Racism after Brexit results?

Seeing a lot of articles on the Brexit.
Following the results, the faces of reality emerged.
Racism is surfacing.
Wouldn’t know how far some people have went to show their true colours and how much it is true… it could be only a small percentage that’s doing so and is being publicised to seem more than it should.
Either way, it’s still way more than what it used to be.
I was in London twice early this year and was only belittled twice, on the first trip, which I couldn’t care less.
As, it’s a fact that there’d always be someone not liking something somewhere.
But the amount of news on this, as of the past few days, is intimidating.

Sure… if I do go there, I’d only be a traveller and not someone, like the rest of them, have lived there for years and being discriminated.
But, who would even care to know whether you’re a dweller or traveller, if they’re a racist, by heart?
Not that people will travel there until everything has cooled down…. right?

I feel sorry for the “non-white” people, even if they were born there and/or have been living there most of their life.
Just for not being “white” enough to live amongst them?
It’s sad to see how things turn around so quickly.
What’s the world coming to?
Once the US election results are out by the end of the year, there’d probably be another huge hoo-haa.
Hope they can stay safe.


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8 thoughts on “Racism after Brexit results?

  1. Ww are forgetting the fact that we are humans first, our differences come later but our unity is derived from being humans. – Cezane

  2. There are more than half of us here that are not the least bit racist and will be doing all that we can to compensate for those who are. It is a very depressing time but we have not been taken out of Europe yet and hopefully it can be turned around. I’m afraid that won’t change the fact that there are a load of bigots here and even if the remain campaign had won, I would still be concerned about the number of people here that showed their true racist colours. I am very sorry for all those that this affects and that is everyone.

    • For all we know, those people are probably just 1 out of 50 (just throwing out random numbers, but, you’ll probably get the gist) and I doubt think anyone would blame everyone there. Most outsiders (and even those affected) are mainly surprised and were not expecting such behaviour coming from Britain. Hope it goes well, in time to come! There should always be hope within “dark times”.

  3. It is the way for the media to show the bad choice Britain has made. A shame really that this is the only thing mentioned as the choice for the many Brits to exit Europe. It is but a small portion of the real thoughts that go deeper that the news is showing.

    It could be compared with the Hudud you talked about before, how one body controls everyone. And how one is deprived from their own free choices.

    And I think either side had its truths. But in no way will it be worse than before the Exit. It does not have to be the way we make it out to be. But fear takes over when we have no control.

    • I was thinking like so, as well. What if there’s a certain monger trying to portray a particular ideology and spreading animosity to reach their goal (whatever their goal is, though)? Either way, the fact still holds that there are people who are still being harassed and taunted upon. Sad.

      • True it is all around us for no apparent reason and nobody who even cares or wants to change it.
        We can and those who feel there needs to be change can at least make a difference.

        I just wish we stopped blaming others (in whatever way for whatever reason) and took responsibility for our own actions.

  4. Racism is everywhere. I don’t think it needs to be a big blown up thing just because it’s happening over there. It happens every single day here where I live and no one gives a crap.

    Racism is bad and ignorant and shouldn’t exist, but it does. I hope everything goes well with Britain, but the backlash of what just happened is going to sting some people for a really long time.

    • Not sure how bad is it at your place, but, if people are being harassed or beaten up just as well, I don’t think it’s ok to say, “let’s not get upset over this and move on.” But, who knows, maybe this really is being blown out of proportions. Hope it’ll simmer down though. I feel sorry for the innocent ones.


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