Tough day today. Usually, I would be able to hold back certain thoughts and feelings inside that are bluntly painful towards people, but, not today. It has reached to a point where all I want to do is throw in the towel and walk away… so many times in one mere day.

How underappreciated I have been. Not that I ask for much, but, I finally realised it after talking it over with people who wasn’t with me at any point in time. A fresher look. I’m overloaded, yet, I still give my all and I’ve reached the point where I can’t take it. You’ll know how efficient I’ve been when I request back in return with most people, that they get back to me just as quickly, comparative to them working with others. But, I guess it has come to a point where people expect me to be able to do anything at any point in time very efficiently. Like some miracle worker of some sort. I’m… exhausted.

I’m tired of hearing all the crap and politics. I’m tired of other people getting all the points. I didn’t even get to do what I wanted back then. I don’t even love what I’m doing anymore, anyway. One of the teams whom I loved dearly don’t even seem to care about many things now. It’s like everyone has given up. I have given up. I need a miracle, myself.

We’ll see how things go. See what God has planned for me. I’m trying to work hard, in the mean time.

</3 Icesabel



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