Leave day for cramps pls!

I wish that girls/women like me who experience bad cramps every month get the day off, instead of having to take medical leave (work from home, if, available) when it gets really bad. Waste of a leave day. I don’t know how it is for the rest, but, mine’s only on the first day. Isn’t so bad on the second.

Problem is, it can get VERY bad, most of the time. If they can have some sort of pain indicator to send info for work. ‘Cause sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t walk. Hurts like crazy! Who wants to walk all the way to a clinic, that’s quite a distance, just to prove and get a MC, when it’s so bad.

No it isn’t fun trying to even walk or squeeze your way in very crowded trains, being squashed (when you’re already irritated) and standing up with cold sweat all the way (even sitting is uncomfortable) because of the aircon, when you’re in PAIN. fml. I’d have to warn my next job hr.

The ones who’s lucky enough not to experience this. Good for you. I wish I didn’t need to feel this pain, either. I didn’t ask for it.

I do realise that only a small percentage of girls/women experience this and most will go away after they have their first childbirth. *sigh

Need that free day off, by default. Maybe until I ever gets my first child. Note: medical leave and annual leave aren’t that many in a year and taking mc is frowned upon in most… all… companies. I’m still lucky right now to work from home sometimes, but for the rest of the time, I need to take medical leave.

A face slap on my face by reality. Being someone who works like a man (and trying to be tough) due to work conditions, I’m being reminded that I’m a woman inside out.

I might just copy paste this everytime I get it. Like a post bump.. >_>
</3 Icesabel



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