4th Anniversary and whatnot


Ooooh… 4 years?
I’ve been blogging before blogging was even cool, except that they used to either be on my personal website or blogspot, back then.
Only ’cause I love writing down my thoughts.

Talking about penning down my thoughts…
Although, I do know about the consequences of being a little too vocal on some topics, I think I need to chill down a notch and not talk about some parts of certain types of topics or at least, be a little more cryptic about it.

As much as I have so much frustration on a lot of things, the people around me at work, anywhere, are holding back on their feelings even more.
Just afraid that things will turn for the worse soon and considering my fave peeps are thinking through their options, I’d have to be on my feet.
I still have one more cert to do… and I haven’t even studied for it yet.
After that, I’m free of the bonds.
Not only the internal factors play a role, but, I realised that even external factors are showing signs of disagreement and adding negative feelings towards it.
What’s going to be left that’s genuinely true for me?
Technically, close to nothing, eventually.
Questions have been answered.


❤ Icesabel




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