Not the last

Read from my fave HR writer that penning down your plan helps on focusing and being able to see what has happened so far, looking into the past and of course, working out the future, as things change and having to mould yourself with it.
Not sure whether I’d post that much, but, we’ll see.

This evening’s class will be the last class.
It has already been A YEAR!
Oh gosh…
Well, I’m going to miss my classmates.
Heh >_<
But, it definitely is the first step in my new career plan.
I’ve been asking myself whether I’ve lost the spark or fire for the passion I’ve had since I fell in love with the “new field”.
I’ve become a little complacent and feeling quite comfortable in my bubble lately.
The “good thing” is that there have been so many problems at work (the kind where you can’t fix or handle – out of our control) that I wouldn’t mind moving on, anyway.
But, the main point was whether the fire had burnt out.

Next would be to do a self-study for another certification which I’d have to take before the end of this year.
Was listing down the next steps for next year, as well.
If my current organisation decides to create the new positions next year and I can obtain it, then, I’ll apply for a scholarship for a part-time masters.
If that doesn’t happen and I get pissed off, then, it very well means that I should be looking elsewhere.
Then, take another self-study recognised certification.

How ironic!
For years, I’ve kept saying that studying is useless to some point and I believe more in having hands-on experience.
I still believe in the experience, but, the certification studies did help a little.
Bad thing is, I can only remember things if I do stuff hands-on or learn by mistake.
Problem is that if I don’t get certified, I’d have to work all the way up from scratch again.
*ain’t nobody got time for that*

I have a dream…
That as a “neutral good”, I’d achieve some things for a lot of people.


Bumpy ride ahead!


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Not the last

  1. I am always surprised how papers weigh more than the experience. So many fields I could work in but none wants me due to lack of papers.

    Good luck on your studies and we learn most things from mistakes. Facts are just that to put down on paper after someone made mistakes before.
    I still think studying is only a basic for the mistakes you are bound to make. Needed, sure on paper but never more important than actual experience.

    Hugs from the crazy bird.

    • IKR!! Most of them who do this are from HR. The ones who take up the chances or prefer experienced people over paper qualifications are the entrepreneur-type bosses. I suppose HR won’t even know how to gauge how well I do at work in other places, unless I give them some sort of numbers or past event-based scenarios. I mean, even if I talk in some jargon that are awesome and exciting, s/he will not understand anyway. The second interview or thereafter are usually the ones with the people you’d have to work with. Most of the time, you get sieved off during the first or resume-selecting – some using auto word searching tools. I guess my resume sucks, in addition to my inability to talk to strangers well enough and get anxiety during interviews, even though I know I can pull it through based on the job scope. The same goes when I take exams, my mind goes blank even if I truly know the answer before/after the event. >_<

      ❤ ^_^


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