Recycled Glass


Drinking glass…. humans.
When something strong (problems) comes along and you’ve taken too much or hits you very hard, you can break.
You can only hold so much and then, everything overflows.
When the load placed on top of you becomes too heavy, you may break.
But, when you’re stacked correctly with other glasses (the love of others around you), everyone can become stronger, hold more.. push on further.. farther than the usual limit.
You can fill anything within you; Good stuff… bad stuff… (choices that you make, paths that you take, what you say and do).
Change yourself… Get influenced by others around.. When all the glasses around you have gorgeous motifs and you’re the only plain glass.
Do you start wishing to be like the rest?
Or when other glasses are filled with poison and you’re only filled with plain water.
Everyone else thinks that they’re fine, but, you’re weird and different.
How’d you or they to know who’s right, when the view has been skewed?
The rest are kept in a nice glass cupboard for viewing, as, they’re too beautiful and expensive to be used and you… this poor cheap glass is always being used.
Always washed and reused, whilst, they sit there looking pretty and get cleaned once every 6 months.
How’s one to say which has more worth?
By the cost? By the usage? Which is more useful to society and/or yourself? To be sold afterwards, as an investment? Just to look pretty… a background wallpaper?

When you do break down and in time to come, decide to start again (pull yourself together and stand up again), the glass has just been recycled into a new drinking glass. ❤

(Select speed 1.25)… posting this song, because, it was the inspiration for the write-up. XD

❤ Icesabel


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