That awkward moment when half your random pub team members are made up of islamophobes. 😂

Some immature people who finds it funny to make fun of another player (who was from Malaysia, but, admitted that he isn’t even a Muslim – I have no idea who all these people are – I was pubbing alone). The usual mentions of bombing, Allah, ISIS, etc. Just because, he was awful at playing even though, he was a high level. Although, it doesn’t seem too extreme, after I voiced out a little. Not much, because, one: it’s a pub and we’ll go seperate ways after the 15 mins game; two: who cares about what keyboard warriors think?; three: it looked more like youngsters talking crap rather than the real deal anyway.

I was more worried that the guy would get emotional over, what I see as cyber-bullying, because, they asked him to leave the game.
</3 Icesabel



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