Return to LIFE!

Sometimes I wonder how I play… +_+
Do you know how many pro players are there in OW?
Here are snippets of my support playing.

Player of the game… a while ago!!

Mercy resurrecting 4 players.

In this game, 12 to be exact.

3 players while getting a spot.


Honestly, he heals ways more than my Mercy.
The only thing he can’t do is ress. O.o

❤ Icesabel


One thought on “Return to LIFE!

  1. It is a pity I have not picked it up yet. But right now I am putting energy in my body and slim my waist down a little. Grin.
    To much game and pizza in my unreal years take toll. LOL

    The small demo I played is just awesome. 😀
    Game on princess.


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