22.25.jpg

Just something to ponder on.
Something I’ve been thinking about for some time.
Will live this out.
Not a coward though.
I was hoping so badly, deep in my heart, that things would change.
Things will not and have not changed… at least, not entirely.
But, I can make a change.
That’s exactly what I will do.

❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Chill Out

  1. Beautiful story of finding peace in a busy world. You are very pretty and look very sweet, then at the bottom I was very surprised with the music choice, heavy rock, I guess when you mentioned listening to music I had thought light relaxing music, but I’m impressed by the song, I’ve never heard of them but it is excellent and great meaning. Have a good day. Peace. Stephen

    • Thank you 😊 haha… I listen to random genre of music depending on my mood, but, “i prevail” have a really new nice album that have lots of songs with meaningful lyrics. Suits the situation 😅 Have a good weekend and take care. ❤


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