I’ve had instant knock out once. But, I’ve always wondered how it feels like to have a slow blackout and not have any power over it. Happened a while ago.

Was going to work, as per normal, watching my usual youtube shows in the extremely crowded train. Was feeling all okay. Then suddenly I felt giddy… perspiring profusely in the cold aircon… my ears started to buzz loudly… my vision was slowly becoming shaky… soon most of my view is black, but, I can still see a bit of blurred colours. Telling myself to relax and not faint. You know… the “stay strong” drill. Upon reaching my destination, I went straight to the nearest clinic.

Have just been diagnosed with low blood pressure. I knew I had low sugar levels for a long time – never been diagnosed by any doc though, but it never caused any problems as bad as this. Most of the time, I get cold sweats and getting weak, but, a cold isotonic drink and a seat makes me alright. So, no doctor has diagnosed me that officially until today. My sugar level was normal though… probably had already normalised by then, I guess.

Usually, I’d blame it on being underweight, which is out of my control. Oh well.
❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Black

  1. I once felt the world turn before going black and the last thing I remembered before waking up was how I tried to clung onto the door in front of me.
    Mine was most likely due to have an anaemic moment. (just visited Dracula at the hospital)

    It was a weird feeling to loose complete control.

    But a diagnose is good if it is the right one.
    Be well Princess and watch yourself. Pretty sure you listen very well to your own body.

    Huggers XX


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