Clothes Ban

Wear whatever you want – even if it’s cringe-worthy.
Oh gosh…

Apparently, banning the burkini (France) and burqa (Germany) is/will be a thing.
The burkini looks more like a loose wetsuit with a head cover.
So, what does that have anything to do with terrorism?
Just because the trend is to be half naked, while swimming, for most parts of the world – which was quite the opposite eons back, when women weren’t allowed to show much skin just to go for a swim.
(Did you know that… It’s pretty fine for us to swim in normal garb – t-shirt and bermudas or loose yoga pants, for example – at least, in the South East Asia region. That’s not even a swimwear, in the least. But, who cares??!! Wear whatever you want.)
It’s not only for the Muslims either, it’s a free-for-all piece of cloth that you can buy anywhere.
People who wish to protect their skin from the sun (due to sensitivity or a health issue), those who prefer wearing these because they’d want to hide some imperfections or can’t be bothered to shave or wax…, bla bla bla.
They scrutinise “issues” like these, when there are more pressing problems.
Somehow, real problems, on even local issues such as shortages of food or work or home or corruption of the nation/government are not as important as this piece of cloth.
For all we know, the “higher ups” are changing the topics to cover their own tracks for something even bigger.
Also, did they specifically say only the burqa?
You’re fine with head scarves or are you going to specifically say all headdresses are fine, except a Muslim’s.
Because, not all Muslim women wear burqas and for example, ladies in my region wear head scarves.

So… the women are part of the conspiracy for being the the ones giving food, shelter and influencing these terror men and should be discriminated for what they’re wearing, which in other people’s view, are against those women’s choice or are being oppressed, according to those “other people’s” point of view.
…Or maybe, the ones causing the ruckus are in actual fact, these women in burqas.
Oh wait… those men are actually hiding as “women” under the burqas to hide their cowardliness and brain-dead theory that killing others is their divine answer.
*mind blown*


/Multiple facepalm


</3 Icesabel



3 thoughts on “Clothes Ban

  1. It is a crazy issue that is going on through out Europe even. Even here within the Netherlands there are opposing screams.

    Women have fought hard for some rights, and no it is not perfect yet for them to be themselves. And while they fought for freedom they became pieces of flesh in the eyes of men.

    It is going out of control but I do like to see the face of those I speak to.
    All in all it should be a free choice of the women.

    I do see within our country that women who choose to be more free within their religious environment are being shunt and targeted by their own and that can’t be right either.

    And yes if you ask me if a burqa should be removed, I say yes. Show your face when you stand for something. No need to hide behind a cloth.

    It has been a while since I read one of your rants.. Always good. Big hugs Princess.

    • My point was mainly on why they’re targeting the women and not the men, if they aim at stomping out issues of terrorism. Because they’re part of the “sect” isn’t strong a reason. Not all Muslim women wear the burqa, the rest wear the hijab or not, as yet. Each to their own, but, I really can’t fathom the link between a piece of cloth with their ideology, either. =X

      • It is human nature to go for the weakest… It is a sad issue all together that we point fingers without knowing why we are pointing or we do it as you mentioned just out of prejudice.

        Ideology can create weird thoughts and sect like rules to oppress or control through whatever calls for.

        I agree with you that there is a world being created/build we thought to have left behind us. The kind where we judge simply on a cloth or colour.
        Pointing fingers was all it took to get a conviction and worse where we become our own judge, jury and executioner.

        I wanna learn more of the world.
        Big hugs Princess. May we one day become smarter and open minded towards others. :s


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